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latest user's comments

#1391769 - Hello Guys! Do you remember some old space horror gam…  [+] (5 replies) 02/08/2016 on Video Games 0
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#1391781 - destaice (02/08/2016) [-]
Wait is it Enemy Zero?
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#1391893 - rubyasshole (02/08/2016) [-]
RIGHT! This is it. Thanks! I wasn't sure if ps1 or sega saturn.
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#1391779 - destaice (02/08/2016) [-]
what platform was it on?
#1391771 - desacabose (02/08/2016) [-]
Aliens Trilogy
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#1391772 - rubyasshole (02/08/2016) [-]
Not this time the monster never appeared. You can just hear it comming because of the noises
#1374431 - Hello, My DS4 is showing a strange delay when I try t…  [+] (2 replies) 12/31/2015 on Video Games 0
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#1374507 - squalllionhart (12/31/2015) [-]
try resetting it
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#1374432 - sannukas (12/31/2015) [-]
get the superior xbox one™ controller.
#1194616 - Hello I have a pretty weird thing to ask you. …  [+] (28 replies) 12/20/2015 on Anime & Manga - anime... +1
#1194634 - thechosentroll (12/20/2015) [-]
Never forget that THIS is what the original Onepunch man looks like. It's the writing and comedy that carries it, not the fancy art. The writing is what got Murata to draw the prettier version. Also, because it's his job.

It's easy for me to list the things I like: comedy, good characters and a plot that goes somewhere. When making characters, always ask yourself "Why are they doing this?". If the answer is "Because they're the main character" or "Because I want them to", then it's a shit character. Give your characters a reason to do what they are doing. Avoid the cliche "I am helping people, because I am the good guy" stuff.

As for the story, keep it simple. Don't fill the pages with text, explaining what's going on. Make it something you can explain in one sentence - "I'm out for revenge, because this evil asshole fucked my girlfriend.", "Some friends and I are looking for a buried treasure on this island.", "I'm wandering around the place, training my skills.", "I like punching monsters in the dick for fun.". Those are all plots of successful mangoes. Keep it short and simple. Also, if you want it to have a story with a beginning and an end, come up with the end first, then come up with the rest. The ending is the most important bit and the hardest to make.

The comedy is sometimes the hardest part. Don't use too many jokes or it gets annoying. Don't use too few or it gets boring. It's pretty hard to find that balance. Also, avoid reusing jokes. You can have running jokes like the deer in Nichijo or Itsthetie and the frog, but don't overuse them. Don't make the same joke twice in a row. Don't break the 4th wall more than once every 20 pages. Focus on character humor, if you can - the interaction between characters. Like they do in Senyuu, for example.

So, in short, avoid cliches, focus on the characters and keep the story simple. Also, avoid edgy characters. No one likes those.
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#1194644 - bababadsheep (12/20/2015) [-]
"Never forget that THIS is what the original Onepunch man looks like"

??? It looks fantastic? What are you trying to say here with that example?
#1194649 - thechosentroll (12/20/2015) [-]
A lot of people see THIS when they think of Onepunch man - very detailed, very fancy. However, that's the manga version. The original is much simpler. What I'm saying is that art isn't the most important thing. Characters and story are more important than art.
User avatar
#1194652 - bababadsheep (12/20/2015) [-]
Sorry, I still don't get your point. ONE's art is nothing short of spectacular.
#1194655 - thechosentroll (12/20/2015) [-]
Cause he's been practicing. This is what it used to look like.
User avatar
#1194658 - bababadsheep (12/20/2015) [-]
Still don't see a problem with it friendo.
Maybe you need your eyes checked.
User avatar
#1194660 - thechosentroll (12/21/2015) [-]
Man, it took me waaaaaaaaaay too long to catch up you're fucking with me. I'm blaming this one on the alcohol.
User avatar
#1194661 - bababadsheep (12/21/2015) [-]
No, but I'm serious.
ONE's art >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Murata's
User avatar
#1194663 - thechosentroll (12/21/2015) [-]
By that I mean that one of them's adding lines and shading. Not that One is adding.
User avatar
#1194664 - bababadsheep (12/21/2015) [-]
You really don't get it do you? Yare yare daze~
*unsheathes katana*
*teleports bhind u*
psssssht, nothing personnel kiddo
*unzips dick*
*runs away like naruto*
User avatar
#1194666 - thechosentroll (12/21/2015) [-]
I'm taking this as a sing that I'm not drunk enough yet.
User avatar
#1194668 - bababadsheep (12/21/2015) [-]
I started at 3 and I'm not drunk enough yet, so I doubt you are F A M I L Y
User avatar
#1194670 - thechosentroll (12/21/2015) [-]
Well, I'm not trying to get shitfaced. Just drunk enough for it to be fun. And how fucking long does it take you to get drunk? It's not hard. Just drink more.
User avatar
#1194675 - bababadsheep (12/21/2015) [-]
Nah fam, I am going through 2 L of shitty-ass Smirnoff. If I go fast I might actually die. As it is, it is hard to focus. I think I'm doing good.
User avatar
#1194678 - thechosentroll (12/21/2015) [-]
Ugh, I hate vodka. Has no flavor, tastes like watered down rubbing alcohol. The cheap ones basically ARE watered down rubbing alcohol. I prefer rum. For some reason no one here ever drinks it, so Captain Morgan's always on sale. It's great, it's cheap, it has a flavor and Alestorm sounds way better. www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPb6nG1E4P0
User avatar
#1194679 - bababadsheep (12/21/2015) [-]
I just don't have the time to get into sampling various rum's and whiskey to get into them.
Vodka is easy, buy Smirnoff if you're poor, Grey Goose if you want the good shit.

