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#6 - this is another video of her actually yelling **** you b4 he … 04/28/2016 on Trigglypuff used Flail 0
#17 - i love how now one cared when he was in wolverine origins as h… 04/28/2016 on Marilyn Wann is offended by... 0
#3 - isnt this the same cunt that got owned in some other video?  [+] (4 new replies) 04/28/2016 on Trigglypuff used Flail +5
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#5 - daspopo (04/28/2016) [-]
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#7 - ratytang (04/28/2016) [-]
Protestors go crazy during The Triggering event at UMass found it
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#6 - ratytang (04/28/2016) [-]
www.youtube.com/watch?v=oss7KmiHLmA this is another video of her actually yelling fuck you b4 he does this but i cant find it
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#4 - numbmind (04/28/2016) [-]
#1 - axel rose? 04/28/2016 on What even is this thing? +4
#6 - the actually made me laugh, pitty it will get flagged 04/28/2016 on Best magic show in the... 0
#5 - should have titled it coasting on the coast  [+] (3 new replies) 04/28/2016 on Coasting on the beach 0
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#11 - commencingfailure (04/28/2016) [-]
Tbh coasting the beach is more clever a pun
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#16 - ratytang (04/28/2016) [-]
the beach is usually on the coast though so no its not, its not even pun if you just call it what its doing
User avatar
#17 - commencingfailure (04/29/2016) [-]
Are you legit retarded? Coast is a synonym for beach. To coast the coast would be a pun too but it would involve one less synonym.
#82 - youtube total shreds there are heaps of them 04/28/2016 on My fave webms comp, Pt 18 +1
#542 - **ratytang used "*roll picture*"** **ratytang rolled image ** 04/28/2016 on What's in the chest, FJ? 0
#41 - on my tomb stone i want it to say if you dont fart th… 04/28/2016 on Grave sense of humor. 0
#22 - hes to happy to be a black man of that time, check mate cunts 04/28/2016 on Jews were hailed as... 0
#62 - nows a good time to start, you dont need to play the other gam… 04/27/2016 on They've evolved! 0
#80 - this is not about the brand its about expecting one taste and … 04/27/2016 on Only brit problems +1
#18 - Comment deleted  [+] (1 new reply) 04/27/2016 on *aggressive scrubbing noises* +3
#20 - bigbaddrag Comment deleted by ratytang
#105 - still in good condition too, respect 04/27/2016 on Starting up a game on PS2 0
#38 - my well endowed daddy is doing **** people already do, that's …  [+] (1 new reply) 04/27/2016 on Admin trying to save FJ 0
#40 - anon (04/30/2016) [-]
Yeah, I know, that's why I was being sarcastic.

Addy doesn't do shit worthwhile as far as contributing worthwhile content.

But then again, 99% of user posts aren't worthwhile content either, so I guess he is just establishing and maintaining the status quo of mediocrity.
#66 - final fantasy xv has so you never know 04/27/2016 on Starting up a game on PS2 0
#64 - nah the way this year has gone it will be 2016, ratchet and cl…  [+] (2 new replies) 04/27/2016 on Starting up a game on PS2 0
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#65 - brutalgod (04/27/2016) [-]
wish kingdom hearts would get its own anime series
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#66 - ratytang (04/27/2016) [-]
final fantasy xv has so you never know
#62 - one of my fav ps2 titles, cant wait for the new one this year  [+] (4 new replies) 04/27/2016 on Starting up a game on PS2 +1
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#63 - brutalgod (04/27/2016) [-]
nah its probably still in development, 2017 is most likely the release year
User avatar
#64 - ratytang (04/27/2016) [-]
nah the way this year has gone it will be 2016, ratchet and clan, doom, final fantasy vx and final fantast vii, star fox and a new mighty 9
2016 is the best year to release it as its a nostalgia year
User avatar
#65 - brutalgod (04/27/2016) [-]
wish kingdom hearts would get its own anime series
User avatar
#66 - ratytang (04/27/2016) [-]
final fantasy xv has so you never know
#61 - a new kingdom hearts comes out for ps4 this year  [+] (1 new reply) 04/27/2016 on Starting up a game on PS2 0
#111 - Penn (04/27/2016) [-]
Yeah, but not 3.
#56 - not really, that gun is pretty **** and you get it near the st…  [+] (2 new replies) 04/27/2016 on They've evolved! 0
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#61 - thebobinito (04/27/2016) [-]
Ah fair enough. Never played a Fallout game before.
User avatar
#62 - ratytang (04/27/2016) [-]
nows a good time to start, you dont need to play the other games to start the newest one, it has tiny references to fallout 3 but nothing story wise
#37 - i was hoping for it to zoom out, i wanted her to have a dick, … 04/26/2016 on #takingmakeupoffbeforegoing... +1
#19 - exactly, good example is racing sims you want to be seated usi… 04/26/2016 on VR Pool 0
#12 - attacking b4 talking, no wonder the world is so ****, you shou…  [+] (1 new reply) 04/26/2016 on They've evolved! +90
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#14 - blueboysixnine (04/26/2016) [-]
coming from someone who has been binge playing this for quite a while now, i can almost certainly say he was still pressing x to pick shit up and the talk function did nothing before he realized it was talk, not take
#12 - problem with htc vive is that all the games have a telepot fun…  [+] (7 new replies) 04/26/2016 on VR Pool -1
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#13 - sugoi (04/26/2016) [-]
You make it sound like using a controller is a good thing.
I thought people used VR for the immersion?
User avatar
#15 - captainprincess (04/26/2016) [-]
it depends what you want vr for tbh

