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I rawr i rape and i rage.

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#22 - huh 1 hour ago on dating question 0
#5 - Picture 3 hours ago on LGBT +1
#5 - Kind of a top tier trainer, lore-wise. Also is pretty general…  [+] (3 replies) 13 hours ago on Young Adult Red episode 4 +18
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#6 - khaller (13 hours ago) [-]
But wouldn't that make Gold better than him.
#8 - bluemagebrilly (10 hours ago) [-]
Beating him in the game is entirely based on you, not the actual character Gold.

While it's implied they have a pretty serious match, it's also implied in later games that Red wins. This mostly comes from ... I think either X and Y or Black and White where Red appears during the "Champion" tournament, which had all the champions from previous regions, not Gold. Which means that Gold lost to Red, or at least their battle never became public. Both are likely, to be honest.

But in their games alone, I'd say Red technically gets more experience with powerful beings. Mewtwo, the Birds, and especially a fully functional Team Rocket with Giovanni as their leader being his major threat makes it so Red had the better battle experience overall. Since Gold only fights a broken team and Suicine for the most part, though he does fight 8 other Gym battles that Red doesn't. Though Red also did that 2-3 years ago, so he's had even more time to train than Gold regardless.

So, basically, I think Red is stronger than Gold. He's just not impossible for a player to beat.
#7 - sirrawrsalot (13 hours ago) [-]

Gold is player controlled when he(you) beat Red. So probably.

Red's battle with Mewtwo probably trumps Gold's battle with suicune.

I'm gonna put money on Red.
#29 - Are we going to need to replace "is that a ******* jojo r…  [+] (1 reply) 17 hours ago on New woozuh comic +3
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#30 - skarba (15 hours ago) [-]
Finally. No more forced meem.