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#30 - She's even more stupid than we thought then, cause she posted … 08/10/2016 on Social Media In a Nutshell +7
#3 - There's a limited quantity and lots of people want them 08/06/2016 on Dragon Tales 0
#11 - Picture 08/06/2016 on oh boy +4
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#8 - thank you kindly  [+] (1 new reply) 08/03/2016 on Fungus Among Us 0
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#9 - nopenopejustnope (08/03/2016) [-]
great game recommend 10/10 best fap i ever had in a while
#6 - what is that from? i must know for science  [+] (3 new replies) 08/03/2016 on Fungus Among Us 0
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#7 - nopenopejustnope (08/03/2016) [-]
Liru the Wolfgirl game
link might not be safe i have downloaded from other site
truly scientific
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#8 - redragond (08/03/2016) [-]
thank you kindly
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#9 - nopenopejustnope (08/03/2016) [-]
great game recommend 10/10 best fap i ever had in a while
#21 - underwater lakes are a thing though 08/03/2016 on sponegbob +4
#113 - **redragond used "*roll picture*"** **redragond rolled image ** 07/25/2016 on Press button, receive food 0
#18 - "Sure you are... Now" 07/23/2016 on Can't use that excuse... +4
#118 - How's that different from bisexual though? I'm confus  [+] (14 new replies) 06/29/2016 on LGBTQP extremists +37
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#315 - munchlord (06/30/2016) [-]
Bisexual isn't snowflake enough for some.
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#259 - metacobalion (06/30/2016) [-]
They need to be more special than bisexuals
#156 - tomatoesauce (06/29/2016) [-]
Bisexual is attraction to those who identify as male/female.
Pansexual is attraction to those who identify as male/female/intergender/agender/genderfluid/genderwhatever.
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#312 - niceguyjon (06/30/2016) [-]
What about us who identify as battle ships
#311 - anon (06/30/2016) [-]
Pansexual here, couldn't be attracted to anyone who wasn't male or female (if hermaphrodites are actually a third gender then them too)

The personality of someone who identifies as nonbinary, gender fluid, whatever else you listed there reeks of special snowflake syndrome and it's all about me attitudes.

Pansexual just means personality over looks and gender and if aliens came down I guess species as well. That does not mean a pansexual would date someone with a "great" personality who is morbidly obese because your weight is an extension of your personality (to a point). Obese says their personality is lazy and without self control, over eating is substance abuse too. This can also be applied to bone thin people, people who have zero hygiene.

Your looks say a lot more about your personality than you may think, for example you can tell that by how I wear the anon name, that I am a total faggot.
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#369 - popnotes (06/30/2016) [-]
Pansexual means everyone. Demisexual means attraction to personality and intelligence, which is also a stupid thing because that's how everyone works.
#319 - anon (06/30/2016) [-]
Raging retard here* corrected it for you
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#147 - harbingerwolf (06/29/2016) [-]
Its not, try telling that to a bunch of furries, i did, spoilers it didnt 32nd well.
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#136 - blackmageewizardt (06/29/2016) [-]
they would fuck also Things that are not People.
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#124 - trollzoll (06/29/2016) [-]
I don't know. I just googled it and that's what it said.
#123 - anon (06/29/2016) [-]
Attraction based on personality rather than genatalia or physical attributes
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#341 - alleksi (06/30/2016) [-]
So, bisexuality.
#125 - anon (06/29/2016) [-]
So, the way people SHOULD be attracted to each other?

I dont see that as a qualifier for a sexuality, if anything, thats just knowing that you like people's personalities that mesh with yours.
#245 - skyguyseven (06/30/2016) [-]
**skyguyseven used "*roll picture*"**
**skyguyseven rolled image** Because... Reasons!
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