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#42 - Picture 20 hours ago on Anime Gif Dump 47 +1
#24 - most people hate his politics but dont hate him as a person  [+] (1 reply) 20 hours ago on ??? +3
#27 - zaphodcoolfrood (19 hours ago) [-]
Most people don't even hate his politics.
#15 - played a game this morning with 5 junkrats on the enemy team j…  [+] (4 replies) 21 hours ago on Everything's coming up... 0
#20 - anon (18 hours ago) [-]
i've defended as 6 junkrats on hanamura once

we were doing good until people started switching
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#21 - sketchE (18 hours ago) [-]
i was attacking in some winter level and just walls of bouncing bombs and constant ults
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#23 - figuretivelyican (18 hours ago) [-]
well let me specify, i was in a game with 5 junkrats this morning, and i was one of em.
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#22 - figuretivelyican (18 hours ago) [-]
oh god
i was in a game with 5 junkrats
#47 - yeah its got its flaws but its one of the only shows with a tr…  [+] (1 reply) 10/19/2016 on Anime Gif Dump 45 0
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#48 - pentol (10/19/2016) [-]
Don't get me wrong, i didn't actually say that it is flawed. I said i didn't like it.
Some people like more episodically structured stories, and Katanagatari, IIRC, adheres super strongly to the "collect one sword, and kill one of the bad guys from that clan thingy per episode" structure. This is very deliberate, and it is something i think was put a lot of thought into, maybe it was meant to evoke the feeling of fairy tales with its structure of repetition with iteration on each. However, overly episodic structures always end up undercutting the grander narative for me, and makes each episode feel pointless.
Now Katanagatari definitly is not the worst example of this, since it does a lot of stuff to remind you of the main plot all the time, that's good writing, but for me, it'¨s not enough. This all comes down to taste. In terms of visuals, music, characters, plot, and that kind of Semi-objective stuff, it scores very highly. My enjoyment of it however is a 4/10.
#25 - so some weird ****.  [+] (1 reply) 10/19/2016 on Super Delusion +1
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#39 - inverseiconoclasm (10/19/2016) [-]
Nothing out of the ordinary.
#51 - because apparently its racist. i dont come up with this **** b…  [+] (6 replies) 10/19/2016 on Obama BTFO 10 minutes after... +14
#107 - nickelakon (10/19/2016) [-]
Isn't... isnt it racist to assume that it would be racist to exclude people one welfare?
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#88 - ssjkirby (10/19/2016) [-]
It's not even 30 dollars. It would be free if it was required
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#53 - blackmageewizardt (10/19/2016) [-]
That´s fucking retarded!

ANYONE here requires an ID-card on his Person, so Police or whatever can just fast scan it in and have your fucking data, instead of asking you for 3 minuts till they find you in their search enginee! Literally it´s law to have one at age 16 and to come back for it all 5 years since some years!

Hell the fucking voting papers here even have YOUR fucking Name on them! They literally have dozens of papers prepared for anyones Name on it and will even remind People via post that they should give their vote to the nearest local voting Point!

How can this NOT be mandatory though process for voting?!

And if they life on fucking welfare then for hell sake, throw them their fucking ID after for free for all i care! And while your on it tell them if they don´t look for a Job with papers that proff they DID search for fucking Jobs, that their welfare Money will be cut quit a fucking bit!

JeSuS fUcKiNg ChRiSt Am I mAd
#92 - anon (10/19/2016) [-]
Because ID in general, along with all of the collated information it can now contain in the modern world, is an invasion of privacy and contrary to the intent of the US Constitution. It is all-but mandated, nonetheless, as people have willingly agreed to this invasion of privacy and been misinformed of their rights (for example, that you only ever needed a driver's license by law if you are driving commercially - but you'll never find 12 peers who know this law).
IDs are the precursor to dystopia, and should never have been allowed.
However, in a democracy, there should be an even more foolproof way of establishing that someone has voted in the current election and does not get the opportunity to vote again. Our IDs fail in this, while the identity of a voter is of no significance other than to establish that limitation.
Meanwhile, with hacked electronic voting and the electoral college, votes mean absolutely nothing anyway. The electors are bought/decided long before the people tick a single box.
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#64 - sketchE (10/19/2016) [-]
i completely agree
#59 - anon (10/19/2016) [-]
Did you just say it's common sense to show ID to prevent voter fraud?

#23 - so whats going on in japan today  [+] (4 replies) 10/19/2016 on Super Delusion +2
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#34 - Hypno Toad (10/19/2016) [-]
dangerously declining birth rates
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#24 - skaderaider (10/19/2016) [-]
**skaderaider used "*roll 1, cah answer*"**
**skaderaider rolls Slapping a racist old lady.**
This /\
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#25 - sketchE (10/19/2016) [-]
so some weird shit.
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#39 - inverseiconoclasm (10/19/2016) [-]
Nothing out of the ordinary.