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User avatar #2 - seniorpokeman
(08/30/2012) [-]
Well funnyjunk, it looks like I'm going to get banned. The new pinkie pie said on a post about proxies that anybody that thumbed the picture up is going to be banned. I thumbed the picture up, simply because it was an incredibly good idea, (and quite frankly, I hit the button that said 'funny', because it is funny just how bad the new pinkie pie's going to get.). I have had a lot of fun here on funnyjunk. I was a user back when I was only a little kid. Before I could even understand the jokes here. And it breaks my heart that I'm going to be banned very soon.
But there is something I really wanted to say. THANK YOU funnyjunk. Before I was a user of this site, I was a socially awkward kid with no friends. But funnyjunk gave me a place to meet people and be myself. You were all my friends when I had none, and you taught me how to both act and be funny in real life.
Now, I'm not even close to as socially awkward. I've had girlfriends, I have tons of friends now, and I'm even working on something I love doing: creating things... just like I did here for you guys. And you all thumbed me us so much for it... in the end, I had 148142 thumbs up in my content, and 18013 thumbs up in comments. It showed me that people actually can respect something that I created. So I've been writing novels and painting in the time since I've stopped posting. I don't know if anyone will treat me as well as you did funnyjunk, but I really hope they do.
But still, if the 'new pinkie pie,' who I still believe is the old pinkie pie sees this, just know that you really are ruining your website. You are taking a website that used to be fun and a great place for kids that were socially ****** up (like me) to come and meet others like themselves, but instead, you just ban as many people as you can. Granted, they are posting porn, which is bad for the site profits, but seriously? A permaban with no warning whatsoever? That's just begging to get your website population ****** up. And you said on another post "we get over a thousand new users a day. it doesn't matter how many people I ban." That attitude loses the users you have, and doesn't hold onto the new users.
Auf Wiedersehen, Funnyjunk. I'm going to miss you.
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(08/30/2012) [-]
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my deviantart account if anyone cares