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#5 - mfw being called upon, but not really being called upon  [+] (2 replies) 12/29/2014 on See ya later +17
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#63 - blindpone (12/29/2014) [-]
"Well, one of us is going to have to change."
#56 - anon (12/29/2014) [-]
Sure they didn't say coupon?
#21 - Don't honestly see why he's getting red thumbed. Next thing yo…  [+] (39 replies) 11/23/2014 on   -2
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#22 - Sethorein (11/23/2014) [-]
because it's levvy. The dude wants to be -400
#55 - levvy (11/23/2014) [-]
Okay so maybe this is a bit personal but... How did you get into it?
#56 - Sethorein (11/23/2014) [-]
My sister developed autism after spending the first 5 years of her life in an isolation ward
My brother has antisocial personality disorder
My grandparents all suffer from mild to severe PTSD from the holocaust
My mom and dad both suffer from trans-generational PTSD
mom manifests as overbearing, distrustful, and incredibly self conscious affect
dad manifests with severe histrionic personality disorder

Somehow I came out sort of normal. I needed to be everyone's shrink for most of my childhood. I became so used to my sister that I decided to pursue her case as my magnum opus.
#57 - levvy (11/23/2014) [-]
Hmm... You are intresting to me...

Maybe we could talk more sometime?

If that's okay with you...
#58 - Sethorein (11/23/2014) [-]
Sure sure.

You're far from the worst person I've chatted with. I fuck with the folks on /religion/ and friendly in my spare time if you want to know the usual levels of absolutely moronic behaviour I usually subject myself to >_>

I'm surprised though. You post bad bait on the entire front page, but you're not a complete dick like uchiha or the other bad trolls. Why do you post bait?
#60 - levvy (11/25/2014) [-]
#61 - Sethorein (11/25/2014) [-]
And being despised doesn't bother you?
#62 - levvy (11/26/2014) [-]
#63 - Sethorein (11/27/2014) [-]
Why not?
#64 - levvy (11/27/2014) [-]
I like being mean.
#65 - Sethorein (11/27/2014) [-]
#66 - levvy (11/27/2014) [-]
I just like it...

I don't know why...
#67 - Sethorein (11/27/2014) [-]
Have you ever stopped to think about it?
#68 - levvy (11/27/2014) [-]
I just like to get a reaction out of people I guess.
#69 - Sethorein (11/27/2014) [-]
#32 - yodaddysofat (11/23/2014) [-]
this thread convo.......
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#34 - Sethorein (11/23/2014) [-]
I don't get it?
#26 - basstromboneblast (11/23/2014) [-]
I think you have a point
#24 - levvy (11/23/2014) [-]
#27 - Sethorein (11/23/2014) [-]
#28 - levvy (11/23/2014) [-]
#29 - Sethorein (11/23/2014) [-]
Are you perhaps... mad?
#30 - levvy (11/23/2014) [-]
I'm always mad...
#33 - Sethorein (11/23/2014) [-]
Do you want to talk about it?
#35 - levvy (11/23/2014) [-]
Not with you!
#36 - Sethorein (11/23/2014) [-]
You can trust me. I'm a doctor bachelor in psychology.
#37 - levvy (11/23/2014) [-]
Are you really?
#38 - Sethorein (11/23/2014) [-]
Yes. Though, most of my practical training is in researching baby eye-tracking. My education is still pretty broad though. I took an intro to positive psych at the very least
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#41 - randomwanker (11/23/2014) [-]
Oh please Sathorein, help levvy overcome his autism
#43 - levvy (11/23/2014) [-]
Ruined the moment.

You fucking faggot.
#40 - levvy (11/23/2014) [-]
Well... I guess you are not that bad...

Do you like it?
#46 - Sethorein (11/23/2014) [-]
... ?
#47 - levvy (11/23/2014) [-]
Sorry I had to get that rando guy banned.

So you know about psychology - peoples minds always interested me, is it hard to understand?
#49 - Sethorein (11/23/2014) [-]
Wait, you can do that? o_o

Psychology isn't so much hard to understand as it is counter-intuitive and difficult to study. Our education begins by telling us all about how our preconceptions are completely wrong, then tells us how psychology got it all right, then tells us how psychology was actually wrong, then tells us how we're supposed to actually do it right. I think in the next chapter we're gonna learn how we're actually still doing it wrong.

Psychologists invented statistics for the sake of convincing everyone we're not pulling our conclusions out of our collective ass.

Still, pretty fun. Definitely taught me a lot about people. I like to think it makes me more empathetic towards folks since I can understand some of the mechanisms that contribute to shitty behaviour.

also, took so long to reply cause comments got all broken. Apparently if you go to the frontpage it fixes it?
#50 - levvy (11/23/2014) [-]
That's why you talked to me huh?

Because I was mean right?

and no I can't ban people I just flagged him and a mod fucked that bitch.
#51 - Sethorein (11/23/2014) [-]
Nah, I talked to you cause I was bored. My primary research interest is in children who develop autism through poor socialization due to early life hospitalization for congenital illness.

I don't really go out of my way to study people who act poorly. I just empathize with them.
#53 - levvy (11/23/2014) [-]
Good... I'm not your test subject...

Soo um... how hard is it to get into psychology - there must be many levels of it as well, right?
#54 - Sethorein (11/23/2014) [-]
It's a varied field. A B average in uni is good enough for most programs, though you'd want an A-.

In order of increasing "respect": psychoanalysis, positive psych, social psych, behavioural psych, evolutionary psych, neuroscience

in order of increasing difficulty in research: neuroscience, behavioural psych, evolutionary psych, cognitive psych, social psych. Those not included on this list are not branches of psychology with any valid form of research.

Psych bridges the gap between the hard and soft sciences. The more respected departments are the ones that are more scientific. The thing is, the more respected ones are easier to study. Wanna study neuro? Find a protein and stare at it. Wanna study social psych? first decide if you're going to experiment or just observe. If you want to experiment you better design a good cover story/research that fits the statistics we can use to measure things. Now make sure you control for literally every possible confound... etc. etc.

So yeah... It's... a bit hard?
#45 - Sethorein (11/23/2014) [-]
Do I like developmental psych? Yeah. My job is pretty much this .gif.

Puberty is crazy.
#2741 - Comment deleted  [+] (1 reply) 06/03/2014 on Admin is going to ban you 0
#2746 - repel has deleted their comment.
#16 - Picture 03/31/2014 on Protein! 0