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#196 - anon (07/21/2016) [-]
Nigga what
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#136 - zielscheibe (07/19/2016) [-]
Sounds familiar , and i agree
Problem is , as you said , how to get people to listen to this stuff without them taking you for an edgelord , arrogant or simply ignoring it.

I have a good lot of friends sharing these ideas and talking about it to many people. But as i work on the german railway ... most people just care for soccer , cars and tits.

Anything beyond that point is not interesting. Not that there is something wrong with tits, soccer or cars .

I think you might have seen similar things happen. People are scared about Islam and the ongoing terror is giving the right wing so much support and new members... I understand that thou. And some moderate right wing parties have good ideas to resolve some of the problems at hand.

Yet , the majority of the scared and angry people do not research stuff and do not engage in debate. They do not sit down and look at the bigger picture, because they have jobs to do and shit on their mind. Understandable.
So selling an idea like TVP to regular people is no easy task , even if you are a skilled spokeperson or just charismatic. To people that have no idea what TVP is about , most of it sounds communist , utopian or just unthinkable. A world without money based trade or money at all. We have enjoyed the fruits of said money based system and were brought up and tought to function within it's limitations. So there is a gigantic wall of bias , fear and uncertainty standing between the idea and the real people.

I love how TVP really though about solutions. Not just selling some nice slogans and a mentality of * oh , we will figure it out as we go *. No , they have very specific solutions and plans. I like that , like german tech. You need to have data and projects ready to go , before making claims. Not like the real communists , keeping the fingers crossed marxism / communis / socialism will work this time
I found that you need to take a very careful approach , whilst talking to people about TVP. And as the results are rather ... sobering. I have had very interesting debates and talks with peopel from left , right or no political side at all.

Deep down , at least i believe this to be true we all just wanna live in peace and have a good life with opportunities. Spending our time gaming , learning or just having fun the way we want. And that is why i still try to talk to people about it. Even if i am very cynical at times and sometimes emotional and enraged about the shit that is going on today.

I guess you understand. Even if it sounds cheesy or edgy again.
* they dont see the value of it and stick to their guns * , yeah.

Imma be honest with you. I was kind of a racist , angry fuck in my mid teens and had a very tough time rethinking all of it. And i am not the brightest kind of guy . If i can do it , they can do it . First step for me was to admit that i was wrong and my previous ideas went nowher but to conflict. Like screaming at walls whilst talking to left or right wing fanatics.

So , now i wonder what is going to happen in Europe. Things look kind of grim. There are no real solutions as far as i can tell. And as said before , the peopel tend to get more and more drawen to left or right positions. In this climate of fear and anger... progress towards a fresh start and a new idea is very hard. At least over here in Germany.

Now , with turkey on their way to full autocratic change and the latest crazy shit in Nice or even the german axe chopping asshole...i am not really looking forward to waht is to come.
* when people are desperate they will look for answers *Aye , i think this might be very true. But it kind of makes me sad,to think that things will have to get worse before this might possible happen.
That's why i asked you --- what are the alternatieves ?
And honestly , i have no idea.
But kind of sweet to meet some other guy that is for TVP on a political post on FJ
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#139 - skrelt (07/19/2016) [-]
likewise it is always good to know some more people out in the world believe in TVP.

must admit, while time progresses (and with the recent attacks you mentioned) i get more cynical as well. sometimes i just want to gouge my eyes out, get aids and jump in front of a bus. but i do what i can to help TVP become a reality. do what i can, how small it may seem to some.

in the netherlands its the same. people start hating (on muslims, rusians, polish and some more) way more and it gets aggressive faster each week. on top of what you mention with the fear and anger that is rising, i dont see the new start here either.

on the upside tho, i sometimes bring old basketballs to some immigrants of syria and play some ball with the children. they forget how i look and just enjoy playing with people. funny how children can breach the gap to those parents to which i did not know what to say. this is something so small, i doubt it is strong enough to resist the amount of hate people have at the moment.
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