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#68 - didn't mean rice, i meant rich. ****** up haha  [+] (1 reply) 09/19/2015 on War: Bosnian War +3
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#71 - gypsydude (09/19/2015) [-]
I was reading and was thinking "Damn didn't know rice was that important". Thanks for explaining that you meant rich tho. Also I would love to hear some stories about your family during this time
#66 - I can verify this information as i am Bosnian and had to live …  [+] (5 replies) 09/19/2015 on War: Bosnian War +36
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#115 - sanjinharbas (09/19/2015) [-]
Ok you guys, just woke up, made my self some coffee and wrote one of many stories. Should be uploaded now. Let me know what you guys think.
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#95 - Airmanator (09/19/2015) [-]
I hear you, I work with a guy who volunteered and fought against the Serbians, had his unit captured and most of his comrades executed because, well, they were from Bosnia. Also work with an older lady from Albania and her family was lucky enough to get out before things totally went to shit.

My dearest sympathies because you have a lot of folks linking that "Remove Kebab" accordion guy without knowing what it's all about.
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#94 - demicus (09/19/2015) [-]
Do it! Could be cool!
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#68 - sanjinharbas (09/19/2015) [-]
didn't mean rice, i meant rich. Fucked up haha
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#71 - gypsydude (09/19/2015) [-]
I was reading and was thinking "Damn didn't know rice was that important". Thanks for explaining that you meant rich tho. Also I would love to hear some stories about your family during this time
#3 - Who makes these knives, i would really want to buy one  [+] (6 replies) 09/15/2015 on Knives KolleKtion +2
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#17 - clannadqs (09/16/2015) [-]
As the other user said, Microtech makes them. Microtech is easily the best OTF knife producer in the world. Their OTFs have less blade play than even some company's folding knives. Their customs and fixed/folders are amazing as well.


It is a high end knife company though, so don't expect to go in there and spend only 40 dollars or something.
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#25 - Tusura (09/16/2015) [-]
Jesus, the 4 1/2 inch blade HALO V is $600. The big ones are $1600.
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#40 - clannadqs (09/16/2015) [-]
And that chick is actually their advertisement for that large OTF. MT treated that huge Halo as a joke and made a few just because they could and knew they would sell. If you had a shit ton of money and collected knives why the fuck would you not splurge on that just to have something insane from a company you like? Hell, if you watch the actual video of that chick advertising (and it is the official one from MT) you can see they even treated the advertisement as a joke, haha.
#39 - clannadqs (09/16/2015) [-]

Even back in '03 you basically see everyone that had dealings with MT saying they are almost indisputable kings of production knives. Not sure you care about it too much, but I love me some knives. Some people are saying Chris Reeve and I have owned a custom chris reeve and I don't really consider it production. On paper it is, but Chris Reeve only makes a handful of knives every year. Their customs get pretty retarded as well (picture is a toned down custom of theirs).
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#38 - clannadqs (09/16/2015) [-]
Some of their knives are extremely overpriced and some are justly priced. Their non-OTF knives are generally a little overpriced, but their OTFs aren't. It's kind of like the Nvidia of the knife world. Even though the new titans barely edge out the 980ti and the new AMD cards, they are still justly allowed to price it at whatever they want as it is the best card in the world. Their folding, fixed, and automatics all have competition so sometimes I think they overprice their shit, but their OTFs reign supreme in the knife world. Every time I see this content I get sort of happy because it's not just some random knife brand. It's pretty safe to say that Microtech easily produces the highest quality knives (all made in the US, too) in the production knife world.
#8 - fuckinjunk (09/16/2015) [-]
#12 - que this song  [+] (18 replies) 06/29/2014 on Battefield sadness +15
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#212 - psykobear (06/29/2014) [-]
Not the whole song. Specifically at 2:51
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#188 - anonymousbrony (06/29/2014) [-]
I don't want to die to this fucking song.
Bonnie tyler - turn around
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#214 - psykobear (06/29/2014) [-]
I liked that part of the campaign. I'm sad that they turn down the song just as it's ramping up. Woulda been nice if it continued to play throughout that scene, even if quietly.
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#142 - TehGordonFreeman (06/29/2014) [-]
better song
Row Row Fight the Power!
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#131 - SergeantPWN (06/29/2014) [-]
The Sound of Silence (Original Version from 1964)

I was thinking this one would also go well with it.
#111 - yuukoku (06/29/2014) [-]
Why is he wearing makeup?
#46 - skindread (06/29/2014) [-]
i think the song suits it
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#19 - sinonyx (06/29/2014) [-]
jesus christ how fucking aweful
#15 - mrpavelowgrimm (06/29/2014) [-]
Yeah, nothing more sentimental than listening to a robot have a stroke.
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#120 - pickstar (06/29/2014) [-]
2 minutes 50 seconds-ish, that part played when someone died in slow motion during some show, then SNL made a joke about tons of people shooting each other in slow motion with that music starting again every time someone was killed. A popular SWEP on GMod (Dear Sister swep) plays this song and turns on slow motion every time you shoot a gun. You uncultured swine
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#136 - mrpavelowgrimm (06/29/2014) [-]
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#159 - pickstar (06/29/2014) [-]
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#42 - nustix (06/29/2014) [-]
Mmm what you say He meant this, it's a classic ermagerd why did you shoot me music for scenes where a good guy falls on his knees with a shot wound.
#40 - ichebs (06/29/2014) [-]
Makes more sense via this link youtu.be/UYIAfiVGluk?t=2m52s
#103 - anon (06/29/2014) [-]
Ew, what the fuck is wrong with his face?
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#213 - psykobear (06/29/2014) [-]
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#152 - killerliquid (06/29/2014) [-]
he a crazy nigga
#506 - Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, birthdays have clowns.  [+] (1 reply) 04/05/2014 on robobabe's profile 0
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#510 - robobabe (04/05/2014) [-]
No, god not clowns. TT.TT
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