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#34 - joshuaww
(04/04/2012) [-]
Sora, Lucky Seven. I need a word with you both, if I can. Remember that fic I needed a protag in? Remember how you were considered? Well you still are. Highly so.

So...still interested? And if so, any questions you'd like answered?
#35 to #41 - sora2534
(04/04/2012) [-]
You know, if I were to find you sometime today, I was actually gonna ask you about that and whether or not Lucky was still a consideration.

"Looks like you're psychic, Dad."

......you may be right........

"Anyway, what can we help you with, Josh?"
#36 to #42 - joshuaww
(04/04/2012) [-]
Right, well, just to let you know, you're more or less a finalist. I didn't get a very big response for the idea, but you, Lucky, are more or less what I'm looking for anyway. Besides, the less people, the less I have to do.

Anyway, I was going to ask Lucky to...play a few parts for me. I'm going to give him a scenario or two so I can get a better understanding of his character...of him.

And lucky for me you...eheheheh...gave me a bit of information from down below. If you understand me.

Anyway, sound good?
#37 to #43 - sora2534
(04/05/2012) [-]
"That sounds fine with me. Any idea of what you need for me to act out?"
#39 to #45 - joshuaww
(04/05/2012) [-]
Alright Lucky...

You're playing blackjack. You have a king and a seven- 17. So dangerously close to 21, that almost any card you draw will take you over and make you lose. Yet so far that the dealer could easily beat you. He currently as a ten and a card face down. That face down card could be anything, and even if its lower than 17, he could hit again and beat you anyway.

The dealer looks to you.

"Sir? Hit or stay?"

(And next time have some patience, I was writing this up as you deleted your last comment, causing me to reply to nothing and losing my set-up and forcing me to re-write.)
#40 to #47 - sora2534
(04/05/2012) [-]
(yeah, sorry about that --;;)

Lucky scratches his chin in thought. He knows that it's a safe bet to stand, but there's the small chance that the next card would be a four.

_'But it's only a 1/13 chance,'
he amends mentally, a scowl appearing on his normally expressionless poker face. _'And even if he does have something lower than me, he could draw something like a ten, and we could either push, or I would get beaten...'
Though Lucky was usually a risk taker, he knew there were times to be smart and cut your losses.

"Stand," he replies stoically.
#41 to #49 - joshuaww
(04/05/2012) [-]
The dealer flips his card. A six. The rule of the table is the dealer stands on 16. He pushes the chips towards you.

Feeling good about your wise decision, you play a few more games. You lose a few, but they're simple bad luck. Getting a ten on twelve, nine on 13, things like that. But you win more. You split wisely, doubling your earnings, and have simply a good roll of luck going. After a few games of winning, you just drew a black jack. You've won a wonderful number of bits. Perhaps its time to cut losses, but there's an itch at the back of your head that tells you you could go higher still. So you do. One more hand.

"You should go all in." The rules are different here...going all in is permitted. Though the idea is crazy. You've been lucky, crazy lucky so far, but that lucky? Looking behind you, you see a beautiful white mare with a golden mane. She looks to you with half lidded eyes. "C'mon...you won alllllll of that money. I love a man with luck...and one with a sense of danger." She's one of the most beautiful mare's you've ever seen. And if you pull this off...not only will you be raining with bits, you'll no doubt have her in a night of passion. But if you do...you might lose everything.

Still...not going all in still guarantees you a lot of money. No mare, but you've got all night to try and court another if you want one. Perhaps not as beautiful and sexy as her...and not as easily as you could with her, but there's still the possibility.

The dealer and the mare waits for your decision. All in or just play as normal?
#42 to #50 - sora2534
(04/05/2012) [-]
Lucky's heart lurches into his throat at the sight of this gorgeous mare. He always had a weakness for the fairer sex, and he was just about to lose his cool and push all his chips into the pot.

However, the gambler in Lucky outweighs the passionate, if not desperate side, and the blue stallion maintains his composure, weighing his options. One the one hand, he could go all in and leave with a metric buckton of bits and a gorgeous mare by his side (or lose and leave with nothing), and on the other hand, he could just bet anything and win or lose that much and leave without a mare.

Lucky's eyes shift between the beautiful mare and the pile of chips as he weighed his decisions. The temptation of leaving with this mystery mare was too great, and even if he did lose all his money - and the mare as well - at least it will be another learning experience.

He makes his choice, smirking almost devilishly, as he pushes the entire stack of chips over to the dealer.

"All in."