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#152 - irwincardozo (07/07/2012) [-]
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#153 to #157 - skjalg (07/07/2012) [-]
Been playing Day Z with some buddies the last few hours. Saw your OC, nice piece of art that:D just make sure you're not getting banned again hehe^^,
#154 to #158 - irwincardozo (07/07/2012) [-]
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oh sweet god! i didn't do anything wrong this time

how is your new pc btw?
#156 to #159 - skjalg (07/07/2012) [-]
And why would you get banned for what you did? Cuz you make hot women WISH they were fictions in your comics Cx That's a felony i believe
#155 to #159 - skjalg (07/07/2012) [-]
It's suupaah! was eating dinner sarry
MY GOD is it awesome playing games without having to compensate for lag. It's..indescribable..
#157 to #160 - irwincardozo (07/07/2012) [-]
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i know that feel bro.... you are now in the "awesome zone" ... played Crysis 2 yet?