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    Based mom strikes again Based mom strikes again
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    based mom based mom
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    police the fuck police the fuck
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    Based mom VS LW Based mom VS LW
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    (untitled) (untitled)
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    Ed Boy Ed Boy
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    120 120
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    Uploaded: 02/01/15
    (untitled) (untitled)

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#75 - I believe it is their income balances for some year not sure i… 06/25/2016 on Leavin 0
#50 - typical rebel 06/22/2016 on relationships +4
#82 - mfw he keeps posting 06/18/2016 on You eliminated mercy +1
#25 - clearly hasn't used VR  [+] (15 new replies) 06/16/2016 on The Joys of VR Reloading +1
User avatar
#34 - nomorevideos (06/16/2016) [-]
I have used PS motion. VR is a gimmick, same as that, kinect and wii's controls.
It's pricey, a gimmick and people don't wanna hop around their room with a heavy headset on their head when coming home from school or work. The hype and mainstream will soon die.
User avatar
#79 - wastelandgunner (06/16/2016) [-]
As someone who's used both a HTC Vive and Oculus Rift CV1, I can easily say they are not gimmicks and are quite fun and have a good social experience if you're with people when operating the devices.
User avatar
#85 - nomorevideos (06/16/2016) [-]
As someone who has common sense and can store information in my brain in a process that's called "memory" I can safely say they are in fact gimmicks.
We could argue the whole day about this, if you want to.

Reality ha is: VR will go down almost the same route as motion gaming which, VR also has motion gaming like the Vive .

People do not want to come home from work/school to then wear a heavy headset and blindly walk around and flail their arms around. And yes, I know you can use VR while sitting and not move around like a mental person while wearing it.

I have to admit, the idea of VR is all fine and dandy, but the execution is still wrong.
We weren't there 30 years ago with the Virtual Boy and we still aren't going anywhere.

It's a gimmick that costs way too much money for the consumer versions, is unpractical in every way and serves no purpose other than giving you more "immersion", many people get motionsick with it.

I'm not saying it will die completely like the kinect or motion gaming
but the motion gaming aspect of VR will die, as will VR a bit itself.
I can see it being used by certain people who just really like the features of VR and also in the technical sector like flight training, medical training and so on, but the main stream will not accept VR after realizing they can just play any game they want on their 60 inch 4k flatscreen.

Prove me wrong. History will repeat itself like it did with the Kinect/Wii.
It's all fine and funny now, but when people are realizing that you can't play certain games with other VR devices because they're device locked *which already happened* and how VR has no real benefits over a normal TV besides "more immersion", it will slowly get off the market.
User avatar
#42 - halefall (06/16/2016) [-]
PS motion != VR
User avatar
#51 - brokentail (06/16/2016) [-]
User avatar
#46 - nomorevideos (06/16/2016) [-]
PS motion, Kinect, Wii controls, VR = gimmick
User avatar
#47 - nomorevideos (06/16/2016) [-]
I am honest, I was thinking about buying a oculus rift dk2 back one year ago. It was pretty cheap, since EUR to USD was pretty good and I could have gotten one for about 300 euro. But I didn't. And I'm happy about that, since it would have been 300 bucks down the drain for about 5 hours of playing with it and then never touching it again.
User avatar
#48 - halefall (06/16/2016) [-]
This is one piece of tech that I think can't be put into a category without trying it before.
User avatar
#49 - halefall (06/16/2016) [-]
Until now, everyone -and I insist, everyone- of the 40 people I demoed the Vive to were convinced that VR is the future, not just in gaming, and at least 6 or 7 of them ordered it after that.
User avatar
#82 - arreatface (06/16/2016) [-]
also I think its important to specify that I did not have the chance to test one of these babies. I have seen the Oculus Rift from up close but never tried it.
So my opinion is probalby less valuable than yours in that regard.
User avatar
#80 - arreatface (06/16/2016) [-]
I fail to see how such a thing could represent the future of gaming. for other things like operating a robot on distant planets or long-distance surgery, yes I could see how that would be possible I mean, yeah, the immersion is definitely an important factor in most games but I don't see myself playing 14 hours straight with this huge helmet on the face.

Yeah it's probably tons of fun but I don't see it implementing any revolutionary gameplay change.

on the other hand, with the Viruix Omni and its moving carpet, it must be one hell of an experience.
But before all that hardware becomes affordable for the average gamer, there is many years to wait.
#41 - thememegod (06/16/2016) [-]
PS motion doesnt count as VR
IT really doesnt...
User avatar
#44 - nomorevideos (06/16/2016) [-]
It's about it being a gimmick.
User avatar
#43 - nomorevideos (06/16/2016) [-]
read my second message will you?

" don't use the argument " ps motion doesnt equal vr", theyre both gimmick, it doesnt matter what they do, what matters is that they are gimmicky and not suitable for people who are the mainstream and want to relax and not hop around/heavy headset on"

User avatar
#37 - nomorevideos (06/16/2016) [-]
don't use the argument " ps motion doesnt equal vr", theyre both gimmick, it doesnt matter what they do, what matters is that they are gimmicky and not suitable for people who are the mainstream and want to relax and not hop around/heavy headset on
#38 - dude this thing makes 980ti-SLI look like bitch cards  [+] (4 new replies) 06/06/2016 on Oh, baby... -1
#47 - anon (06/06/2016) [-]
that's what they want you to believe.
User avatar
#48 - clavatninenine (06/06/2016) [-]
thats what it actually DOES though
#51 - anon (06/06/2016) [-]
okay what game can it max out that 980ti cant max out with 300 fps... its a waste of money.
User avatar
#53 - clavatninenine (06/06/2016) [-]
you're right the 980ti is now because the 1080 is half the price lmfao
#52 - I'm fairly certain that reaper was the founder of overwatch as well  [+] (3 new replies) 06/04/2016 on Red Team +1
User avatar
#91 - sphincterface (06/04/2016) [-]
Gabriel was like, the second in command. He was one of the first two members along with John (76 btw), but wanted to be in charge. Since he was passed up to be the leader in favor of John, they started to kind of drift apart in their friendship. He was however, a leader of a smaller team within the Overwatch called Blackwatch.
User avatar
#97 - lolgonewrong (06/04/2016) [-]
Gabriel was the better commander and was chosen so, however Morison was more charismatic and was put as the face and leader of overwatch.
#71 - anon (06/04/2016) [-]
One of them, he was the original commander of the strike force that eventually became Overwatch, but Morrison was chosen to be the leader of Overwatch itself.
#14 - traps for a tank to be "knocked out" it has… 06/01/2016 on If this doesn't convince... 0
#11 - premise, mainly in a "modern world" there are s… 06/01/2016 on If this doesn't convince... 0
#10 - the ost is also out 06/01/2016 on If this doesn't convince... 0
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