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#162 - The UK leaving the EU 01/04/2015 on Stereotypes 0
#273 - it is shown at the end of the video also sauce: 12/04/2014 on SJWhat now? 0
#271 - hatred  [+] (2 new replies) 12/04/2014 on SJWhat now? 0
User avatar #272 - MrKittyKat (12/04/2014) [-]
Is that literally the name of the game?

i smell doubt
#273 - sirtywell (12/04/2014) [-]
it is shown at the end of the video
also sauce:
#17 - I remeber a case were a homeless guy did the same thing, but i… 05/16/2014 on What A Selfless Act 0
#70 - Ok, i haven't read any comics books, but have read those marve…  [+] (1 new reply) 04/25/2014 on Injustice:Gods and rich... 0
#85 - xXDeadpoolXx (04/25/2014) [-]
again, it ties into superman's boy scout mentality. In the injustice comic, Batman points out that superman could have lobotomized batman from space, but instead he chose to crash into the bat cave and fight man to man. even when superman is the bad guy, his good side prevails and tries to make himself lose by fighting batman.
#152 - So easy to manipulate 04/22/2014 on bitch got hustled 0
#638 - Picture 03/12/2014 on Post Yer Desktop 0
#4 - Thank you op, would not have find it otherwise! 02/04/2014 on title 0
#223 - Do you know what it references to?  [+] (1 new reply) 10/08/2013 on Drawings 0
User avatar #270 - blokrokker (10/08/2013) [-]
That's a reference to Bleach.
#48 - they did :/ 41 seconds too late damnit  [+] (18 new replies) 06/04/2013 on Personality +4
User avatar #49 - konradkurze (06/04/2013) [-]
this site has gone way downhill
too many people are overly sensitive and scream at anything remotely adult

User avatar #99 - milomcrobbie (06/04/2013) [-]
what was it?
#185 - klink (06/04/2013) [-]
Flagged Comment Picture
This image was flagged 1370385182
it was this picture
User avatar #103 - konradkurze (06/04/2013) [-]
a women in panties and topless but turned away and covering her boobs
no nudity
#148 - anonymouspusy has deleted their comment.
#181 - anonymous (06/04/2013) [-]
post gif
#186 - anonymouspusy has deleted their comment.
User avatar #149 - konradkurze (06/04/2013) [-]
nope thats different
and as much as that pic shows no nudity, it'll still get a whiny bitch reporting it....count the seconds till its flagged
User avatar #182 - gorilladin (06/04/2013) [-]
post again or source?
User avatar #190 - konradkurze (06/04/2013) [-]

seriously, its a legit gif on general FJ, not nsfw....pretty tame, yet when i posted it as a response, i got banned
User avatar #104 - milomcrobbie (06/04/2013) [-]
...why did that get flagged? holy hell
User avatar #105 - konradkurze (06/04/2013) [-]
because Funnyjunk has been overrun with whiny kids and overprotective mothers
User avatar #110 - animepsycchosecond (06/04/2013) [-]
the\at would be the reason I have a second at the end of my name now.
post one gif and suddenly I have a lifetime ban for the completely wrong reason
#114 - konradkurze (06/04/2013) [-]
yeah, DJ 4DM1N is always ready to kill accounts
User avatar #117 - animepsycchosecond (06/04/2013) [-]
I get that but he could at least give me the right reason on my account
(posting multiple lolli porn images in NSFW was nowhere close to what I did)
User avatar #122 - konradkurze (06/04/2013) [-]
idk what DJ 4DM1N's ideals are, sometimes sick shit slips through but as soon as someone posts something harmless, BAM, banned

one time i posted a gif of a girl in a bikini top and jeans bouncing around, BAM, banned, and had to beg and plead to get this account back
User avatar #123 - animepsycchosecond (06/04/2013) [-]
no amount of begging got me unbanned so I guess this is fine
User avatar #132 - konradkurze (06/04/2013) [-]
slowly but surely, FJ is going imperial Britain, soon enough a women showing her ankle will be scandalous and incur a banning from shocked members

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