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#10 - this is kool and all but how do i do face work outs?  [+] (5 new replies) 08/10/2015 on get ripped fj +19
#153 - doucheonmandic (08/11/2015) [-]
The Real Face Trainer i knew there will be a good time to know about this
#147 - thedippestofshits (08/11/2015) [-]
just bite one of these for a few hours a day
#72 - alimais (08/11/2015) [-]
#63 - dragonpaint (08/11/2015) [-]
#2 - you even watch videos on your phone sideways, at least i do 08/10/2015 on guidelines to live by 0
#10 - i guess the people in fresno did not listen, stupid people  [+] (4 new replies) 08/10/2015 on Awesome Photos From History... 0
User avatar #89 - memvar (08/11/2015) [-]
i live in fresno and can confirm that a lot of people here dont listen to shit
User avatar #22 - wazoowonseventeen (08/10/2015) [-]
i live near fresno, and no they dont
#32 - radicalkid (08/11/2015) [-]
You know who else lives in Fresno, this bitch. I live near Fresno as well.
User avatar #65 - wazoowonseventeen (08/11/2015) [-]
actually, she lived in Modesto where my mom was born what town?
#6 - cersie is awesome wtf you talking about, if you wana compare s…  [+] (16 new replies) 08/10/2015 on Thorazine -11
#16 - anon (08/11/2015) [-]
You can trace every problem in Westeros back to that arrogant fucking cunt-witch. Literally every one of them. Even the danger presented by the things stirring beyond the Wall is her fault, in a way, because she singlehandedly shattered the kingdom and left in such a state that fucking nobody is going to help out the crows. All because she resented Robert and lusted after power, despite being absolute shit at wielding it.

Cersei is 100% the worst character in the show. A lot of people want to throw that title on Dany, but the problems that have resulted from Dany's poor decisions pale in comparison to the problems stemming from the Gilded Whore of Lannister.
#17 - sirlorge (08/11/2015) [-]
Actually, I'd like to argue that Petyr Baelish has that title, by posing the Starks against the Lannisters just to try to get with Cat Ya know, the whole dagger thing, killing Cat's sister, betraying Ned, taking Sansa and in general plotting to get at power in anyway he can As for the spark that set it all off, that does go to Cersei, having gotten King Robert so drunk that he was killed by a pig setting everything up to go so wrongly, that all Little Finger.
also, she may be the most "evil" character, but Denarys' performance is very lackluster. Honestly I think she just sucks as a character more so than being the "worst" character.
#19 - anon (08/11/2015) [-]
Eh, CIA Guy wouldn't have done everything the way he did if Cersei wasn't as corrupt and power-hungry as she was. I don't deny that Baelish will always find a way to get what he wants, but Cersei was the catalyst that led to the destruction of the kingdom. Without her, Baelish would have been forced to seek another method of trying to eliminate Ned, probably one that wouldn't have led to Robert dying and the Lannisters taking the throne.

Besides, Baelish is respectable. He's the most devious and brilliant motherfucker in the realm, and if something goes wrong because of him he almost certainly intended it to go wrong. Well over half the shit Cersei fucks up gets fucked up because she's blinded by her own self-obsession and makes dumb decisions, which is really what pisses me off. Baelish might qualify for second or third worst character, but he can't take that title from Cersei imo.

and yeah, Dany is generally lackluster, but like I said: when I'm talking about worst character, I'm talking about the character that's responsible for the most bad stuff happening, and that's Cersei.
#21 - sirlorge (08/11/2015) [-]
I may have worded my last comment incorrectly, I mean that Petyr's actions have caused the 7 kingdoms to be in such a fucked state, not that he's the worst guy, though he comes close
Also, your own words kinda admit that if something he does goes wrong it's on purpose, and look at how he prospers in the face of this chaos. It would be far fetched to believe that he happened to go from being master of coin (servant) to (in practice) being Lord of the Eyrie without some planning.
Sure, now we know that he gives Sansa to the Boltons, but I think it holds true that he spun everything into position.
User avatar #26 - derpthefifth (08/11/2015) [-]
I feel as though evil by way of malice is better than evil by way of ignorance.

