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#291 - We've been together for seven years. At one point I was suppor…  [+] (14 new replies) 05/10/2016 on Bye, FJ. +3
#293 - gigabowzer (05/10/2016) [-]
"Also we live together and I only recently got a well-paying job so if he left I'd essentially be homeless for a short while."
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#295 - soule (05/10/2016) [-]
That's not read "I'm only in this for the money". That's read "this is a major point that people should consider before telling me to simply break up with him."

I get that you don't like me but it's not really the necessary time to be fagging up my goodbye post.
#300 - gigabowzer (05/10/2016) [-]
I misread that part, that is my mistake. Forgive me.
#299 - gigabowzer (05/10/2016) [-]
**gigabowzer used "*roll picture*"**
**gigabowzer rolled image** I'm just pointing out some flaws within the relationship in general. The point of a relationship is you are to be open with your significant other unless your legally obligated to not reveal such information.

My advise is to reveal your stuff to the person before continuing the relationship, or the samething happening here will happen.

And I don't like or dislike anyone on this site. I don't even know you, so I couldn't make that discernment.
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#310 - soule (05/10/2016) [-]
Fair enough. Sorry for the assumption.

And we'd already been together for quite some time before I started doing this crap. I just fucked up and did it after I said I wouldn't. That's why I empathize with him on that bit.
#314 - gigabowzer (05/10/2016) [-]
That would be an issue, to say the least. Anyways, mistakes happen, life happens. The best to you. Not a fan of your art, but yeah.
#822 - anon (05/10/2016) [-]
''Not a fan of your art, but yeah.''

You are so socially retarded, why even add that? Congrats? Thanks for being such a humble god in blessing her with your thoughts and wisdom?
Fuckin pleb I swear
#897 - gigabowzer (05/10/2016) [-]
User avatar
#1036 - manimator (05/10/2016) [-]
anon wasn't baiting, that's legitimately just a fucking retarded thing to add at the end
#1037 - gigabowzer (05/10/2016) [-]
I was clarifying that I am not pandering to a person because of me being fan?
User avatar
#1038 - manimator (05/10/2016) [-]
That clarification didn't need to be made given the context of your conversation
#1039 - gigabowzer (05/10/2016) [-]
So what? Does that even matter? Are people seriously going to be offended by me making a darn comment?
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#1076 - manimator (05/12/2016) [-]
If no one calls out people when they're being dickholes they'll just keep doing it
#1077 - gigabowzer (05/12/2016) [-]
If you can call me being a dickhole(which you can, whether it's true or not), I won't change how I present my facts and argument no matter what. This is FJ, what do you think is going to happen?
#265 - He's a main character.  [+] (1 new reply) 05/09/2016 on Bye, FJ. 0
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#315 - Riukanojutsu (05/10/2016) [-]
Well you can draw something else? Isnt pretty restrictive to only stick to one comic?
I mean at the end of the day its your decision but you seem to like to draw and I think FJ would loose a good OC maker if you stopped.
#260 - Picture 05/09/2016 on Bye, FJ. +5
#246 - No that's not the issue. I said I wouldn't. I have no problem … 05/09/2016 on Bye, FJ. +4
#244 - I have another comic, but it's not funny - it's drama. I'll be…  [+] (3 new replies) 05/09/2016 on Bye, FJ. +1
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#554 - hawkmann (05/10/2016) [-]
You might already be gone, but out of curiosity, why would this other comic be a no-go on FJ?
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#247 - xcrossdoge (05/09/2016) [-]
Well, where then?
#148 - Comment deleted  [+] (19 new replies) 05/09/2016 on Bye, FJ. +1
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#177 - devilofscience (05/09/2016) [-]
Bite the bullet, and knee him in the dick on the way out, seriously threats are where you should draw the line.
#167 - ayeeeeeeefukboi (05/09/2016) [-]
wjay a fucking scumbag _ Bweh
User avatar
#165 - aximil (05/09/2016) [-]
We all told you he was a cunt the last time stuff like this happened. Yet you got back with him anyway. You were broken up with him for a time. How were you supporting yourself during that time? Just do that again.

