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or not to wind?

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#16 - Pretty sure you forgot best girl 07/29/2016 on MFW I'm spoiling myself +4
#3 - No Berserk is never funny, especially not the animation quality. 07/29/2016 on It's always sunny in Midland +5
#7 - Are you unaware of what trolling is? 07/29/2016 on ...GO! +3
#2 - Remember whites cant be discriminated against, even when they are. 07/29/2016 on Ostad Etarytl Vambechuph +2
#6 - So the dickbutt, the glory hole. the peep hole, or the fact th… 07/29/2016 on when you see it... +4
#3 - Time for the biggest stretch of all time Why do we ma…  [+] (1 new reply) 07/29/2016 on Europe right now -8
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#6 - rollertoaster (07/30/2016) [-]
Because you're not potentially ruining the lives of innocent flu viruses? Iunno m8.
#1 - You know I see a lot more non team Valor people saying team Va…  [+] (16 new replies) 07/29/2016 on Neat +25
#9 - haroldsaxon (20 hours ago) [-]
IRL I have only positive experiences with each team. However, they do fit a bit of a stereotype.

Valor is a lot more in your face. "You wanna go me right now!?" "Haha, what kind of throw is that!" "I fucking destroyed that gym."
Mystic focuses on just the same as Valor, but is more quiet about it. Trying to rule as much as possible, but focuses more on the future than the now. The banter is more fact based as well.
Instinct people are tourists. I always see them in groups of 4+, with the occasional 3 man group. All their gyms are level 6+. The few select instinct solo goers are painfully uncompetitive.
And I love each and every one of them. Teams never matter when 60 different people are hunting down a tricky Dragonite. Teams never matter when it comes to sharing knowledge or getting along. Teams are just for gyms and for banter.

On the internet, of course you're gonna get an excess amount of trash talking. Banter is life. I believe the reason you notice more Team Mystic depends a bit on where you lurk, both online and IRL, as well as a lot of people realize that Team Mystic is the superior team.
#23 - numbahone (7 hours ago) [-]
that shirt comes in the mail in just a few days for me
User avatar
#25 - fffffffuuuuuuuuuuu (7 hours ago) [-]
Awesome, show 'em off when you have it will you? I wanna see it
User avatar
#27 - numbahone (5 hours ago) [-]
I'll do my earnest to remember to.
User avatar
#28 - fffffffuuuuuuuuuuu (5 hours ago) [-]
Alright m8, in any way, have fun with it. I'm awaiting a certain shirt myself so I know the feeling.
User avatar
#29 - numbahone (5 hours ago) [-]
I'm going to feel so happy and disgusted at the same time wearing it. Thanks man!
User avatar
#30 - fffffffuuuuuuuuuuu (5 hours ago) [-]
Don't be disgusted, wearing it because you like it only means that you're being yourself and I respect that.
User avatar
#31 - numbahone (5 hours ago) [-]
I only feel disgusted because the shirt is just that troll. It's perfect. Thank you again though!
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#19 - fffffffuuuuuuuuuuu (8 hours ago) [-]
>More quiet about it

Mate all I see here on FJ and beyond is that "Mystic is masterrace and fuck everyone else especially Valor". Valor and Instinct just play the game like shinku says.
User avatar
#22 - haroldsaxon (8 hours ago) [-]
Like I said, this is my personal IRL experience. I even explained why you might see more Mystic online.
User avatar
#24 - fffffffuuuuuuuuuuu (7 hours ago) [-]
Yea, we even got a live example, just look at mr peanutoranges
User avatar
#26 - peanutoranges (7 hours ago) [-]
I don't play Pokemon Go, and my opinion on each of the teams is impartial.
Based on my experiences with Pokemon Goers IRL and how each of the groups expresses themselves online, Mystic just seems to be the best team.
User avatar
#6 - badink (23 hours ago) [-]
I don't understand the whole team thing tbh. I picked Mystic 'cause I like the color blue...
#12 - geofalke (12 hours ago) [-]
**geofalke used "*roll picture*"**
**geofalke rolled image**tfw no green team.

oh well, i guess instinct will do
#5 - ygdosst (23 hours ago) [-]
Nonono Valor is full of asshats, as a Valor member myself, that has met Valors nearby a set of 3 Gyms we were Raiding at 3 in the morning.

Mystic is Still a bunch of Douchebags that think they're better than us though, despite being provably worse at the game.

The situation's kinda like
Valor: FUCK YOU MYSTIC HOW'S MY BALLS TASTE! Oh hey Instict! You're Sweet.
Mystic: Ahaha, because of You Valor you've Violated the Geneva Convention by burning our houses down and flooding the area with Agent Orange, and therefor I win by default. What do you mean we don't own any Gym's in the entire Tri-County area? Oh well, we'll get to that when we can be assed. Oh hark! Instict strides over yonder. Hark! Thou art diminuitively endearing.
Instinct: *huff* *huff* Only 36 Kilometers to go. What's with all the arguing over there
User avatar
#2 - brantod (07/29/2016) [-]
from my experience its the mystic trashing valor and instinct, but then valor take the bait and retaliate while instinct just doesn't care
#52 - unadulterated levels of salt. 07/29/2016 on Almost +3
#69 - **** like this is why I make an effort to read things before I…  [+] (1 new reply) 07/29/2016 on Always read the label 0
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#73 - mutzaki (07/29/2016) [-]
I'd personally get a new pan at the 6 year mark.
#30 - He/shes not lying he/shes just misinformed. They reposted one … 07/24/2016 on ey doc +3