the oculus seems the better choice if all you want is to relegate mouse-driven camera control to your neck so you can actually look around in games

the vive is better for actually doing actual VR things in actual VR with neat VR toys and experiences, if you can afford to do that
User avatar
#19 - ratytang (04/26/2016) [-]
exactly, good example is racing sims you want to be seated using a controller or wheel oculas is better where as if you want to play a really shitty looking version of pool then go for the htc vive
User avatar
#18 - Einsty (04/26/2016) [-]
VR toys and experiences are a neat thing until the novelty wears off. I need 3D head mounted display with accelerometers to act in place of track IR as well, but use it for actual games. Also, standing in a dedicated VR room I don't have for a 4 hour long mil-sim campaign seems like too much of a hassle. If it can't be used to enhance FPS gaming, it's a gimick like kinect. Also, all the motion controls seem to be terribly imprecise for actual gaming, where precision and low latency of hardware are key.
User avatar
#20 - captainprincess (04/26/2016) [-]
Its a novelty now
But that's because the people whove made things for it are trying to just display the technology

Give it time for people to make something from the ground up that's made to USE Vr, not show it off and you'll see the point of it then
User avatar
#21 - Einsty (04/26/2016) [-]
I will give it time, since for now it's pretty much useless. But I am afraid it will just end up a hardware for casual / social "gaming", when it could be used to enhance existing competitive titles.

I was optimistic when kinect came out. Then I saw its limitations in action. Extremely low precision of controls, low reliability, large space requirement, lighting and sound requirements... I was probably hoping it would bring more than it could offer. Plus the games for it don't stand on their own, they're basic because they can't afford complexity with so bad control scheme.
User avatar
#22 - captainprincess (04/26/2016) [-]
Its probably going to sidestep gaming in favour of being actual VR with actual VR experiences and things like that

I get that its being brought out as a gaming peripheral, but gaming is not the be-all end-all of VR, nor should it be

It should be, as it probably will be, just one of the many things VR tackles

Ofcourse the games for it dont stand on their own
They're tech demo display pieces
same as the vive's

Although there are constant reports of how accurate the vive's controls are
I cant say since Ive never touched it but thats the one thing everyone who has insists on constantly, nary a conflicting word anywhere, the vive has the most accutely accurate and responsive motion tracking to date
#62 - not in this genre, freddy, prince and bowie are all rock, mich… 04/26/2016 on Royal Flush +5
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#101 - whatdoyawant (02/29/2016) [-]
"have yer spot back"...yer #3...you sick sarcastic son of a bitch you..i kinda liked not havin to post **** daily...maintain yer spot and keep mines..make me proud!
#102 to #101 - ratytang (02/29/2016) [-]
its not that hard to keep #3 there is no more competition, chokin rarely posts now and brc has also slowed down, ive done way better then originally intended i was only going for top 10 but then i wanted to beat joshlol, then chokin told me he quit so i was like **** it ill take his spot too, muddy and crixuz would take a year to take over and aint no body got tyme fo dat.
#103 to #102 - whatdoyawant (02/29/2016) [-]
yea no ****..i never even wanted a top spot..i just wanted top holders of the colored text ****.. i wanted to focus on being top comment but theres more wit in the autism board than i'll ever have.
#104 to #103 - ratytang (02/29/2016) [-]
**** having most colored text, i started like November last year and only have like 160
#105 to #104 - whatdoyawant (02/29/2016) [-]
am sittin on a whole year in the making...never got a hat..so colored text is all i got.
#98 - ffffyou (02/28/2016) [-]
**** off

#99 to #98 - ratytang (02/28/2016) [-]
eat my shnutts
#100 to #99 - ffffyou (02/28/2016) [-]
Comment Picture
#95 - crixuz (02/28/2016) [-]
holy **** you beat brandon
#96 to #95 - ratytang (02/28/2016) [-]
i beat him the day i told you i would lol
#97 to #96 - crixuz (02/28/2016) [-]
He probably has a life kek
#106 to #97 - chris chris (05/15/2016) [-]
when people have a 'life' in the outside world
#93 - xmaggiepetersonx (02/27/2016) [-]
haha nice content today made me laugh!
#94 to #93 - ratytang (02/27/2016) [-]
glad i could help
#90 - crixuz (02/21/2016) [-]
******** you beat whatdoyawant
#91 to #90 - ratytang (02/21/2016) [-]
yeah chokins next lol
#92 to #91 - crixuz (02/21/2016) [-]
aw sheiit
#89 - helpful ONLINE (02/10/2016) [-]
designated faggot
#88 - donnymuffinasdf (02/05/2016) [-]
just wanted to say hi
#87 - twi ONLINE (02/05/2016) [-]
shut up bitch
#86 - lemonpepsiking (02/05/2016) [-]
#83 - gareaap (02/05/2016) [-]
#84 to #83 - ratytang (02/05/2016) [-]