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    Where Do I Get One Of These Where Do I Get One Of These
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    Excuse Me? Excuse Me?
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    Rest in Peace, Beatiful Prince Rest in Peace, Beatiful Prince
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    I'm Not Even Sorry I'm Not Even Sorry
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    Deah Lawd Deah Lawd
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    King Of The Badasses King Of The Badasses
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    Man vs Toddler Man vs Toddler
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    Maybe It's late Maybe It's late
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    Kurds Take a Shot at ISIS Kurds Take a Shot at ISIS
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    Aloha Snackbar Aloha Snackbar
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#27 - ...It's a joke channel on youtube bruh... how retarded can you… 07/22/2016 on How to panic +16
#58 - Wait... I'm confused, why don't Americans want Obamacare... I'…  [+] (17 new replies) 07/21/2016 on It Will Never Happen +9
User avatar
#223 - Sewallman (07/22/2016) [-]
I was already on our socialized healthcare system, where everything was free because of my economic situation. When onamacare came out, I started getting bills even though covered by welfare. I've never had to pay for healthcare before democratic socialism in the US.
User avatar
#113 - redclover (07/21/2016) [-]
Obamacare made it illegal to not have health insurance and you have to pay something like $2200 a year if you don't have insurance for more than 30 days. And that penalty could go up.

So people are forced to pay for insurance that they can't afford, because it's slightly cheaper than the penalty and its monthly payments rather than one lump sum. But the lowest possible coverage costs people more to have it than not, because it doesn't cover shit. They could be paying $150 a month and if they go to the hospital, insurance forces them to pay for the first $9000 of the bill before they start covering anything. And then you're justo out that $9000. So you're still paying for all the same costs as you probably were without insurance, but now you HAVE to pay for insurance you don't need.
User avatar
#114 - redclover (07/21/2016) [-]
The absolute only good thing about Obamacare is that insurance companies now can't deny you coverage for a preexisting condition.

Everything else is bad and costing people money that most of them don't have, which is why they originally didn't have insurance in the first place.
User avatar
#81 - nigeltheoutlaw (07/21/2016) [-]
It's mainly people who hate it because they either misunderstand Obamacare, misunderstand the results (i.e. people saying it made insurance more expensive when prices only went up because the minimum quality of coverage went up as well. Cheap insurance plans were virtually useless and often costed people more than no insurance would have due to the monthly costs and silly high copays for doctors and prescriptions.), or because it's associated with Obama and Democrats. It has a lot of issues, don't get me wrong, but those should be addressed through amending Obamacare, not removing it. Removing it is a terrible idea that will bring back stupid shit like no insurance for pre-existing conditions and people being kicked off their parent's insurance at 18.

If people had any understanding of healthcare and gave two shits about their fellow Americans, they would at least advocate for single payer healthcare instead of Obamacare, not just the outright removal of Obamacare.
#84 - jemmydubloon (07/21/2016) [-]
I hate Obama care because I pay 12000 a year for the exact same family plan that I used to pay 5600 a year for.
User avatar
#151 - vinskinator (07/21/2016) [-]
shop around, look for something better. your insurance company would prefer you to not like obamacare. If they just hiked your rates saying it was because of that you'd be disgruntled and they'd get more money. odds are you can find the same coverage from a competitor for close to what you used to pay. that's what happened to the small business I work at. we just switched companies and got about the same rate, the first was just trying to fuck us and blame obamacare.

5600 also sounds kinda low for a family plan, maybe there were things that changed in the plan that weren't obvious? even if deductibles and total coverage didn't change there are plenty of things like preventative checks the old plan may not have covered
User avatar
#74 - steampoweredbot (07/21/2016) [-]
It has a lot of problems.
For instance, if someone is too poor to afford insurance, they get fined for not having insurance, which leaves them with less money to even think about getting insurance, resulting in more fines.
#77 - anon (07/21/2016) [-]
That is not how it works, if you are too poor you don't get taxed. You only get taxes if the cheapest insurance option in your state is more than 8% of your income, you make too much too qualify for Medicare, and you aren't claiming a financial hardship that year. Stop spreading BS.
#85 - jemmydubloon (07/21/2016) [-]
you are wrong i know several people who couldn't afford the premiums of $150+ a week only to get fined $3000 when they filed their taxes. this is household incomes of 35-65k annual. which in america is not wealthy by any means.
#154 - anon (07/21/2016) [-]

If you chose not to insure and entire family you would still not be fined for more than 2000 dude
#153 - anon (07/21/2016) [-]
300$ fines is what the bill says and you can choose not to disclose the information. and If you can't afford the coverage check to see if the govt will subsidize. they did for my sister that just got out of college and is a teacher where the district didnt provide coverage..

