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    because of parkinsons because of parkinsons

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#155 - except he would definitely pull it off the only reaso…  [+] (18 replies) 09/24/2016 on Best leader 0
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#158 - infinitereaper (09/24/2016) [-]
The crazy thing is that more people end up dying anyways because the war drags out so long. You cannot avoid causalities. Wars should be fought full force and ended quick. Not to mention the corruption of the governments we fucking aid.
User avatar
#709 - daniboyi (09/24/2016) [-]
Right. No moral in war?
Let's just nuke the whole word to prevent war between humans from ever happening again. Not like we care about innocent people either way.
User avatar
#765 - infinitereaper (22 hours ago) [-]
There is nothing moral about war.
User avatar
#766 - daniboyi (22 hours ago) [-]
And that is why, I pray, that you never go to war. Would probably shoot your group in the back, if it meant positive outcome in the long run.
User avatar
#767 - infinitereaper (22 hours ago) [-]
Maybe a few individuals, but the ones who hold us back, but never the whole group.
User avatar
#768 - daniboyi (21 hours ago) [-]
Jesus you are an edgy fucker aren't you?
"Never try to save civilians in war."
"I will shoot my comrades in the back."
User avatar
#770 - infinitereaper (21 hours ago) [-]
You misunderstand. Fight to win. Second, there are people, like you, who would get us all killed, anyone who would endanger the group is the danger. At least in war. No especially in war. Why do you think they have the chain of command?
User avatar
#772 - daniboyi (21 hours ago) [-]
I am just glad the real military does not share your mindset
If we shared your ideal, the answer to anything would be a nuke to the face.

Civilians are not the target, the target is the ones who we are at war with. If we just start killing civilians without hesitation, we might as well just join then, because then it is terrorism vs terrorism. Evil vs. Evil.
User avatar
#774 - infinitereaper (21 hours ago) [-]
War is war. It will never not be evil. So end it quick. It's that bullshit "we can do it right" mentality that is truly evil and results in the most loss. We dropped two nukes on Japan. Incredibly said because the people literally had nothing to do with it, but Japan became what it is today, because of that, and for a time had the third largeset GDP, now fourth. Considering that the military leaders of Japan were trying to revive a police state like empire things worked out for the best

There is no right in war. You need to get that through your head.
User avatar
#792 - daniboyi (20 hours ago) [-]
"There is no right in war, so therefor we need to do as much damage as humanly possible to both innocent and guilty."

Either you are the edgiest person in this site, or you are just a plain sociopath.
#794 - infinitereaper (19 hours ago) [-]
Nah your'e just ethically bankrupt with concept of higher moral reasoning.
When posed the question of the track delima there is a surprising number of people who would choose to "keep their hands clean" by not flipping the switch. (sacrifice one for the sake of the others)

But when presented this choice the result is in your hands. In reality you either save the majority by killing one or you let the majority die to keep your conscious clean.

If you ask me those who don't flip the switch are disgusting.
User avatar
#798 - daniboyi (19 hours ago) [-]
That is an entirely different scenario. Switching the tracks would be the moral higher ground, as it resulted in less innocent deaths.
Making sure 4 less people died needlessly is very different from nuking an entire country to get rid of a minority of evil people in a massive ground of civilians.

A better example would be: the group of 5 have 1 bad guy in it, you don't know who. Would you let the whole group die to get rid of one evil man?
User avatar
#799 - infinitereaper (19 hours ago) [-]
That's the thing, if you don't end a war quickly it will drag out, and overall, more people are going to die. A bunch of people may die by using overwhelming force to defeat an enemy but in the long run more are saved. So which is worse? Simple answer.
User avatar
#800 - daniboyi (19 hours ago) [-]
The difference is this: you can shoot down an entire house-full of people quickly to get 1 bad guy, or you can try to get the bad guy without harming innocent people.
The first makes you a murderer, no better than the man you tried to get in the first place, the other makes you the guy that stopped the bad guy without resulting in killing countless of innocent lives.

You have the right to your opinion, but I will personally never sink to the level of terrorism and harming innocent people, because it is the easy choice.
#801 - infinitereaper (19 hours ago) [-]
That's like saying you can win with one hands tied behind your back.
It's the arrogant assumption of those who want to be heroes.
It's also why the terrorists are still winning, we give them so much time to recuperate.
The war never ends. In an endless cycle of pointless bloodshed.
As it is now, and as it will be. Because no one learns.
User avatar
#802 - daniboyi (19 hours ago) [-]
We know the easy answer is to nuke them all, but any human with a shred of humanity left in his soul would refuse to press the button, because it is sociopathic to destroy an entire nation to get a minority. What next? we nuke america to get rid of BLM?
#803 - infinitereaper (19 hours ago) [-]
"minority" is just a lie, just like how black people commit 50% of all murders, that's not a "minority" it's an actuality
You win a war with absolute force, otherwise, what's the point of a never ending war?
User avatar
#796 - infinitereaper (19 hours ago) [-]
trolley problem I its called I think
#7 - HFW 09/20/2016 on Cuba +1