Same with wine, it all just tastes like fruity shit now anyways so I don't care enough to drink them for the flavour.
User avatar
#1194680 - thechosentroll (12/21/2015) [-]
You're missing out. Vodka's shit. The only advantage is that it's cheap.
User avatar
#1194681 - bababadsheep (12/21/2015) [-]
Maybe I'll ask my family to send me some Crown and the like for New Years and sample them to get a feel for the good stuff.

And I don't know how a whiskeyfag can be so weak around vodka, step up family. It's not even that bad. At least we can both laugh at normalplebs who cough after drinking.
User avatar
#1194690 - thechosentroll (12/21/2015) [-]
Oh, right. That yellow stuff everyone keeps calling me a pussy for not liking. I am over 2 meters tall and 110kg. I am so big, I'd have to chug that disgusting shit to even feel slightly buzzed. I am apparently a little bitch, because I am immune to beer. Fucking figure.
User avatar
#1194696 - bababadsheep (12/21/2015) [-]
Fuck beerfags.
User avatar
#1194684 - thechosentroll (12/21/2015) [-]
You don't have to get the expensive shit, just buy whatever you've got at your local super market. That's what I did.

And aren't you SUPPOSED to cough after drinking? I usually just cough once to clear my throat, cause the back of it feels a bit weird, though I've seen people go into fucking coughing fits after a shot.
User avatar
#1194686 - bababadsheep (12/21/2015) [-]
Coughing is usually seen as weak where I am from, like you aren't used to the intensity. Fucking beerfags and their pisswater.
#1194662 - thechosentroll (12/21/2015) [-]
OK, you've lost me. I am genuinely confused. Muratas' art is just Ones' art, but shinier. Why are you even comparing them? One is just adding cleaner lines and shading.
#1194628 - knightmoiden (12/20/2015) [-]
Knowing what you want the story to be about is important, as well as it is the focus that keeps the story grounded and moving along. I'm in the middle of making and rewriting stories and this is the first question I ask myself. It keeps me from changing the story to what it started as. I add to it as I write without making the story bloated.
Do what you will with my input. I hope it serves you well.
User avatar
#1194627 - ehzio (12/20/2015) [-]
It looks nice and it would be great for you. Comedy seems like the one to go and the one help will stay interested in the most. Don't go retarded comedy like that one chick with the blonde hair that people are supposed to laugh at.

As for a genre type, since this fj usually enjoy a short but sweet story and is usually comedy, try looking your stick at the usual anime/manga stuff like liking loli or loving based shota. Or how absurd some things are.

if you do intend to continue this plan then could you make one with based Araki Hirohiko style?
User avatar
#1194626 - awesomedewd (12/20/2015) [-]
Comedy seems to generally appeal the biggest audience.
But it's often not easy to pick the right kind of comedy or keep the good jokes going.
I'd say you'd have to have a little talent at it.

You can also be funny without words.
For example take a look at the Manga Joshi Kausai, that completely refrains from using any dialog.

Even if you don't want to use comedy as your main theme, it's always great to lighten up the story in between.

Also, never write something that you don't find interesting yourself, just to please the audience.
In most cases that backfires.
Just go with what you have/had in mind, instead of listening too much to the outside, cause in the end it's your story.
User avatar
#1194620 - ajrin (12/20/2015) [-]
art looks good

just write what you want to write, I enjoy any genre as long as it's well written though I really like comedy
User avatar
#1194617 - medewu (12/20/2015) [-]
I like it, and just find what you're good with and go with it.

for stories and shit its always hard to make something gotta go with it and just stick to making the story.

Something that can pull things from your life, but make them more than just that, pain suffering loss, redemption. How many times has it been done.
#918897 - So I bought a PS4 and would LOVE to play Bound by flame, is th…  [+] (2 replies) 05/10/2014 on Video Games 0
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#918909 - sannukas (05/10/2014) [-]
yeah, bound by flame isn't that great.
User avatar
#918898 - playercz (05/10/2014) [-]
I dont recommend bound by flame..
#50868 - I know it's not drawing nor art, but I like to share some of m…  [+] (4 replies) 03/15/2014 on Drawing & Art - drawing... +5
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#50886 - Howoriginalisthis (03/15/2014) [-]
everything is art, i'm studying graphic design at the moment and its a bit annoying how people dont class our work as 'art' because it isnt traditional but good work on the designs. nice, clean and simple =) good work
User avatar
#50965 - rubyasshole (03/16/2014) [-]
I am controversial about it. Because art was made for random expressions, design was made to be used in industry, to sell products, to reach people's desires with a precise message. But this discussion have 2 sides of opinions, i don't think you are wrong i just prefer to believe in the other version.

Also, think about it:victor "Design is every human activity" - Victor j. Papanek
(I don't know the original quote in english, since I heard it in portugues. But it's something like this)

Sorry about my english
User avatar
#50872 - alltimetens (03/15/2014) [-]
I'd use it.
User avatar
#50869 - rubyasshole (03/15/2014) [-]
Also, "atinja" is portuguese for: "Reach" or "achieve"
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