My work switched companies and kept about the same rate. I know people who's rate went up but they never shopped around
User avatar
#79 - steampoweredbot (07/21/2016) [-]
about 7.5 million people were fined for not having insurance.
User avatar
#72 - dgurevich (07/21/2016) [-]
Its the stigma of it.
There will always be some kind of state funded healthcare. What Obama wanted is that you pay for healthcare proportionally to what you earn, like income tax. Nobody wants that.
#67 - zombieplayground (07/21/2016) [-]
Odds are that obamacare was made not to actually help people with its introduction Which in some small cases it has like the inability to be denied coverage for existing conditions and your credit not being as fucked up if you default on hospital debt. Because 1000 dollars for a fucking saline solution is ludicrous. but to get something in the door as far as socialized medicine goes. As far as getting anything done in washington. It's generally speaking a lot easier for things to be changed than it is for them to be outright removed. So yes obamacare is broken, but that was the idea. Now odds are it's going to be fixed Probably not going to be removed. Yes trump did all those things after everyone said it wouldn't happen but it's still going to be incredibly difficult to remove something like that.. So people are complaining about the in between stage because they can't outright go and say "yeah this is busted but don't worry in 10 years or so it'll be good."
User avatar
#60 - omegafriend (07/21/2016) [-]
Obamacare actually made health insurance more expensive, if everyone paid it would be cheap, but enough people aren't paying so health insurance is actually more exspensive now and poor people have to go to free clinics
#78 - anon (07/21/2016) [-]
The only people I know of that it went up for had shitty insurance that is now required to cover more things and pre-existing conditions. For most people I know their cost was unaffected or went down. Only one person I know had good insurance and it went up, their coverage didn't change, but the company used it as an excuse to hike rates.
User avatar
#59 - RamboTrucker (07/21/2016) [-]
In theory, but the system has a lot of flaws and can actually cost people more than just getting a basic care program from a private company
#32 - You know that the Spartans lose in the end right? 07/21/2016 on YLYL Compilation (pt.6) +6
#38 - It's possible they're Commandos, Australian commandos also use… 07/20/2016 on War: Modern Military... 0
#2 - Of the VN? Watch out, there ain't much *******, and a…  [+] (2 new replies) 07/19/2016 on Katawa Gear +1
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#3 - imagoddamarchitect (07/19/2016) [-]
#4 - freaxxshow (07/19/2016) [-]
Jesus christ you're in for some feels, you never heard about that shit?

pic related, this is your warning
#87 - I'd literally never been in love before, 18 years on planet ea…  [+] (2 new replies) 07/19/2016 on Love +2
#100 - anon (07/19/2016) [-]
Basically, yes. Tell her.

A shot you never take is a 100% miss. The fear of hearing "no" will haunt you forever if you don't take your shot there. It's better to do what you wanted to do, than wondering for years to come "What if...?"
User avatar
#91 - hockerz (07/19/2016) [-]
you gonna tell her dude?? TELL HERRRR
#86 - Comment deleted 07/19/2016 on Love 0
#85 - Comment deleted 07/19/2016 on Love 0
#26 - I live in Australia and I've found plenty of Pokemon.... but m… 07/13/2016 on psa 0
#50 - Why would you put an SS cap on that... it's a song all about t…  [+] (6 new replies) 06/25/2016 on Consider the source +6
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#60 - krasnogvardiech (06/25/2016) [-]
The gremlin is marching to its death.
User avatar
#89 - defectivegir (06/25/2016) [-]
How can that be? Heroes never die
#51 - vilobikee (06/25/2016) [-]
becuase im lazy and dont care about details i just shoved it togethor i made it in like 10 minuts
User avatar
#58 - cobaltmech (06/25/2016) [-]
could you do rammstein version i would but i dont hav any video editing programs. also the is links 234
User avatar
#70 - vilobikee (06/25/2016) [-]
hey buddy the filesize is a little too big becuase i did the entire song im gonne upload it to youtube could you tell me wich part you want? gremlin rammstein
User avatar
#69 - vilobikee (06/25/2016) [-]
sure doesent take long