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    Oh God, what have I done? Oh God, what have I done?
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    Liar! Liar!

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#15 - Direct Message. It's an IM over twitter. oceanguygw  [+] (2 replies) 10/21/2016 on Coffee Shop +2
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#16 - gammelmand (10/21/2016) [-]
Ahh i see. Thank you.

Now what is a IM.. ? Instant message? Im an ignorant.
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#18 - chokinandtokin (10/21/2016) [-]
#55 - Is that a boglin  [+] (1 reply) 10/21/2016 on Hillary Illuminati Confirmed -1
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#75 - swedishassassin (10/21/2016) [-]
You're a faggot.
#34 - Wasn't The Sun just an illusion, though?  [+] (1 reply) 10/18/2016 on FLAWLESS 0
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#37 - Zeigh (10/18/2016) [-]
It was real all right. The problem was the user had to be very close and he couldn't act with his stand. Consequently he had to hide nearby and it wasn't until the group realized there was a mirror image of a nearby rock that they knew the user was just sitting around waiting for them to die from the heat.
#269 - Highly! 10/18/2016 on Voter Fraud 0
#3 - What a ****** player  [+] (9 replies) 10/13/2016 on D&D Porno +10
#11 - kaimera (10/13/2016) [-]
What a shitty DM.

If she was uncomfortable with having sex in the game, she should have just said thag outright, and told the guy to stop.

Instead, she goes out of her way to deny the player what he wants (which is just as important as wjat she wants)
And then killed his player out of spite later.

A better way to handle it would have simply been to say this. "Your character goes to the whorehouse, the fee is 5 gold. You retire to a room, whore in tow.
Okay, what are the rest of you doing?"

Or, if she had this paladin stuff planned out, just have a pretty barmaid for him to flirt with.

Finally, the last option would be to COMMUNICATE WITH THE DAMN PLAYER. Just tell him that shit wont fly in her campaign. And if he keeps pushing the issue he can leave.

What she did was the worst, most immature solution to the whole thing.
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#60 - peezle (10/13/2016) [-]
I agree. But he wasn't a good player either. Really, neither one acted perfectly.
#51 - anon (10/13/2016) [-]
I disagree entirely.

Good DMing avoids out-of-character communication when it's unnecessary.

"The bitch isn't interested and all the brothels are gone" is a pretty obvious hint that she doesn't want that stuff in the campaign. You're dense as fuck if you need her to come out and say that to you.

The kill at the end out of spite, I kind of agree that was petty--but at that point it sounds like the campaign was pretty well derailed, so if the players are just going to fuck around the DM might as well just fuck around too.
#36 - anon (10/13/2016) [-]
Well, she let it happen eventually and made a fun side story out of it. That's not a bad recovery.
#44 - kaimera (10/13/2016) [-]
Then, she killed his character out of spite.
Not the most mature decision.
#58 - installation (10/13/2016) [-]
>Derail an entire campaign because you're too immature to take "no" as an answer
>DM is the immature one

#70 - kaimera (10/14/2016) [-]
Except, she didnt say "no"
That would probably have fixed the problem.

Lets say, for example, a player wanted a crossbow. And the dm makes shure that every single crossbow in the land is mysteriously destroyed. Then, when the player is persistant enought to finally find one, the dm flat out says that his character kills himself with it because he has no traning.

Now, if the dm had simply told the player that he didnt want any players usibg crissbows, the problem would be solved. You are a guest in the dms world, if he flat out bans something, deal with it or go.

But, if the dm is just constantly cockblocking you, then finally gives in, THEN STRAIGHT UP KILLS YOUR CHARACTER OUT OF SPITE. Then yeah, id say they are pretty damn immature.

sorry for the rant, lost one of my characters to a spiteful DM, he was angry i managed to kill the main villain in his first appearance, so next time i failed an acrobatics roll, my guy slipped and broke his neck. Went from full HP to instadeath because the front step to a house was iced over.
#71 - installation (10/14/2016) [-]
While I don't agree with your argument I do feel bad for what happened to you in your game. That's a pretty shit thing for your DM to do.
#24 - anon (10/13/2016) [-]
I dunno, he would have to be incredibly thick in the head not to realize that she didn't want to have that stuff in her campaign when 'all the brothels were demolished'. She handled it poorly, yes. But the way he obsessed over fucking imaginary whores, even after the fact that it was painfully obvious that she didn't want to have it in the campaign is just as bad. He did it out of spite, and later she did it out of spite. If i had to play with one of them i'd choose the DM, skipping sexual stuff in a campaign is fine, playing with someone that is petty and seemingly autistic? No thanks.
#16 - Why did both Pohatu and Onua need to exist? Like, rock and ear…  [+] (1 reply) 10/12/2016 on Jennifer Lawrence +2
#18 - anon (10/13/2016) [-]
onua-rock-subterranean, cavedwelling, tunneling
pohatu-earth- surface, deserts, badlands
two sides of the same coin.
#33 - THAT'S SHREK 2 YOU FRICKING FRICK  [+] (1 reply) 10/08/2016 on Shrek +15
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#60 - strangemoo (10/08/2016) [-]
...Technically still titled Shrek.

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