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#18 - Thanks for having my back man.  [+] (1 reply) 11/23/2015 on fakes 0
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#24 - brenton (11/23/2015) [-]
Any time.
#7 - It was in one thing and that one thing is no longer canon so...  [+] (33 replies) 11/22/2015 on fakes 0
#37 - anon (11/23/2015) [-]
Disney canon can go fuck off. I wish I was a trillionaire so I could buy them out and recanonise mickey as a homosexual with a meth addiction.

Also unfreeze Disney so he can remove jew from hollywood.
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#11 - theattackmaster (11/22/2015) [-]
Ah, only the extended universe is non-cannon. "The Star Wars expanded universe (SWEU) encompasses all of the officially licensed, fictional material of the Star Wars saga, outside of the seven feature films, The Clone Wars film and series, and Rebels series produced by Lucasfilm." Phasers feature in the book Boba Fett: Hunted. "Boba Fett: Hunted is the fourth in a series of young reader novels that chronicle the adventures of Boba Fett during the years between Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith." This means that the book in question does not feature outside of the main story, but inbetween, and thus still cannon. But a simple answer could of been. Fuck disney, for they have no real power over the fanbase. Even if all this was to be true, and the story was non-cannon. It still featured, whether or not it "happened", still making me right.
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#20 - ilovehitler (11/23/2015) [-]
Disney didn't say the fanbase couldn't keep producing the fanfiction or enjoying it, simply that it isn't counting it as canon because that's too fucking difficult to work with...
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#92 - theattackmaster (11/23/2015) [-]
So, i'm still right. Phasers do feature in star wars. Regardless of whether or not its cannon (which is an argument for another day) phasers do feature in star wars, which was the entire point of the main argument.
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#99 - ilovehitler (11/24/2015) [-]
Dude, you seem way too obsessed about your idea of winning, especially considering I wasn't really arguing with most of your point, since I don't care about most of your point. I'm simply saying that Disney is perfectly allowed to say what is and is not canon.
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#102 - theattackmaster (11/24/2015) [-]
So then why argue? I'm simply defending myself, and if you wish to call that obsessed, please, by all means, go ahead.
#16 - brenton (11/22/2015) [-]
See that little "Legends" emblem? Means it's no longer canon.
#21 - theattackmaster (11/23/2015) [-]
What gives disney the right to call something non-cannon? Because they own it? Well, I guess it isn't pronounced gif, but jif, because after all, he owns the word. I own my own account here, I'm now admin, because I said so. But wait, that sounds stupid to allow one person or group the right to label things, regardless of what everyone else thinks, do you not agree?
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#26 - Faz (11/23/2015) [-]
Nobody on the face of the planet would agree with you, owning something gives you full control of what you want to do with it especially when it comes to things which include creativity, if your creativity is limited by what someone else decided to do then your vision is never going to be as good as it could be so when you own that thing why the fuck should your creativity be limited by someone else.
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#27 - theattackmaster (11/23/2015) [-]
So the people who own the extended universe have the full right to call their own work cannon, considering they own it. If they weren't allowed to, they would be allowing someone else to limit their own creativity right? And why the fuck should their creativity be limited by someone else, right?
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#91 - Faz (11/23/2015) [-]
The extended universe was licensed, the people who wrote those books and comics do not own them, they are merely licensing the star wars brand from the star wars owners, when licensing the owner can always remove the license at any given time.
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#23 - brenton (11/23/2015) [-]
... That's exactly what gives them the right. Welcome to the real world, buddy.
#63 - skebaba (11/23/2015) [-]
Not really. The creator is who decides what is canon, nobody else.
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#28 - theattackmaster (11/23/2015) [-]
That, doesn't answer my question though. How much power does one person get for "owning" something. What if that power conflicts with another. Since I own my own account, can I be the admin? I own, and that's how the real world works, right? Where is the line? Ever here of the saying, "your right to swing your fist ends where the other person's nose begins"?
#43 - ohemgeezus (11/23/2015) [-]
"I own this one measly account"
"Can I own the entire site"

Do you honestly think that's a valid comparison?

If you own something you can only make changes to that which you own, you don't control more than you own.
#93 - theattackmaster (11/23/2015) [-]
So, what you're saying is that disney only has as right to what they own, nothing more, nothing less. So extended universe has the right to call their product cannon, and disney can do nothing about it, considering how in your logic, they can only change what they own, and disney does not own the extended universe.
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#100 - ilovehitler (11/24/2015) [-]
The extended universe, and the writers of it, don't have the right to call it canon, as it's an addition to Star Wars, which is now owned by Disney. Disney owns the right to declare what in Star Wars is canon and what is not.
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#96 - brenton (11/24/2015) [-]
Disney now owns the extended universe as well though...
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#97 - theattackmaster (11/24/2015) [-]
so, if I wrote a star wars fan fic right now, disney would own it?
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#98 - brenton (11/24/2015) [-]
No. That would be fan fic. But anything that is produced with a Star Wars name on it, Disney owns. And if you put the Star Wars name on something then sell it, you're liable to be sued. Because Disney owns it.
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#104 - theattackmaster (11/24/2015) [-]
We're not arguing about whether or not you can sell something with the words Star Wars on it, we're arguing about whether or not phasers feature in star wars, which is an undeniable yes. You're the one trying to turn this argument onto a new track, to get us away from the original discussion.
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#95 - ohemgeezus (11/23/2015) [-]
They can't do anything to it because they don't own, but they can say everything in the EU is non-canon, which they have. EU is the equivalent of fan fiction at this point and it doesn't tie into disneys SW universe.
#35 - kaimera (11/23/2015) [-]
The difference here is that you only own an account.
Admin owns all of funnyjunk.

