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#5 - gitrdunn (12/31/2011) [-]
#6 to #5 - gitrdunn (12/31/2011) [-]
my old channel, with all of my videos on it
#8 to #6 - sideffect (12/31/2011) [-]
Hey those are really good! I'm such a klutz when it comes to using 3DSMAX or CAD... plus I feel awkward as hell in that class, I am one of three girls and I'm pretty sure one is a dyke and the other is lost in her own world...
#9 to #8 - gitrdunn (12/31/2011) [-]
i do not use 3dsmax. tried it at one point and it was much harder, i intend to learn one day but not at the moment! i currently use adobe products (illustrator, after effects, and photoshop). but i took a class last year on CAD, i was really good at it. i once made a ferris wheel. but i felt awkward in that class because i was the odd one out. most of the other kids were what most would refer to as "less popular" (even though i befriended quite a few of them) and i am what people would refer to as the "preppy jock"
#10 to #9 - sideffect (12/31/2011) [-]
Exactly! Anyways, I think the newer one is really good! You should stick to it, and learn 3Ds MAX and get better with CAD, most companies are using them and you'd be in a better place knowing how to work them.
#11 to #10 - gitrdunn (12/31/2011) [-]
yeah, if i learn 3ds max it will be so i can incorporate vehicles and such into my videos, like freddiew
#12 to #11 - sideffect (12/31/2011) [-]
Cars are a bitch. Well animating cars. They're easy enough just to make out of spline cages and mirror because they're the same on both sides but making them move is what makes me want to shoot up the school. I will stick to drawing and painting that's what I'm good at.
#13 to #12 - gitrdunn (12/31/2011) [-]
lol, i understand. is text hard to learn in 3dsmax? i actually have it installed on my computer, i just dont ever use it
#14 to #13 - sideffect (12/31/2011) [-]
Without a teacher it might be hard, im not sure. They have a lot of tutorials on their site, I would do a lot of them. They are really helpful.
#7 to #6 - gitrdunn (12/31/2011) [-]
www.youtube.com/user/ghstud... forgot the url -.-