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#8 - PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET ME GO I The tribe pu…  [+] (3 new replies) 05/02/2016 on Quit Your Bullshit! +155
#84 - liero (05/02/2016) [-]
fucking nailed the accent
#62 - anon (05/02/2016) [-]
humans are a cruel and autistic creatures.
now you get to figure out whether i was taking about the OP
#95 - anon (05/02/2016) [-]
and here I was assuming you were talking about humans
#1 - Now it just needs a mighty throne.... 05/01/2016 on Ilooked at my kingdomI was... 0
#8 - "In my experience with the limited amount of testing done…  [+] (7 new replies) 04/30/2016 on /g/entooman wants a keylogger +1
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#9 - cloudpawtwo (04/30/2016) [-]
I've been using it since it came out. I have it on four different computers, each ranging from i3 dual core to my personal AMD FX8350. The only problem occurred on my computer due to a driver error. All testing within a limited amount of time is limited, so I don't know what you mean by that.

If you can give me actual reason to hate windows 10 I'm not gonna put my fingers in my ears, but right now in my eyes you're just needlessly hating it.
#14 - selfrazedzealot (05/01/2016) [-]
Almost everyone is encountering multiple, major problems that shouldn't exist in a basic OS. It's suppose to work for the majority not the minority. If 100 people own a car and 80 seat belts malfunction but mine works fine and I've never seen another malfunction then guess what, I'm not recommending it.
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#15 - cloudpawtwo (05/01/2016) [-]
I've not heard one mass complaint about the OS. May I have a source?
#16 - selfrazedzealot (05/01/2016) [-]
A lot of people have lost their files. Most of them could jump through absurd hoops to get them back but some of them (like me) Have not or can not get them back after hours or days of searching. Personally I get the same response from MS, try this this this then it's oh well maybe an answer will come along later. Not to mention the driver errors with a fucking "revert to an older version" response
And its a terrible OS for the things it's suppose to do. Search bar, bloated startup apps like cortana, calendar, photos etc., (awful) start menu preloaded with shit, and my desktop always reorganizes my files to the top left on restart. Sure I can change a lot of that in settings or I can just use windows 7. Which even after losing my files, including the one the revert information is suppose to be in to go back to an older version, Microsoft said I'd have to purchase a new windows 7 to reinstall it without the product info even thought that shit was in my older files.
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#18 - zoidz (05/01/2016) [-]
I only had that problem after doing the W7 to W10 update, on the update almost everything was broken, I then did a clean install (after registering my machine which was the only reason I did the upgrade instead of clean install) and I haven't had a problem, friends have said the same thing. Only 1 has a problem with skype not registering his mic but other VoIP programs work fine.
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#17 - cloudpawtwo (05/01/2016) [-]
Did windows.old not exist on your computer? That's more a problem with windows itself than it is with windows 10. I commonly to maintenance on computers and I've upgraded well over 100 computers without problems.

I mean, while upgrading I always backup using an external drive just incase, but still.
though i agree with you that losing files is absolute bullshit and the search bar is crap
#19 - selfrazedzealot (05/01/2016) [-]
That's the problem I have. Windows old does exist but the folders are empty,hidden files are on and some other folders are present like users and us er s desktops but it's all barren.
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#116 - Yeah but you can bang your sisters.  [+] (2 new replies) 04/29/2016 on Good Guy Nintendo 0
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#125 - alfrebecht (04/29/2016) [-]
well, people you called sister anyway, but I'm not sure that counts.
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#131 - sharknik (04/29/2016) [-]
#115 - If they just let us grind some damn exp it would be so much ni… 04/29/2016 on Good Guy Nintendo 0