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#39 - Honestly, I can kinda see how that would be beneficial. Especi…  [+] (8 new replies) 08/15/2016 on UpTrump +1
#95 - anon (08/15/2016) [-]
The expression you´re searching for is "vaccine injury", and it´s a total myth and never ever happens and you´re a moran for even daring to believe such an outlandish conspiracy thorory.
#141 - jaggsauce (08/15/2016) [-]

Say uncle.
#146 - anon (08/15/2016) [-]
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#155 - jaggsauce (08/16/2016) [-]
its spelled "Moron"

Say it.
#97 - firstcommentlyme (08/15/2016) [-]
My uncle actually lost the use of his legs after a vaccine when he was a toddler
#158 - anon (08/16/2016) [-]
I dunno my third leg stopped working after a vaccine shot. And a marathon of masturbating.
#50 - anon (08/15/2016) [-]
You obviously don't know know how vaccines work or what autism really is then.
#92 - anon (08/15/2016) [-]
Just like yourself?
#67 - Basically if someone is your type, you can be sexually attract…  [+] (5 new replies) 08/14/2016 on True romance +3
#68 - ricobendimez (08/14/2016) [-]
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#110 - indonesia (08/14/2016) [-]
so, if the kitchen appliances is my type, I can sexually attracted to those pans right?
then my statement is not wrong
#113 - ricobendimez (08/14/2016) [-]
That would be objectophilia, which is the sexual attraction to inanimate objects. Pansexuality is exclusive to the human species. In my case, as long as they are of age and of species, ill fuck em.
User avatar
#120 - indonesia (08/14/2016) [-]
what if I sexually attracted to the humans that like to cook with pans?
does that makes me pansexual?
#122 - ricobendimez (08/14/2016) [-]
That would mean you have a pan fetish
#80 - Also, sauce just in case someone wants to check it: … 08/13/2016 on Ivolley Ximeiv Igic +1
#77 - This was taken directly from the Money Network terms and condi…  [+] (1 new reply) 08/13/2016 on Ivolley Ximeiv Igic +4
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#80 - shadownigga (08/13/2016) [-]
Also, sauce just in case someone wants to check it:

It's bold with the headline "CARD NOT PRESENT TRANSACTIONS"
#260 - Here's the thing, if she were just some random person that jus… 08/12/2016 on SJWcomp:Dutch East India... 0
#21 - He's frodosagbag 08/11/2016 on frodosagbag +24
#75 - Ok, for the one about Chloe, I can understand this because she…  [+] (2 new replies) 08/11/2016 on SJWcomp:Dutch East India... 0
#251 - jaggsauce (08/11/2016) [-]
by "chloe" i hope you aren't referring to the bitch who wants to be handicapped and spend her life in a wheelchair...

imagine someone who was in an accident met this fat bitch, and she said "i wish i had your life"

you realize how fucking rude that would be??? if the guy wasn't wheelchair-bound he'd probably end up trying to murder her.
User avatar
#260 - shadownigga (08/12/2016) [-]
Here's the thing, if she were just some random person that just wanted to be disabled for whatever reason, be it for gov. assistance, pity, etc, I'd have a problem with it. But this woman has an ACTUAL mental illness that has been diagnosed and is obviously common enough to be proven to be an actual illness (despite it being extremely rare, there have obviously been numerous cases). And, if you read the last sentence, it says that she wants to raise awareness of this mental illness.
So yes, I am referring to "the bitch that wants to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair" because, like people with schizophrenia or dissociative identity disorder, she has a valid, diagnosed, and medically proven illness. As for the rest of your comment, it's obvious that she realizes it's dangerous and very bad for you, but in this case it's like OCD. You know that it's not natural and that it's potentially hazardous to your health, but you do it any way because it gives you a feeling of completeness. That's what it is in this case.
#357 - ************* used "*roll 1, 00-99*"** ************* rolls 87** 08/11/2016 on SJW comp: your future GF... 0
#53 - That would be hillbillies. 08/11/2016 on Shitter Box 0
#57 - Comment deleted 08/09/2016 on Huerc Honay Zalay Apraball 0

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