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#50 - Picture 12/03/2015 on Everytime 0
#218 - While, yes, ACA sucks for many people. I'm still glad many wit…  [+] (6 replies) 12/02/2015 on Can't stump the Trump +3
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#330 - valintina (12/02/2015) [-]
Ready my reply #329 and learn. Even those with chronic problems from birth are getting fucked by the ACA.
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#331 - blackmageewizardt (12/02/2015) [-]
You lost an very important word there in his sentence: "with chronic conditions who COULDN´T get any insurance"
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#332 - valintina (12/02/2015) [-]
Oh, so the majority of the public should have a harder time trying to uphold their daily life for the minority?

I know I will sound like an elitist snob, but when the value of a handful of people who suffer from problems is higher than the value of thousands of people trying to get by in life, there's a big problem with that. A few hundred lives should never be more valuable than millions.
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#333 - blackmageewizardt (12/02/2015) [-]
Uhm no, you could just for example tax the rich People more, as they get far less hurt? We talk about the guys that earn 300.000 monthly. Take 40 % off his 300.000 brutto, and you that guy has still 10x more then most People get in half an fucking year, barely any Need to tax other peoples more.

Also if it is just an handfull of People, and you have 240 Million People working and giving taxes off, i think you are overdramatising then. It´s proven again and again, that even befor Obamacare that People in the US paid far more for what they got considering towards other countries in cases of healthcare.

You are one of the richest countrys in the world and want to literally tell the entire world you can´t even help this "handfull" of People that get literally no insurance, because no insurance would take them...

At most that sentence really? "A few hundred lives should never be more valuable than millions" no one fucking said that, what was said is, if each of this million would give just 2.5 Dollars monthly, this hundred could live through their already hard life, as there will be no privat insurance that would take them, but are still able then to have an relativly normal life. So unless you want to tell me this 2.5 Dollar would be to fucking killing you, i would tell you to get some better arguments and come back later.
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#335 - valintina (12/02/2015) [-]
Then all you are doing is giving less incentive for people to get rich, thus killing progress and allowing things to either stagnate or deteriorate. What's the point of getting a pay raise at work if that raise is just going to go towards taxes? You are punishing success, which is absolutely backwards. We are the richest country in the world because we reward success, not punish it.

As to giving just 2.5 dollars monthly, then what happens? You are just giving more incentive for those who are struggling to not get themselves out of that position. In the US we have a shitload of people working entry level jobs who want to be paid off the books, so they can keep gaining benefits and not pay taxes through federal and state programs. I know this myself because I work in retail businesses that always refuse to hire such people, the amount that try this astound me.

You try having a few part-time jobs under your belt, paying almost 10% of your income in taxes off the bat, having to pay even more taxes on the food to feed yourself and the gas to get to work. On top of that, paying electrical and the water bill, while paying the bills for your room, and don't forget the air conditioning and the heat.

Then you will come to be disgusted at taxes, and how much of it is going to social security for a retirement you will never have because you are paying so much through the ass to keep the government afloat.

THEN! And only then you can talk to me about being so goddamn selfish for not being willing to donate a fucking penny to the poor and disadvataged.
#336 - blackmageewizardt (12/02/2015) [-]
I don´t know about you, but i have plently of assumptions that people want to earn more, regardless. The Thing is when it Comes to the math, it works. You can´t pull more Money out of people that have any, but people that have so much Money, that 5% are already 1.000+ while it does not even fucking hurt them in any given way, just works fine. There were times in your Country where high taxes and high Quality in goverment Services went Hand in Hand.

Btw i can tell you already there, that an pseudo survive for the fittest Country does not work. Maybe you haven´t noticed it, but somehow the rest of the world works splendind even with all this. Wanna know how much i get taxed? Wait... ah yes roughly 33% total of my brutto... Hmm interesting, through this i have at the end of the week still... 1400 roughly, which is enough to pay my rent, my car, and anything else i have over the month. Now let´s see what my father earns... he has taxes of 42% and roughly netto 2800... Thats already quit an bit more... Now let´s see if i can also remember how far my Boss earns from the last cristmess Party as he was drunk and told out... Roughly 15.000 including his 50% taxes, and after 50% there is no raise in taxes.

Hmm... Interesting, it´s somehow like even though the taxes went greater, they still have so much fucking Money, that it´s literally not even noticable and still would inspire people to get this amount of Money... mmm funny.

"You try having a few part-time Jobs" Already, from moving help to helper for old people to pretty much anything until i got my real Job, i was unemployed, and got after 40 hours not more then 400 (also got 400 unemployment each month, as Long as i did not earn more then 400 an month to ensure i could get over the rounds, including housing, my electricity bills ect.)

So no, i am not some teen you Little joke, i am literally already employed with an real Job and actuell cash that i get from 40 hours month work. Come again when you think you can go down from this hige horse you are you sack of Snobs.

#55 - Thanks man! 12/02/2015 on Safe 0
#53 - What is this song?  [+] (2 replies) 12/02/2015 on Safe 0
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#54 - ugoboom (12/02/2015) [-]
Vitas - 7th element
#55 - rdobet (12/02/2015) [-]
Thanks man!
#1088468 - in what currency? @_@  [+] (6 replies) 11/30/2015 on Pony Thread 15. 0
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#1088606 - fluttermon (11/30/2015) [-]
what do you mean?
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#1088949 - playfilly (11/30/2015) [-]
Where are you from
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#1088950 - fluttermon (11/30/2015) [-]
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#1088951 - playfilly (11/30/2015) [-]
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#1088964 - fluttermon (11/30/2015) [-]
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#1088965 - fluttermon (11/30/2015) [-]
130 kroner or so is the minimum wage for 18+
#1088462 - That's with one roomate.  [+] (1 reply) 11/30/2015 on Pony Thread 15. 0
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#1088471 - thewanderinghatter (11/30/2015) [-]
Maybe next year, It's university accommodation, so it doesn't really work that way unless I get a shared house, which I plan on doing
#1088459 - Get ******* 5 more, jesus. I could get a pretty amazing place …  [+] (2 replies) 11/30/2015 on Pony Thread 15. 0
#1088462 - rdobet (11/30/2015) [-]
That's with one roomate.
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#1088471 - thewanderinghatter (11/30/2015) [-]
Maybe next year, It's university accommodation, so it doesn't really work that way unless I get a shared house, which I plan on doing