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User avatar #657 - lostusername (06/16/2012) [-]
I liek yur 0C
User avatar #658 to #700 - rawrbowwow (06/16/2012) [-]
If you mean my comics, thanks.

If you mean the other stuff, it's not OC.
User avatar #659 to #701 - lostusername (06/16/2012) [-]
yeah I thumbed the HAD a farm one down cause I figured youre a reposter, but I was bored and clicked your name and found OC. I guess ill thumb it up now
User avatar #660 to #702 - rawrbowwow (06/16/2012) [-]
I deleted the farm one.
A friend posted it on FB and I'd never seen it before, so I decided to upload it.

But for the most part, I enjoy creating my own comics. I've been very lazy lately though lol
User avatar #661 to #703 - lostusername (06/16/2012) [-]
As have I.. I really have no ideas too, I wanna learn how to make comics in paint like you, robopuppy,BobJML and such. I could show you some failed paint OCs if you want
User avatar #662 to #704 - rawrbowwow (06/16/2012) [-]
That'd be cool. I can help out some =]
#663 to #705 - lostusername (06/16/2012) [-]
Ah I deleted them all, heres one though
User avatar #664 to #706 - rawrbowwow (06/16/2012) [-]
The drawing isn't bad!
Just practice more. You should see my first ones. They were terrible.
User avatar #665 to #707 - lostusername (06/16/2012) [-]
Link me? You got over 40 pages of **** xD
User avatar #666 to #708 - rawrbowwow (06/16/2012) [-]
I think this was the first I uploaded
User avatar #667 to #709 - lostusername (06/16/2012) [-]
its not bad haha. I guess I'll try to make some in paint
User avatar #668 to #710 - rawrbowwow (06/16/2012) [-]
For the most part, I use the circle and curved line tools.
The only thing that I actually hand drew was the wings of the butterfree.
User avatar #669 to #711 - lostusername (06/16/2012) [-]
Well I'll see what I can do in paint haha. I laughed at the hot cheetos one.
User avatar #670 to #712 - rawrbowwow (06/16/2012) [-]
Haha thanks man.
Good luck too. Let me know if I can help.
#671 to #713 - lostusername (06/16/2012) [-]
Lol i suck with paint
User avatar #672 to #714 - rawrbowwow (06/16/2012) [-]
Lol not bad.
Just keep practicing.
I drew the same guy over and over so I could get a feel for his design.
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