Also, what's there to blackmail you about? That you drew naughty comics? The only way your family or his would care is if they're as bat shit crazy as he is.
User avatar
#164 - zanybruh (05/09/2016) [-]
Yeesh. No offense but he sounds a bit clingy.
User avatar
#163 - plataeiou (05/09/2016) [-]
Pretty sure you can call the cops on him for that.
#162 - xxkelevraxx (05/09/2016) [-]
Blackmailing you into staying in the relationship? what is he? 12? holy fucking shit
User avatar
#158 - kingoftheanonymous (05/09/2016) [-]
Now that's some Grade A bullshit that he is pulling. Also, isn't Blackmail illegal?
#155 - twystedtail (05/09/2016) [-]
So in my previous comment, I said I don't pretend to know about it, and it's good to strengthen a relationship.


He can go fuck himself.
#154 - bluemagebrilly (05/09/2016) [-]

I mean, do you know his family? Because if they're not as crazy as he is, they'd probably just laugh unless he really gay purple horse, twists the information around to whatever he's even upset about. I dunno. I'm also not even sure how "telling people about it" would be blackmail. I mean, you posted it on the internet already.

Like I'm trying to not say some rude things here, but I'm starting to think you might have to call a mental hospital for this guy if that's his reaction..
#156 - bluemagebrilly (05/09/2016) [-]
I did not say anything about a purple horse.

Adm-n, please stop these stupid censors.

Seriously, I know that's completely off topic, but this is getting stupid.
User avatar
#157 - profanitizer (05/09/2016) [-]
what did you originally say?
#159 - bluemagebrilly (05/09/2016) [-]
I honestly don't even remember.

"They'd probably just laugh unless he really gay purple horse, twisted the information..."

...is all i can recall typing.
#161 - bluemagebrilly (05/09/2016) [-]
Alright, so, apparently it just pops up either after


or before "gay purple horse, twisted"
User avatar
#166 - lexivex (05/09/2016) [-]
Anything with T w i in it
#170 - bluemagebrilly (05/09/2016) [-]
... Because of MLP?

That's a joke that should have been done like 3 years ago, not now when that show isn't even relevant anymore.
User avatar
#173 - lexivex (05/09/2016) [-]
It's likely more related to the FJ user known as T w i. I believe my fabulous butt destroyer is trying to fuck with him
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#174 - lexivex (05/09/2016) [-]
#271 - alarubra has deleted their comment.
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#153 - profanitizer (05/09/2016) [-]
Holy shit, at first I thought this was a shitty relationship, now this shit?
#108 - I have another one but it's not funny so it won't be posted here.  [+] (2 new replies) 05/09/2016 on Bye, FJ. +2
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#358 - tridaak (05/10/2016) [-]
Hasn't stopped you before.
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#160 - FluffyMuffin (05/09/2016) [-]
well its been fun reading your strips so i hope you come back eventually, good luck at life
#105 - You're all making this so hard.  [+] (28 new replies) 05/09/2016 on Bye, FJ. +91
#1079 - anon (05/12/2016) [-]
Have a hug.
User avatar
#1006 - cannibalvegan (05/10/2016) [-]
Ask him why he won't let you do SFW? I want to know what the fuck his reasoning is. I totally get the NSFW part, but how is making relatively normal comics an issue? Besides, why is he acting like a 50 year old dad who won't let his grown ass daughter date anyone? It's kind of weird to be so controlling in a relationship, does he forbid you to have male friends too?
User avatar
#844 - timmity (05/10/2016) [-]
Because your BF is a cunt and you're letting him determine what you do in your spare time.
User avatar
#861 - letting (05/10/2016) [-]
This is true.
User avatar
#793 - temporalguardian (05/10/2016) [-]
Feel the hatred, Soule. Feel the embodiment of autism that is FJ, for your boyfriend is cuck.
#744 - manholefreddy (05/10/2016) [-]
Good luck Soule. All of us faggots will miss you.
#707 - amuter (05/10/2016) [-]
Well it's not easy for the entirety of the website to withhold their opinion when the scenario was that you have to leave because your boyfriend told you so. He kinda broke common sense with that one.
#618 - numbahone (05/10/2016) [-]
Sorry soule
I've been reading through comments and I would agree with most of them, but life aint easy and you're doing the best you can to stay above water and stay happy. I don't know your relationship. We all just want to best for one of the better members of the site.

I hope you are able to keep yourself happy, even if the situation isn't as great as it could be. I hope things get better. I hope your situation works out.
Remember, you're here forever, so we'll see you again... someday. Stay awesome, too.
User avatar
#501 - craftyatom (05/10/2016) [-]
We're sad to see you sad, is all.

