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i have trouble thinking INSIDE the box.

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#9 - when i was at school, i had a friend who wasn't all that good …  [+] (2 replies) 03/15/2016 on Espressodia -1
#14 - anon (03/15/2016) [-]
she's the main character.
#13 - sirosd (03/15/2016) [-]
Do you even believe in the heart of the cards bruh?
#16 - Picture  [+] (1 reply) 03/15/2016 on Snake Eaterrrrrr +1
#20 - underthelaw (03/15/2016) [-]
**underthelaw used "*roll picture*"**
**underthelaw rolled image**That's why clock is best girl
#160 - having your own farm, no matter how small, will doubtlessly co…  [+] (1 reply) 03/03/2016 on evolution 0
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#166 - SashaRockinOUt (03/03/2016) [-]
I'm in Canada so both of those legislatures are news to me
#151 - i agree completely. vegetarianism and veganism are borne from …  [+] (3 replies) 03/03/2016 on evolution 0
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#153 - SashaRockinOUt (03/03/2016) [-]
Anti-diet is really just a waste anyways because like... who fucking cares what the other guy is eating?

I've admittedly been vegetarian for a lot of years now but it's largely because I don't feel comfortable eating things I didn't kill myself, because I don't know where they came from, and lying like fuck is a time-honoured tradition of the food industry. I've only recently come upon means to hunt or raise my own food, so that'll probably change soon.
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#160 - redstonealchemist (03/03/2016) [-]
having your own farm, no matter how small, will doubtlessly cost less, enable admiration of nature, teach effective life skills, and is productive. i'm a vegetarian as well, but i have black thumbs. the UK has a much stricter regulation of 'free range' than the USA does.

in the USA free range means hundreds of de-beaked and declawed chickens while baby roosters are LITERALLY tossed in a bin. in the UK i don't know what they do with baby roosters (maybe raise them for their meat separate from the females?), and when the UK says free range, we mean they got to explore a grassy fenced-in area, fed regularly and had a long, rich life before being offed quick and as painlessly as possible.
same story for british-grown beef. mcdonalds over here is actually pretty proud of the fact that it only gets its beef from british cows that lead happy lives and can graze freely within at least an acre, it's a great read.
as for meat-eating friends and relatives, i have one good friend who lives in the same country (the rest are either family-tier friends or old friends i'm not in contact with) and the first time i brought him home, he was piss-drunk and passed out on the sofa.
the next morning i cooked him a full-english breakfast fat, carbs (especially toast), and lemonade are particularly good at curing a hangover. also de-acidifying tablets (because alcohol is an acid and so is its by-product that induces a hangover as the body tries to convert it to water) and especially jam.
once he ate what he could, his hefty hangover had almost disappeared and he didn't even eat half of the food.
i don't eat meat, but i'll cook it for a guest that does.
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#166 - SashaRockinOUt (03/03/2016) [-]
I'm in Canada so both of those legislatures are news to me