Disney owns ALL of the rights to star trek.
That is what gave them the right to change it, the fact that they literally own the legal rights to the franchise, since George Lucas sold them.

No matter how much you whine or spout illogical arguments, it will not change the situati9n.
The only two ways to change it are to either buy the rights from disney, or reform the entire way copyright works in america.

But, there is a bright side to Disney's decision. All of the extended universe is now non canon, so they can get rid of the shit that didn't work, and take inspiration from the things that did work. Are they going to fuck it up in the beginning? Fuck yes they are, in fact I think they already did with some of the books they made, but let's not act like George was any better. He was a fucking loon who had no respect for the extended universe. E
Employees even had to be briefed on how to deal with his bullshit before they could meet with him, just read the gameinformer interview with the team who was making the Darth mall game, George wanted them to add in Darth talon as a love interest, despite the two living thousands of years apart, and tried to convince them it was a good idea by doing a flirty Marilyn Monroe impression.

So don't act like Disney is the worst think ever, and don't claim they have no more right than you to do what they want with their property.
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#94 - theattackmaster (11/23/2015) [-]
Yes I own my account in the same way disney owns theirs If disney is allowed to state what is theirs, and what isn't, then so can I. Disney can decide what is cannon, I can decide who is admin. Disney owns the rights of all of star wars. I own all the rights to my own product as well. I'm not saying disney taking things over is a bad thing, no idea where you got that assumption. This isn't even the original argument, these idiots above me turned this into something it was never, an argument. The original question is whether or not phasers feature in star wars, which is an undeniable, yes, end of story. Whether cannon or not (which is an argument for another day, not this one) is irrelevant, all that matters is that phasers have featured in star wars works at one time or another, thus making the guy in question right, and the girl in question wrong. I'm sorry the idiots dragged you into arguing with me, I really am.
#64 - skebaba (11/23/2015) [-]
Not really. The creator is who decides what is canon, nobody else.
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#103 - theattackmaster (11/24/2015) [-]
And so the creator of the extended universe can decide if their work is cannon too, right?
" The creator is who decides what is canon, nobody else."
Creator= Various fans
Nobody Else= Disney
Or am I missing something here?
#105 - skebaba (11/24/2015) [-]
Creator is the father of the "franchise universe", not someone who just owns something. Publishers are not creators. They are only publishers.
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#106 - theattackmaster (11/24/2015) [-]
They are the creator of their own work, are they not? Because in that case, I guess that man didn't create his child, he only published it.
#107 - skebaba (11/25/2015) [-]
Publishers aren't creators, because they do not create the story, characters etc. The writer does. Publishers only sell the products the creator has done.
#36 - kaimera (11/23/2015) [-]
Fucking hell, my autocorrect had an anurism. Just want to make it clear that I meant to say disney owns star WARS, not star trek.

Not really sure how my autocorrect managed to fuck up that badly.
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#101 - ilovehitler (11/24/2015) [-]
Even autocorrect known the superiority of Trek.
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#18 - sirstephen (11/23/2015) [-]
Thanks for having my back man.
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#24 - brenton (11/23/2015) [-]
Any time.
#89 - They have had tanks for I think a year or two now.  [+] (1 reply) 05/23/2015 on Fuck yo plane, I'm a tank 0
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#107 - fjaggot (05/23/2015) [-]
Yeh some guy already told me. Gaming world moves on I guess I haven't played anything in months
#14 - dude that's a girl.  [+] (1 reply) 12/22/2014 on Brah +2
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#37 - heartlessrobot (12/22/2014) [-]
Shhh, don't ruin it. I want to belieeeeeve.
#23 - i'm pretty sure that's Sims 4  [+] (2 replies) 11/09/2014 on Brett why 0
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#36 - ludislavonac (11/09/2014) [-]
Looks pretty neat, might pirate it
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#31 - jacodpwns (11/09/2014) [-]
it is
#2 - the army does go after you in the first payday game you don't …  [+] (7 replies) 10/24/2014 on Never-ending Army of Cops +21
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#99 - blooby (10/25/2014) [-]
At the end of GO Bank Bain says "They're sending an army after you! Wait my bad, I meant THE army!"
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#57 - superblade (10/25/2014) [-]
Look like a poster loading screen for l4d2
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#72 - ryuthesilverwolf (10/25/2014) [-]
Mercy Hospital was actually a mission in the first Payday. The mission took place in the same universe as left 4 dead, so it is possible tha both games take place in the same universe.
#85 - gokusdog (10/25/2014) [-]
It's been confirmed no mercy mission in payday 1 is the prequel to L4D1
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#91 - thealmightyantler (10/25/2014) [-]
But, the heist is considered non-canon since the apocalypse kind of fucking happened.
#86 - anon (10/25/2014) [-]
Seriously?? WTF that's epic
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#44 - greyhoundfd (10/25/2014) [-]
It kinda depends on the mission. I mean, like, if you've got a bunch of armed robbers trying to release a deadly zombie virus it's probably going to get some attention.
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