You do what's best for you, and we'll be with you all the way <3
#453 - lollypopalopicus (05/10/2016) [-]
Well. I will be brief.
I have loved your work since I first saw it. You have made me quite happy at times.
I will miss both your work, and you, on this site, though I will still have your other site.
I just hope that whatever you do, you are happy, just like you have made others happy.
I hope to see all your awesome stuff on here again some day.
Have a good one mate.
User avatar
#373 - mustachebro (05/10/2016) [-]
It's how life works. We tend to make the greatest decision yet we're expected to leave the ones who supported you in every way. Yes leaving everyone is tough but doing what your heart desires can affect everything around you.
User avatar
#708 - amuter (05/10/2016) [-]
But this isn't what she desired, this was her boyfriend's desire.
#371 - thesinful (05/10/2016) [-]
Goodbye you glorious motherfucker
#338 - bioconstriculative (05/10/2016) [-]
It's only because you always made us so hard.
#323 - mralice (05/10/2016) [-]
While I do not fully agree with the decision, I certainly understand it.

If I did the same style, and my wife got jealous (I love her with all my heart, but goodness she is easy to trigger), I would also stop to respect her.

Is SFW not ok either? Give it a week or two, and maybe talk to him about letting you consider SFW. Allow him to read them before posting, maybe.
User avatar
#318 - majormoron (05/10/2016) [-]
Do what you gotta do, be your own person, dont let these fools make a decision for you. There are things I agree with, and honestly while I might not tell you NOT to do the nsfw if I were in your shoes, I would still probably be put off by it too, so I can see both sides of the argument.

You do what is best for you and you only. I'll stand behind whatever you might choose.
#306 - sarcasticcelery (05/10/2016) [-]
#307 - soule (05/10/2016) [-]
He lives.
#344 - sarcasticcelery (05/10/2016) [-]

Also I have faith you will do what's best for you. Good luck with whatever and stuff
#254 - whtkid (05/09/2016) [-]
Cause we like you, dumbass

Seriously, unless you have as much control over his life, fuck that guy. Fair is fair and this sounds in no way fair
#339 - anon (05/10/2016) [-]
I mean, if you have the perspective of a non-autistic normal guy, her drawing that shit for this site is pretty weird as fuck
User avatar
#505 - whtkid (05/10/2016) [-]
Do what ya love
#232 - noebadee (05/09/2016) [-]
Probably be best to play it safe. Being homeless doesn't sound pleasant. Neither does being on bad terms with a SO, so do what you gotta do.
#221 - notred (05/09/2016) [-]
do what you think is right. If your boyfriend doesn't want you to draw nsfw, then don't draw nsfw.

If he is against you drawing at all then obviously he is more concerned about himself than what you want to do.

Your call though. Work it out with him and decide on what is okay and not okay, or don't do it, or break up.

he should be more supportive of what you like to do instead of telling you no.
User avatar
#205 - Namezone (05/09/2016) [-]
You should do what makes you happy. If he makes you happy, and you think he would truly be upset to the point of kicking you out for continuing drawings, then don't keep up with that. Do other things, things he's okay with. That said, it's very odd for a grown man to have such strong feelings about what you draw, and may indicate there's something wrong with the relationship. I've helped a lot of my friends who've gotten into deep shit in their relationships, if you need someone to talk to, I practically don't exist. Above all else, do what makes you feel good, what you think is right. Don't waste your life doing anything else. Let me know if you decide to come back, this place can't afford to lose the people who create good things.
#185 - mamenber (05/09/2016) [-]
We may be insulting you all the time, making fun of you, telling you to leave and saying you are one of the bad oc comic makers but we don't actually don't wan't you to go.

Could you at least start another comic series with character that's not based on you?
#151 - twystedtail (05/09/2016) [-]
It's not any easier for us, you're one of the best content creators and most entertaining people on the site, we'll miss you ;w;
#123 - redstain (05/09/2016) [-]
We don't want you to go
#86 - Thanks man but nah. I don't want people thinking this was all …  [+] (1 new reply) 05/09/2016 on Bye, FJ. +16
User avatar
#102 - Abortedwafflez (05/09/2016) [-]
Fair enough. But seriously though, you have nice comics that could probably become pretty popular if you take it in the right direction. I wouldn't let this be the nail in the coffin if I were you.
#81 - I offered to include him - to draw **** of us. But his exact w…  [+] (2 new replies) 05/09/2016 on Bye, FJ. +9
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#675 - mattdoggy (05/10/2016) [-]
well that' just heart breaking
sorry to hear it bro
#118 - watokala (05/09/2016) [-]
well i meant was normal comic. i could understand the NSFW stuff of Soule and him not wanting to be showed to the world that way.