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#13 - andyyy (07/16/2012) [-]
let me guess you're already putting on your pajamas to go to bed
#14 to #13 - sergejkarkarov ONLINE (07/16/2012) [-]
I just woke up an hour ago...
#15 to #14 - andyyy (07/16/2012) [-]
oh yea i should've said that in my morning huh.....
stupid sphere
#36 to #15 - sergejkarkarov ONLINE (07/16/2012) [-]
I'll just reply here, then it's easier because the limit wont be reached that fast.

That would be great, thanks.
#37 to #36 - andyyy (07/16/2012) [-]
Here i got you one right now
keep it, my gift to you
#38 to #37 - sergejkarkarov ONLINE (07/16/2012) [-]
#39 to #38 - andyyy (07/16/2012) [-]
thanks i will use this for good purposes
#40 to #39 - sergejkarkarov ONLINE (07/16/2012) [-]
Shouldn't you, like, sleep or something?
#41 to #40 - andyyy (07/16/2012) [-]
Yea ill make a good night post right now thanks for checking up on me
#42 to #41 - sergejkarkarov ONLINE (07/16/2012) [-]
No problem.
#16 to #15 - sergejkarkarov ONLINE (07/16/2012) [-]
Yeah. You should have. So, how was your day?
#17 to #16 - andyyy (07/16/2012) [-]
Good, my bro barely told me that xbox live gold was free for this weekend so i played all day wit my friend online before the offer ends tomorrow....or...uh...your today i guess
#18 to #17 - sergejkarkarov ONLINE (07/16/2012) [-]
Stop mentioning the timezone problem. if we don't mention it it will go away.

(Student: NO IT WILL NOT!?)

#19 to #18 - andyyy (07/16/2012) [-]
well I'll try not to mention the whole timezone thing anyways it confuses me anyways
#20 to #19 - sergejkarkarov ONLINE (07/16/2012) [-]
Its not that confusing.
#21 to #20 - andyyy (07/16/2012) [-]
well maybe i just need to get used to it, this is the first time I'm actually talking to people that are from different parts of the world
#22 to #21 - sergejkarkarov ONLINE (07/16/2012) [-]
Seriously? A friend of mine is off to new zealand for 8 months now, so... Yeah, I often talk to people from other parts of the world... And my family lives in russia... so...
#23 to #22 - andyyy (07/16/2012) [-]
yea i noticed that you're Russian and live in Germany, were you born there??
#24 to #23 - sergejkarkarov ONLINE (07/16/2012) [-]
Yeah, I was born in russia. And no, you don't need a driving license for bears if you wanted to ask that!
#25 to #24 - andyyy (07/16/2012) [-]
that's cool why did you guys move???
and haha i wasn't going to ask that but you can ask me if you need a driving license to ride a donkey
#26 to #25 - sergejkarkarov ONLINE (07/16/2012) [-]
We moved because my dad's family were germans and he wanted us to move...

So, do you need one?
#27 to #26 - andyyy (07/16/2012) [-]
Oh ok i get it now but how do you know such good english???
and no you don't need a license for that
#28 to #27 - sergejkarkarov ONLINE (07/16/2012) [-]
Well... the internet tought me everything I know. I know, that sounds stupid, but my teachers always wondered why my english is so good.

It all began when I got my psp, I wanted to hack it, but there weren't any good german tutorials, so I needed to understand proper english. Then I just followed the hacking websites and later I came to memebase and after that funnyjunk, and now I'm here,
Another thing the hacking sites got me into is computer science, which is what I think I'm going to study.
#29 to #28 - andyyy (07/16/2012) [-]
Oh man that must've been tough but good job on doing that some people struggle with those things
and computer science sounds cool
#30 to #29 - sergejkarkarov ONLINE (07/16/2012) [-]
Yeah, in school they already call me grammar nazi because I can't stop correcting them if they write something grammatically incorrect or pronounce something wrong. On the internet that's not a real problem...
#31 to #30 - andyyy (07/16/2012) [-]
well a lot of people don't like to be corrected but i hate how some of them get mad
well a lot of people don't like to be corrected but i hate how some of them get mad
#34 to #31 - sergejkarkarov ONLINE (07/16/2012) [-]

Yeah, I'm probably going to do that too...
#35 to #34 - andyyy
(07/16/2012) [-]
i might start that tomorrow and ill try to get some spirit pics for ya
#32 to #31 - sergejkarkarov ONLINE (07/16/2012) [-]
Oh god THANK YOU! I've been searching for that gif for a long time now!

I know, I need more spirit pics, but I can't find any good ones...
#33 to #32 - andyyy
(07/16/2012) [-]
yeah im gonna have to snip some stein pictures if were gonna have these conversations because Google images just doesn't help as much as you think
but i was waiting for you to use that pic so i could use the gif