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#115 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 10/13/2016 on Kotaku +1
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#120 - bugsbob (10/13/2016) [-]
keijo with like a million !s on the end.
#1 - **sherlockbatman used "*roll picture*"** **sherlockbatman r…  [+] (13 replies) 10/11/2016 on reverse psychology +260
#61 - toxicwarning (10/12/2016) [-]
#63 - icameheretotroll (10/12/2016) [-]
i love sloganmaker
#64 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
You can never have one too many Hitler.
#58 - nofilter (10/12/2016) [-]
#48 - shadowdoogen (10/12/2016) [-]
I like this Sloganmaker already
#34 - shawnshyguy (10/12/2016) [-]
I decided to give the Slogan maker a try
#42 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
5/5 bretty gud
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#62 - toxicwarning (10/12/2016) [-]
Ave Maria Deus vult!
#25 - lostabyss (10/12/2016) [-]
if only there were some type of voter id that he couldnt afford so he couldnt vote...
just kidding, the poor wouldnt pay for them, the state would
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#21 - larrisawsome (10/12/2016) [-]
I think it's a joke and the person was more concerned about giving money to the homeless person...
#41 - anon (10/12/2016) [-]
so you are only around to complain about Trump, huh?
#43 - larrisawsome (10/12/2016) [-]
What does that have to do with anything I said?
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#5 - iwillrulenorway (10/11/2016) [-]
#24 - **sherlockbatman used "*roll picture*"** **sherlockbatman r…  [+] (12 replies) 10/11/2016 on good enough reason +36
#25 - agronimo (10/11/2016) [-]
He truly is. He's too good for this world, too pure

On a side note, I've got little carfboard cutouts of him sitting on my shelves. He really ties the room together
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#31 - reloj (10/11/2016) [-]
Mark it zero.
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#34 - agronimo (10/11/2016) [-]
Alright it's fucking zero

You happy, you crazy fuck?
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#35 - reloj (10/11/2016) [-]
...it's a league game smokey..
#36 - agronimo (10/11/2016) [-]
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#28 - jonandstuff (10/11/2016) [-]
Hey, a few questions. Do you have to paint your own warcraft figurines? Like I know you can pay people, but considering they're already so damn expensive, I imagine it really ramps up the cost.

Second thing, why do you have a key pinned to your wall?

Third, I have those, or similar sunglasses. I like it when people own stuff I have and I see it randomly.

Fourth, nice Keanu, you should 3-D print a little 12in figurine of him to sit on the shelf, hell, I would buy one of those, great business idea. You are welcome.
#33 - agronimo (10/11/2016) [-]
Responding to your questions:

Da ork you see on the picture is a warhammer, man, painting them is half of the fun. I can't see how anyone would prefer to pay for another dude to paint them, as you say, shit's expensive as it is, and unless you're a lazy cunt, it's quite easy and fun to do yourself Although I gotta say I stole this particular ork from one of my cousins like a decade ago or so, I don't have time nor money to spend on this kind of things anymore, but I used to love the shit out of this hobby

I forgot which door did the key open, so I pinned it to the wall in case I suddenly remember. It's been there for a while

Those sunglasses are quite cool, but I can hardly use them, as they do not fit over my seeing glasses. I need to wear contacts to wear such things, but my eyes get dry as fuck. I've got them on the shelf in case I need them for theatrical purposes in the future

And regarding the 3D Keanu, I'm afraid someone already thought of it. They've been for sale online for years now, but they're expensive as balls. 50 bucks or so if I remember correctly. Ain't nobody got money for that

If you want the templates for the 2D Keanus I can give them to you for free, tho, just hit me up in the PMs, mate
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#37 - jonandstuff (10/11/2016) [-]
I meant war hammer, fuck, now I will look like a normie to all my Warcraft brethren!
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#38 - jonandstuff (10/11/2016) [-]
I did it again! I am not even joking, I hate me.
#39 - agronimo (10/11/2016) [-]
We all make mistakes, my dude
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#41 - jonandstuff (10/11/2016) [-]
Thank you for the reply, fellow not normie. My hands shake when drawing or painting. I think it's psychological because usually my hands are as steady as Freddy, Freddy is a guy I made up who is going pretty steady with his girlfriend. His hands aren't that steady though, but mostly because he was born without them. His nubs are steady though.
#43 - agronimo (10/11/2016) [-]
You're a strange fella, but also a cool poppa

Godspeed, ya cray cray matey
#6 - Comment deleted  [+] (2 replies) 10/10/2016 on Tito apparently supports trump +1
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