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#85 - mowgaycraft (03/31/2016) [-]
Then please enlighten me on which principle is being breached here. Because developer integrity is fine.

Seems more like the outcry is because they don't like that the dev wants to do what they want with their product.
#90 - zipov (03/31/2016) [-]
The princi[ple being concerned soccer moms changing a game because of their concerns.

Can you imagine Fallout without killing children?
Well, you probably can, because it happened.
This image was cut from the games by the devs. Even Black Isle was squeamish, but they did it of their own accord.
#354 - anon (03/31/2016) [-]
Funny that you bring up the removed perk when the ARTIST was the one who said he hated it. He straight up admits to the perk's image being distasteful in HIS OWN opinion. You guys are so fucking retarded that you assume any cuts are ones the developers will never agree with.
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#367 - zipov (03/31/2016) [-]
Didn't even bother to read the spoiler, did ya?
#93 - mowgaycraft (03/31/2016) [-]
Take away 'soccer moms' (I'll get on that in a bit) and you have simply the prospect of a developer being open to outside criticism. Let that sink in. Is the principle here to never listen to anybody that isn't involved in the development process? I was under the impression that a developer being open to outside opinions was an inherently good thing.

So we come down to 'Soccer Moms' being the crux of your principle here, if it's not to make devs an island that never ever listens to their audience. To which you're just being petty to the point where you're mad that they're not listening to you in particular. Because if you reverse the roles, creating a bizarro universe in which the people who are here arguing for the return of the pose were the ones in favor of it going, then you'd have considered this a victory because the developers listened. In fact, I'm sure that's what the person who made the original post believes.

And finally. Pic related is one of the developers standing behind the act and agreeing with the post asking for it's removal. So at that stage you're either asking for them to not listen to people that aren't you or to abandon what they want in their own game.

To which you're either
A) Someone who can't stand the fact that other people have different opinions than you and can't stomach the idea of someone else actually getting their way
B) Someone who believes that a developer should compromise their own product in order to cater to your beliefs.

Though both of those fall under the category of being self centered so...take your pick there.
User avatar
#116 - zipov (03/31/2016) [-]
I choose C: devs should never listen to their fans and Blizzard is gay.
Fans are faggots and Blizzard has been

I prefer the creator's vision to what the dumb masses want.
Games are getting stupider and guns are nerfed because shitty little twats complain all the time.
And what kind of parent gives their kid a brutal game about killing and flips their shit when you can see some ass?
User avatar
#118 - mowgaycraft (03/31/2016) [-]
Eh. Who cares? I was allowed to watch both predator movies before the age of 10. I'm not gonna go full hypocrite and say that children shouldn't be allowed their own go, especially considering at this stage in media's prevalence the rating system is a guideline at best (unless you're in a country like Australia in which you're more or less fucking dictated by that fucking thing holy fuck you dumbasses why am I not allowed Hotline Miami 2??? (which is a better example because it's the definition of censorship)).

If the hate goes to Blizzard then it's clear cut 'don't buy from Blizzard' like what happened with GTAV in Target in Australia (it cuts me how shit this country is), they can dictate what they want on their shelves, they can dictate what they want in their game. If they don't represent your interests then by all means tell them they're gay and retarded and not getting your shekels.
User avatar
#234 - zipov (03/31/2016) [-]
Yeah, watched all the good sci fi horror movies before 10 and I'm fine too. Can't you obrain Hotline Miami like, you know... In other ways?

And I did exactly what you said, I told BLizzard they were homos and my shekels would go somewhere else because of that. Right about when Deoblo 3 came out.
#88 - that was a different gaston 03/20/2016 on Anception +8
#256 - calling a fight between 10 year olds a "street fight" 03/16/2016 on Wasn't worth it +1
#55 - he likely would, but he's not going to be the cunt saying &quo… 03/15/2016 on something's fucky 0
#112 - extremely obvious the movie is going to attract furfags …  [+] (1 new reply) 03/12/2016 on HIPS 0
#118 - thepatriarchy (03/13/2016) [-]
**thepatriarchy used "*roll picture*"**
**thepatriarchy rolled image** You seem to be mistaking surprised with low tolerance. Just because people want to be fucked up, don't mean we got to let them do it unimpeded.
#169 - i know exactly what he was saying... 03/12/2016 on Random Fact Friday 0
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