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#18 - ****** **** YOU THE ORIGINAL MONK CHANT WAS FROM HALO 1 YOU **…  [+] (2 replies) 05/26/2016 on Dank WebM Comp 4 +9
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#34 - snowismeniqqa (05/28/2016) [-]
Well sorry for not being an absolute halo god. at least I pointed the guy in the right direction jesus
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#30 - plazmaflare (05/26/2016) [-]
their Gregorian chants im pretty sure, if you're interested
#15 - I firmly believe that if this movie wasn't a Ghostbusters rebo…  [+] (1 reply) 05/26/2016 on new Ghost Busters movie -1
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#23 - msparta (05/26/2016) [-]
'Reboot', I remember having seen someone comment about this, they name this new Ghostbuster movies exactly the same, so how are we going to differentiate between the orginal and this. In addition it seems like this and the previous ghostbuster movie doesnt have any connection so it's more like a remake IMO.
#185 - I'm gonna buy it after this semester ends. Xbone so I can play…  [+] (2 replies) 11/10/2015 on Who is going to play... 0
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#189 - zhadowklaw (11/10/2015) [-]
you can do the same thing with a pc
#188 - Helle (11/10/2015) [-]
enjoy the single digit's fps
#33 - What would you call the genre of 80's music from Kung Fury?  [+] (1 reply) 10/14/2015 on Webm compilation the 26th... 0
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#36 - datassman (10/14/2015) [-]
80's music.
But more seriously, I'd say it'd best be described as synthpop, which is a pretty varied genre, since the only requirement is using a synth as the dominant instrument. If you want ones pretty similar to True Survivor, I'd check out Alphaville, Bronski Beat, or Laura Branigan. I say similar because they all use a similar mix of sounds, they're not all action packed punchup themes