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    Just another day on /b/ Just another day on /b/
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    It was an alcohol It was an alcohol
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    *insert pun here* *insert pun here*
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    6 Bongers 6 Bongers
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    Uploaded: 01/13/14
    Leuk-what? Leuk-what?

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#10 - I used to watch American top gear before I even knew about Bri… 15 hours ago on rip top gear 0
#18 - ******* truly are the scum of the earth. We should just…  [+] (3 new replies) 15 hours ago on Walmart Bans Confederate... +1
User avatar #24 - captainprincess (13 hours ago) [-]
They didn't come over voluntarily
You make your bed and now you lie in it faget
User avatar #26 - roliga (5 hours ago) [-]
Yeah people should be punished for what some people a few hundred years ago did.
User avatar #27 - captainprincess (5 hours ago) [-]
It's not a punishment
It's how events progressed

The point stands
negroes did not invade the country, they were imported
en masse

and now they're residents
what a to do
#5 - scaroused is the word your looking for 17 hours ago on Honest Cards +9
#9 - Picture 19 hours ago on oh god my ptsd is coming back +4
#112 - mods  [+] (5 new replies) 21 hours ago on Splatoon Comp IX +2
User avatar #115 - mhden (21 hours ago) [-]
wii had mods ,and the Wii u is actually hacked also .
There are 2 hacks known until now , one is a complete exploit that gives full control over the wii u and is unpatchable , there have been 2 teams that have found this exploit and both said that they will not release it , and there is also a Web exploit that is working and known to the public but code development is slow as if for every new console that is newly "hacked". So we will probably see Backup Loaders in the not so far future . So mods will follow shortly after .

PS. The WII also has a complete exploit not known to the public . So i don't see the wiiu getting special treatment and actually get its exploit released .
User avatar #117 - deathtobreakfast (21 hours ago) [-]
Not Hacks or illegal mods you dip. He meant Modification like texture mods and user created gamemodes like in TF2 or Garrysmod.
User avatar #133 - mhden (11 hours ago) [-]
You have NO idea how console mods work do you . To be able to have texture mods and custom gamemode you need to have access to the game files . To have access to the gamefiles you must first decrypt the Game IMAGE using the "Public keys" , then they must mod the gamefiles and play them on a HACKED Console that will bypass need for the files to be re-encrypted using the "PRIVATE Keys " (You encrypt with Private ,decrypt with Public , the fact that the PS3 and WII had their Private keys , for only SOME firmwares, Leaked was HUGE) .

Also to decrypt a game image you must first "DUMP" it , that is not as a simple process as just putting the Game Disk in your DVD or BR disk tray , they have custom encryption obviously , so that is an extra step that you are obviously also ignorant about .

So you called me a dip for no reason other than your own ignorance on the process needed to mod game on a console .
User avatar #134 - deathtobreakfast (11 hours ago) [-]
"wii had mods ,and the Wii u is actually hacked also"
"one is a complete exploit that gives full control over the wii u and is unpatchable"

I'm sorry for misunderstanding, but it sounded for me like the Illegal kind of mods. Next time just make it clearer that you mean mods of the console to allow texture mods and such.
User avatar #135 - mhden (11 hours ago) [-]
Next time dont comment on stuff you have no knowledge of or ask politely for explanations as to why their comment was relevant rather than calling people dips .
#6 - That description though. 07/02/2015 on So rare +7
#143 - My dog escaped one day and got ran over by a car. She came bac… 07/02/2015 on Cesar Millan proper madman 0
#39 - >He flips his **** and unleashes an epic 45-hit fist… 07/02/2015 on tard +1
#56 - " **** n' run, ya'll." 06/27/2015 on What the... 0
#131 - That's the thing though. I've disabled it and it still tears m… 06/24/2015 on Batman AK looks worse on PC... 0

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