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#19 - walrusnipples (08/21/2012) [-]
Hello sirlorddarthvader my old friend, I was looking back on some of my favorite fanfiction stories that I've read, and of course I saw "My Daughter Maree".

But to get to the point, I was wondering if you still plan on making a sequel?
#20 to #19 - sirlorddarthvader **User deleted account** (08/21/2012) [-]
Funny you should mention, and indeed at this exact moment! I'll have you know I'm writing the first chapter right now, Literally as we speak, and it's going up August 25th, aka this Saturday! Yup, it's that close already!

Let me tell you, friend, the words are just rolling off the tips of my fingers, it's gold! I haven't felt this strongly about a project; this excited; since... well, since chapter 6 of My Daughter Maree, my shortest, sweetest installment of the whole series.

Its a shame I feel this way now, because I know where this story goes eventually.. and while I might not be as excited or happy when I write the later parts, I'll enjoy it in a different way, and I hope I can keep up this level of energy. I figured out how to submit my article to the fim fiction homepage, and got tons more readers and reviews; I finally got some bloody constructive criticism! You'd think that'd be at least slightly easier than that to come by, but no, everyone loved it too much at first, and I had no idea what to think about it!

Now that some of the flaws I made have been pointed out; some obvious, some less so; I feel like I can truly grow and mature as a writer from the experience, and I can tackle the challenge of writing the sequel with twice as much efficiency!

I'll give you fair warning now; the last one was 50,000 words long, broken into 13 chapters. If you thought that was long, then wait'll I tell you about how I won't be surprised if this one goes over 80,000 words. Seriously, it's going to be a long haul for sure. I hope I an count on you to follow me the whole way through, and I hope you enjoy reading my fan fiction even half as much as I enjoy writing it :)
#21 to #20 - walrusnipples (08/21/2012) [-]
Really, what a coincidence! I'm looking forward to reading this, the first one was so well written in my opinion.
You have some serious talent in writing.
And you can count on me :D
#23 to #21 - sirlorddarthvader **User deleted account** (08/21/2012) [-]
So I'm thinking that there's a real possibility of there being multiple uploads on August 25th. I powered through the first chapter in a 5 hour writing session that might actually mark a new record for longest time spent basically just typing. It just needs to be edited. This is a good thing, because the "beginning" of this story takes, like, 4-5 chapters. It actually took me so long that there's no longer any point in me going to sleep because the suns coming up in a couple hours. Of course, that is also partly due to other things I was doing... anyway, so you can look forward to a couple chapters in one day. Now that's a treat, I don't do that very often at all, back to back uploads... I just want to get as many of them in as I can while there's still summer left, because once school starts, I'll only have about an hour each day to write, and it could take close to a week to write a chapter at that pace.
#22 to #21 - sirlorddarthvader **User deleted account** (08/21/2012) [-]
It's actually quite fascinating... I've always wanted to try and write a novel, but I always looked at book and thought that they're just too big, too long... I didn't think I was capable of writing a fictitious story that filled out that much space. But just recently I took a sample novel; a fairly short one, but still a proper novel; and I took a count of the number of words on a random page, and then I multiplied that by the number of pages... it came out to a little over 80,000 words. "My Daughter Maree" was 50,000, and this will be at least that length again, plus some. That;s well over 100,000 words for a single enclosed story. I can write a novel. It's never before been viewed as a possibility to me before, but now it seems very real... very possible...