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#56 - i dont believe this is legit, when i click the link i get th…  [+] (7 replies) 09/03/2014 on The Fappening Full Comp +1
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#57 - quotes (09/03/2014) [-]
its legit

i love opera but its falling behind all the sudden
#58 - satanchild (09/03/2014) [-]
which browser do you recommend for this
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#59 - quotes (09/03/2014) [-]
chrome worked fine

i prefer chrome but it doesnt work well on my computer so i use opera
but opera20 sucks and as you see some sites dont work well with it
#60 - satanchild (09/03/2014) [-]
ok ill try chrome, anything to say about the dl speed as free user?
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#61 - quotes (09/03/2014) [-]
its not a huge file really was fairly short time on my basic computer...
dont expect a super fast instant download (unless you got a good comp)
but it shouldnt take hours or anything

i dont care for celebs really and they arnt that great of pics or vids really
the hundreds of photos that didnt get leaked are probably great but yea unless you like the celeb id say its no better then the stuff you can find in nsfw anyways and not totally worth the computer space (but i dont find downloading porn worth it anyways dont take my word to hard)
#62 - satanchild (09/03/2014) [-]
ok, thanks for your replies. have a good night/day!
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#63 - quotes (09/03/2014) [-]
you as well

truthfully i saved this for the future thumbs lol
#61 - Comment deleted 05/29/2014 on ;_; 0