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#2 - oops 04/19/2014 on Pokemon Comic 3 (OC) +1
#259 - has anyone ever had a "good" hallucination while par…  [+] (1 reply) 04/17/2014 on No Escape From That 0
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#269 - kaiyuni (04/17/2014) [-]
Because of the environment and darkness surrounding you I think. Naturally humans have a fear of the dark to some extent. When we're dreaming those fears come out. So when nightmares and such kick in, it always hits the sweet spots of our mind. Tailored personally to our fears.

Some people have good ones though. They do this intentionally to attempt to trigger something like sleep paralysis that is lucid dreaming. It's basically hallucinations. But there's obviously a risk of triggering sleep paralysis.

After experiencing sleep paralysis, I looked up what it was based on what happened to me and never really looked at all anymore.
#26 - hey fj, im about to finish a new pokemon comic! its around 8 p…  [+] (4 replies) 04/13/2014 on God Damn It +6
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#181 - fukkentyranitar (04/14/2014) [-]
Do it.
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#107 - stripey (04/14/2014) [-]
that's cool, if I remember right you were the amazing artist
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#66 - commissarcrunch (04/14/2014) [-]
parts. keeps people interested
#27 - itsthetie (04/13/2014) [-]
go for it, you can't keep FJ focused on several comics that share the same story, unless you have a really good joke at the end of each one of them
#121 - its robce on deviantart.  [+] (1 reply) 04/04/2014 on Aww Yiss another one of these +1
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#159 - kotetsulovesfj (04/04/2014) [-]
Thanks man.