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#10 - Freakin' engineers. Warping reality and ****.  [+] (6 new replies) 08/22/2016 on Papercut +1
#40 - anon (08/22/2016) [-]
Fuck y'all niggers. This guys post gave me a chuckle. Good job fella. Don't let these assholes keep you down. You do you.
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#21 - danmegaflakes (08/22/2016) [-]
it's not even engineering , it's just common physics
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#61 - drpenguinz (08/22/2016) [-]
engineering is common physics too
#22 - sidnineonefourtwo (08/22/2016) [-]
I was making a joke. Thanks Buzz.
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#23 - danmegaflakes (08/22/2016) [-]
well it's a shit one that no one got or liked
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#24 - sidnineonefourtwo (08/22/2016) [-]
No one got or liked. 1 person voted on it. Wew lad. I'm glad the singular represents the whole.
#2 - Picture 08/22/2016 on art +1
#11 - While not my cup of tea, can't deny the great syncing with the… 08/22/2016 on BF1 looks great. 0
#13 - Picture 08/22/2016 on Alluha Akbar Notifications 0
#4 - As someone who avidly did his homework all the time, I can con… 08/22/2016 on Maths... +1
#20 - We have the ability to respond without thumbing. Just sayin.  [+] (2 new replies) 08/22/2016 on An honest question +1
#24 - anon (08/22/2016) [-]
the fact is she-he <-- is baiting for thumbs i mean look the situation "im a grill on teh webs teehee" or "wae dun dudes like grills on teh webs" gimmie a fucking break dude plus i have seen this account thumb whoring before

maybe i'm just a shitty retard i dunno

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#25 - sidnineonefourtwo (08/22/2016) [-]
You could be right. I don't know. No need to think yourself a retard anon.
#19 - Are certain people harassing you, or is this a common occurren… 08/22/2016 on An honest question +1
#4 - This is why you sneak in your drinks and food. Not to mention …  [+] (4 new replies) 08/22/2016 on Movie theater logic 0
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#7 - manimator (08/22/2016) [-]
Exactly, and most of the people who work there don't give a shit unless someone tries to "sneak" in an entire pizza, which someone did one time when I worked at a movie theater.
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#21 - knifegun (08/23/2016) [-]
A whole goddamn pizza? How did they try to manage that? Most I've ever gotten in, was a couple of meals from McDonald's, and that was only because I had a backpack and my friend had a giant-ass handbag.
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#28 - manimator (08/23/2016) [-]
They didn't hide it, just carried it in. Some years ago my friend and I walked into a movie with two giant ass bags of Panera food and the ticket taker didn't even acknowledge them. As long as you don't run into a person with authority you can bring in pretty much any food
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#8 - sidnineonefourtwo (08/22/2016) [-]
Good on you man. You knew your company was fucking people over, so you did nothing to enforce their rules.
#1 - At least he's not asking for tree fiddy.  [+] (1 new reply) 08/22/2016 on yep +48
#2 - thevipervtwo (08/22/2016) [-]
"Could I get a ton of fucken leaves?"
"Sure, how much?"
"Like tree fiddy"
#5 - A fitting roll. 08/22/2016 on Why do they always do it? +1