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#98 - thechosentroll (4 hours ago) [-]
Why the hell do you keep rolling? And I gonna have to make a fucking list to answer all that? Fine, fuck it. I'm making the list.

-Of course it was after. They had to actually say what's wrong with their car, ya dingus.
-He was explaining reeeeeeally fucking basic shit, like how the car needs an oil change every now and then.
-Not really, I went in to get my radio replaced - something I know how to do, but can't because some jackass at volkswagen decided their cars should be impossible to fix or change without taking half the fucking thing apart, so the radio is secured in such a way that you have to either use an extremely specialized tool or take apart the whole dashboard FROM THE OTHER FUCKING SIDE to get it out. I spent three days and a total of 15 hours trying to get that fucking thing out to no avail. I swear, VW designers fucking hate people. But that's an angry rant for another day.
-I've seen it happen in other cases, too. That was just the most recent one.
-Yes, but even if you straight up say you don't know jack shit, they assume you have some basic level of understanding. Like what a steering wheel is. Or that the thing that goes "vroom vroom" is called an engine. Which can be a bit of an issue, because the only thing I know about cars is how to drive them, so I have to just nod and pretend I understand what they're talking about half the time.
-Not really, apparently it's not easy to tell the people who don't know jack apart, because they keep assuming I understand cars.
-That's a broad assumption about broads (god, I love saying that). It's incorrect both in general and in the case, cause those two were rolling their eyes so hard they could have pulled an eye muscle. They definitely seemed to understand everything the guy was saying and understood that their time is being wasted. I assume they didn't say anything, because they also understand that around here if you piss off a mechanic, you'll be seeing him again in a month, because somehow half the shit in your car was mysteriously loosened, leaking and fucked up your engine, so you have to pay for expensive replacement parts. Yes, they do that shit intentionally.
-I'd say it's more like 60% for both men and women. Most men pretend they know about cars, but they really don't. At least the vast majority I know.
-It's not so much about liking cars, it's about the stubborn refusal to go to a professional. Women have an easier time accepting the fact that they should let someone else do it. Men tend to stubbornly try again and again and again and only go to a mechanic when their willpower and/or car are completely broken. Like with my radio. THREE DAYS, VOLKSWAGEN! THREE DAYS! FUCK YOU AND YOUR RADIOS!
-I'm not saying that it's some major thing that keeps women down. I'm just saying it exists. In fact, the only reason it exists is because it's minor and very insignificant. If it weren't, we'd have stopped it by now. I am simply stating that men acting condescending to women in certain situations just because they're women is indeed a thing. It works the other way around, too. Lots of topics and places where if you have a Y chromosome you can expect to be treated like an 8-yearold.
-UNLESS HE'S FIXING A FUCKING VOLKSWAGEN! Then you have to pull out the engine to change the fucking lightbulb in the blinker, because fuck you, that's why. Fucking car nazis.
#104 - sherlockbatman (4 hours ago) [-]
**sherlockbatman used "*roll picture*"**
**sherlockbatman rolled image**
why do you hate rolling?
I think 2013 IIRC was the only year that an Acura was released that was dick hard to get to any part at all, even the fucking headlights. I just know there's literally only one year of Acuras that are bullshit to work on
it's kind of weird to call that stubbornness when they're just trying to better themselves
that's like calling someone stubborn for learning algebra instead of just using a calculator or hiring someone to do their math for them
it's not a strictly male trait to strive to build and understand, but it's way more prevalent in men
almost as if women don't have much natural drive to control their world and learn how it works, content to coast along the advancements of others, only learning enough to utilize new innovations instead of bettering the world themselves
but that's ridiculous, women invent things too
I never understood why it's uncommon for women to be curious about the way things work enough to go out of their way to discover
I haven't met enough women with real drive, not just for power, but for scientific understanding
there's a difference between wanting to be in charge and actually wanting to work to deserve to be in charge
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#111 - thechosentroll (4 hours ago) [-]
It's random as fuck and doesn't really add anything to the comment, except making it slightly more noticeable. Which is pointless, because I've already noticed it and I'm currently replying. Also, pretty hard to miss a wall of text.

