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#16 - I thought every Xbox360 with a red ring was dead inside?  [+] (1 reply) 05/06/2016 on zombie themed xbox 360 +2
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#18 - egosumproxi (05/06/2016) [-]
Not a red ring though, just the controller 1 indicator. They must have replaced the green default lights with red ones, probably while they were busy adding all the other red lights...
#18 - people have already started campaigning for polygamy and pedophilia.  [+] (3 replies) 05/06/2016 on Injustice Flash and Superman +10
#51 - anon (05/06/2016) [-]
#44 - anon (05/06/2016) [-]
Pedophilia I don't understand why people would campaign for Except perhaps lower legal age to 16, sexually mature and also I'm an ephebephile who hates having to wonder if the girl is legal , but polygamy, honestly I have no real problems with outside of a hell of a lot of rewriting the legal statutes that rely on a marriage being 1:1, it would cause a bureaucratic nightmare with the number of loopholes that could open as a result.
#54 - applescryatnight (05/06/2016) [-]
pedophilia is a brain defect where the area of the brain that controls sexuality is crossed with the area of the brain that controls the urge to protect the young.
pedo supporters say that pedos are just disabled people, and thus have to live their lives in total restraint at all times.
im generally fine with them, as long as they stay away from children. do i think they need more rights to be able to love who they want? no, because they want to fuck children, and thats fucked up.
#40 - the bad effects come when you suffer from withdrawls. Thats wh…  [+] (4 replies) 05/05/2016 on Marijuana -1
#60 - zacchaeus (05/05/2016) [-]
What withdraws? I routinely go weeks smoking and then not smoking when I have to focus on school. Never made me feel like shit.
If you already hate life, you will find some way to "get away from it all".
Which is bad because you hate life in the first place
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#134 - stickmansam (05/07/2016) [-]
You dont smoke emough then, how much a day?
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#50 - dndxplain (05/05/2016) [-]
you can't go through physical withdraws as it's not a medical addiction. your body doesn't form cravings for THC. you can however become mentally addicted to the high.
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#135 - stickmansam (05/07/2016) [-]
The withdrawals are obvious and serious. The number one symptom is insomnia, the number two is irratability, after that its stomach pain and that sort. You can show withdrawal symtoms from drinking too much water and then stopping, your body becomes acustomed to a certain balance, and you mess that balance up when you stop smoking. Youre just really wrong about that, open a book, or even a browser.