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    I laughed... I laughed...
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    Be scared Be scared
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    The very best The very best
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    nobody can survive nobody can survive
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    Need more potatos Need more potatos
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    Yup Yup
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    What What
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    Legend Legend
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    Neat Neat
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    Door uses slide Door uses slide
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    what what
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    cuteness overload cuteness overload
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    Sucks Sucks
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#4 - Picture 9 hours ago on What 0
#3 - Picture 9 hours ago on What 0
#2 - Picture 9 hours ago on What 0
#110 - My god. 10/03/2015 on Thighs +3
#22 - But it went left... 09/30/2015 on Real-life batarang throw. 0
#175 - ******* one of those 1/5,000 videos that you find that … 09/30/2015 on dope WebM compilation (pt 1) 0
#88 - Holy **** . I just started watching this series and jus…  [+] (16 new replies) 09/28/2015 on that's nice +28
User avatar #92 - mookiea (09/28/2015) [-]
Dude, holy shit me too. I discovered it like 2 days ago and watched every single episode yesterday, I have a problem. What time do new eps air?

This show is genius.I just wish they would not have done that episode where he said fuck you god, when time was falling apart. I'm a christian and that really bothered me. But I can move on and still enjoy the show. Unlike some people.
User avatar #131 - zomitlu (09/28/2015) [-]
Hehe you got bothered by a line in an animated tv show

You're the problem with society, I bet you get offended by "sin words" and middle fingers

Fucking pansy ass faggot, please stop watching that show
User avatar #135 - mookiea (09/28/2015) [-]
Dude fuck you. Yes I got offended by it. And I still like it, we all have shit that offends us. Stop being an asshole you prick. And you are the problem with society you judgmental prick. I don't get offended over a finger. But I do over my God, It would be like someone saying shit about your father. You sir are a fucking asshole. There is only one thing on planet earth that offends me, and that was it. I am one of the most open minded and non judgmental Christians you will ever find. So stop being an asshole that get's offended over someone getting offended over their God.
User avatar #137 - zomitlu (09/29/2015) [-]
God's not real

Why do you get so offended by some shit a random guy on the internet said, why does that bother you?

Go ahead, insult my dad, I won't give a shit, because I'm not a stupid brainwashed pansy like you that cries and gets offended by fucking words on a page. I'm pretty certain nothing 'offends' me, that is a fucking ridiculous word and I can't take anyone seriously if they use it the way you do.

Re-evaluate your life, break free from your bullshit religion, and learn to not be so sensitive, your imaginary friend won't get you anywhere
User avatar #138 - mookiea (09/29/2015) [-]
I've just come too the conclusion you are just a troll and I fell for the bait. Nice one.
User avatar #139 - zomitlu (09/29/2015) [-]
Hehe, troll

Uh, sure thing pal

Is that what you call everyone who doesn't believe in your fairy tales?
#140 - mookiea (09/29/2015) [-]
Damn you're fucking stupid. No I call a troll someone like you that can't have a mature civil debate. You are grasping at straws and trying everything you can to insult me. You are calling me everything under the sun and trying to insult me the only way you know how. That is a troll. You are twisting my words around. I like how I can have a nice mature civil debate with some great atheist and we can understand each other. Then we have you

You are a troll. The very first thing you did was call me a pansy ass faggot. because the only thing that offends me, offended me. You obviously care way to much of what I think and you are letting it control you. Like I tell other's That care to much about my thoughts. who gives a fuck what I think. Repeat after me, Who gives a fuck what mookiez thinks. There we go, that was easy. The only person that should give a shit about my personal thoughts and beliefs is me. Or continue to act like a childish troll and just call me names and insult me and don't and anything to the argument. Don't add a counter argument. Or you can rebuttal me by insulting me. That is a troll, and that is what you're doing. AS I said I can have great convo's with atheist. I even consider myself a modern day christian scientist. I believe in evolution, I believe in the big bang. I've taken course on anthropology. I study electrical engineering and I have m,y own business I just started up where I do motherboard repair. I'm a christian, But I also believe shit Christians don't. Now don't be so damn judgmental and hateful. Insulting me for literally no other reason that I believe in God. And that proves you care way to much on what I think, like why? Who gives a fuck.

There are assholes in every group, and you sir, are being that asshole for no reason. I don't understand why? I guess you get off on insulting people because I don't conform to your standards. You may not be a troll, but you are acting like one. And you are an asshole, that is a fact.

I've gotten far in life. I own my own business at the age of 21. I drive a nice car, I have people that work for me. One person that works for me is a homosexual and he is atheist. And he is a great fucking person. I love him like a brother. He knows I'm christian and we get along fine. That is what being an adult is, a concept I don't think you have grasped yet. If you worked for me, I would fire you, not because you are an atheist. But because of your hateful and spiteful attitude. It's very toxic. Or maybe you're jealous of my life style. Maybe you still live in your parents basement jacking off into your fedora. I don't know, but you have a lot of bottled up hate and you need help. You should see a therapist. I'll even pay for your appointment, because you desperately need help that fucking bad. I feel so sorry for you.
User avatar #141 - zomitlu (09/29/2015) [-]
You would actually be willing to pay for therapy for me?

Fuckin hit me up man, you're the best
User avatar #122 - meuk (09/28/2015) [-]
are you kidding about the "fuck you god" part?
User avatar #136 - mookiea (09/28/2015) [-]
Yea, it bothered me. But I get over it and move on. I mean the show is great.
#142 - meuk (09/29/2015) [-]
User avatar #98 - varangianlove (09/28/2015) [-]
Well I guess it means Rick believes in a higher entity, but chooses not to worship him. Is there a word for that, I feel like there is.
#127 - sesshii (09/28/2015) [-]
It was a reference to "there are no atheists in foxholes".
User avatar #105 - alfibrakiz (09/28/2015) [-]
hmm, the opposite of hivemind?
User avatar #106 - varangianlove (09/28/2015) [-]
I guess, it's pretty interesting to consciously know and reject and omnipresent, omniscient super being and be ok with it. But Rick isn't exactly known for caring
User avatar #108 - alfibrakiz (09/28/2015) [-]
Plus, if god were to reveal himself I sure as hell would ask him some more or less comforting questions
#75 - Thanks man, its really is horrible way to lose someone in your… 09/15/2015 on sad bois 0
#13 - Best show 09/15/2015 on (untitled) +5
#54 - Mfw my mom was the best and me and her had fun all the time to…  [+] (2 new replies) 09/15/2015 on sad bois +2
User avatar #60 - therealfell (09/15/2015) [-]
I know your pain
my mom's always suffered from addictions. when I was around 4-5 it was pain pills. then alcohol. then both. then suddenly it was meth. and since then it's been this downward spiral. she hasn't gotten to the point your mother was at, yet. but she is so mentally unstable, you never know how to approach her. she doesn't care much about hygiene anymore, she is rarely ever home, she would rather be with her addict friends. and you can't talk to her because she's so far gone, she doesn't understand much of anything. she often just will be staring off into space while you're talking to her.

so basically, I'm really sorry you had to go through that. but I know what it feels like to watch your mother go from loving and kind to just not caring about anything anymore.
User avatar #75 - rskamaka (09/15/2015) [-]
Thanks man, its really is horrible way to lose someone in your life.I remember seeing those D.A.R.E guys walk into my classroom when i was young telling us about drugs and everything how they ruin familys and such. Just you know, never expecting it to happen in your own life. But it does.

We even tried to help her. Calling the police when it got serious, they did nothing.
We called an ambulance. Saying she was mentally ill. They even watched her yell at nobody in her room over 5 minutes. They did nothing. Some help huh.

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