-Well too bad I don't own one. Mostly cause I'm bulgarian and volkswagens are the only cars around here robust enough to handle our shit roads and shittier drivers. Save for a tank, but those aren't very gas efficient.
-They're not trying to better themselves, they're avoiding admitting that they're not good at everything. Like me and my father and my father's father and his father before that, but not my great great grandfather, cause that fucker built a house with his bare hands, complete with all the furniture in it, he was good at pretty much everything available at the time. Bit of a trend breaker there.
-I repeat, it's stubbornness. Only pride and hatred can drive a man to lay under a car for hours, soaked in gas and oil, stabbing himself in the hand with a screwdriver for hours instead of seeing a professional.
-They rarely have that curiosity because they rarely needed it in modern society. It's something I've noticed with a lot of women (and some men) - when you've been raised to believe that your looks and image are the most important thing in life and you don't need anything else, you end up being an emotionless, personalitiless, skilless, bland basic bitch with no ambition or drive to achieve anything. What worries me is that it's becoming more and more common among guys as well.
-Refer to above reason.
-Indeed, but most people don't give a fuck.
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#112 - sherlockbatman (4 hours ago) [-]
>admitting you're not good enough and hiring a professional
that's literally giving up. it's like the textbook definition.
if you're having trouble getting your girlfriend off, do you give up and hire someone to finish the job or do you focus up and work harder?
it's not stubbornness, it's determination
"stop trying to invent that 'whee-all" and just hire some dudes to drag your stuff for you, you stubborn fool"
"stop trying to beat the steam engine, john henry, just admit that humanity is obsolete and will never have worth compared to machines"
not all pride is unhealthy, man
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#114 - thechosentroll (3 hours ago) [-]
I nearly drowned 3 times, while learning how to swim, my first bike lesson was being pushed down a hill and so far I've been electrocuted 5 times, while fixing things I know nothing about. I am not determined or stubborn, I am fucking hardheaded. I do not give up on something unless I've exhausted all other options or am losing blood at an alarming rate, because the tool slipped and I stabbed myself, because I have no idea how to use it, but went ahead anyway. If I've decided to see a mechanic, it's because I've done everything to get that radio out, short of ripping it out with a crowbar. Unfortunately, I don't have a crowbar and the screwdriver bent when I tried to use that.

And that's a common theme among literally all the men I know - calling the mechanic is how you admit defeat. You don't do it unless you absolutely have to. It's extremely stupid and you'll actually save a lot of time and money if you directly go to the mechanic, but no one ever does, because pride is more important than time or money.
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#117 - sherlockbatman (3 hours ago) [-]
not all pride is unhealthy, but some kinds are
that's actual stubbornness if you guys aren't even trying to learn how to do it first
look it up, read a book. you can't just brute force everything
trial-and-error is a way to learn, but it's the hardest way sometimes
in my opinion, I say it stops being stubbornness the moment you achieve your goal. then you persevered.
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#118 - thechosentroll (3 hours ago) [-]
Yes, but that only works if you succeed. It's like saying "It's only illegal if you get caught.", it's technically true, but you're gonna get caught most of the time.
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#119 - sherlockbatman (3 hours ago) [-]
the only proper response to that is "git gud"
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#120 - thechosentroll (3 hours ago) [-]
Sometimes it's just not possible, because some jackass at volkswagen intentionally made it that way.
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#96 - sherlockbatman (4 hours ago) [-]
I wanted to add this in because that sounds really dick when I read it back:
the mechanic shouldn't just be condescending from the get-go. I meant that about customers who demand to know every step or a full explanation when they know full well that they don't understand a word of what the mechanic is explaining. they don't know what a compressor is. they don't know what a fan belt is. they don't know where the starter is. they don't know what spark plugs are.
but they'll give you the 3rd AND 4th degree to make sure you're not trying to rip them off.
everyone is afraid their mechanic is ripping them off and the only way to know is to ask questions, but those answers don't help if you don't have any point of reference.
the mechanic is condescending because you're suspicious and trying to get a better deal when he's probably already doing it at a fair market price and you refuse to believe it.
the mechanic is trying to "mansplain" that you're an unruly customer who demands extra special treatment because you're better than everyone else, and even though you don't know anything about cars, you know that this work isn't hard or expensive and your car should be fixed the same day for cheap, ahead of anyone else's and regardless of what the parts and labor cost.
#94 - sherlockbatman (4 hours ago) [-]
**sherlockbatman used "*roll picture*"**
**sherlockbatman rolled image**
holy shit, the rolls go back whole fucking years!
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#11 - ashadowguy (5 hours ago) [-]
It's not like he knew going into it it was shit
#6 - now that's how you screw with someone  [+] (2 new replies) 6 hours ago on Hold up +44
#14 - heymantheduck (1 hour ago) [-]
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#8 - xdiabolicx (5 hours ago) [-]
God damn it Carlos that's some good shit.
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