You can reason with malice, you can find something it wants and bargain and then get the fuck out of the way, ignorance is like an out of control grease fire and you just need to step back and hope to god it burns its self out.
#28 - sirlorge (08/11/2015) [-]
Evil in way of ignorance would be Lord Robert Robin, way too many Roberts to keep track of already making people "fly". Cersei knows that what she is doing is evil and has a motivation for it. She didn't accidentally order her cousin to keep the King drunk, she didn't accidentally give a religious nut power , she doesn't fuck her brother accidentally or in anyway go about doing evil by way of ignorance. She does so deliberately, seeking to further her agenda of being Queen in power as long as possible. She doesn't have Petyr's capacity to measure the end result of her actions not knowing her son would be such a petulant King, not realising that granting the Pope his title doesn't exclude her from being called a sinner, not considering the repercussions of her actions make her an ignorant evil person, but not an ignorantly evil person
User avatar #32 - derpthefifth (08/11/2015) [-]
I guess what i'm trying to say is Little finger can be reasoned with, he's surely more capable but he's a logical man in so far as making deals go, Cerci is ruled by immediate gratification of her desires, she doesn't think it through and once she's decided to do something she isn't going to be reasoned with, which makes her infinitely more dangerous because she's just smart enough not to get herself killed (mostly) but not quite smart enough to avoid the reign of kind Geoffrey or the afore mentioned nuttbags.
#35 - sirlorge (08/11/2015) [-]
I partially agree with you, the problem is that Baelish has probably already thought of what ever you may be trying to reason with and has still gone ahead with his plans anyways, inpiring a train of thought that he simply didn't give a shit or already planned for that. To boot, only a handful of people even begin to think that he has a plan in the first place. For reference look at how he masterfully implicates Tyrion for killing the crowned cunt in most cases however, Cersei can be reasoned with to a point. Granted she will try to scheme her way out of anything she doesn't want, but isn't entirely suicidal when it comes to her actions against others. unfortunately the most recent example I can think of is from the Tell Tale GoT game, where you literally have to reason with her, though I understand if you refuse to accept this as canon. She is reasonable enough to grant mercy to Ned, despite that being fucked by the crowned cunt, if that counts for anything. Think of it this way: would you consider a falling hammer more dangerous than an unexpected knife in the back?
User avatar #59 - derpthefifth (08/11/2015) [-]
You might be overestimating the scope of Baelishs' plans.... I mean, i'm not saying he's not smart but i don't think he's planning so far in advance that he's already considered every possible opportunity that might ensue.

If i had to say, it seems more like his plan is to create chaos, move up, and repete, the point is that he wants something long term, while Cerci just kinda sees an immediate goal (King robert dead, Tyrion dead, etc.) Honestly it wasn't that hard to frame Tyrion for killing Geoffrey, TBH Cerci had it out for him and the two were known to not like eachother, all he had to do was put Tyrion in the same room as Geoffry when he was killed and that'd be it considering Tywin would find him guilty, after that point it doesn't really matter what happens because a formal search can't be instigated. Although using whatshername (Ned starks daughter) as a bargaining chip to gain control of/allegiance with the boltons and the north was a damn good move.
#25 - anon (08/11/2015) [-]
he didn't give Sansa to the Boltons
Idc what the TV show says, established canon is established canon, and the book came out first
other than that, I mostly agree. Petyr was fairly indispensable to the destruction of Westeros, but Cersei was the root cause. He structured his plans around Cersei being Cersei, and without her none of it could have happened the same way. Hence why I say Cersei a shit
#27 - sirlorge (08/11/2015) [-]
We argue for the same cause, maybe just approaching it differently
Also I'm to poor to get the books, only have the first two from audible with the free books on sign up offer.
I also only just this year got into GoT, so I binge watched the show 2 months ago and have only finished listening to the first of the 2 books that I have. Obviously better than the show, but from what I understand the variations started mostly in seasons/books 4 and 5 which would represent a good chunk of change I don't have
I'd rather not resort to piracy, but I admit, I'm tempted, but I would rather pay, but I'm broke. Such is the life of a college student
#31 - anon (08/11/2015) [-]
I know how ya feel, man, I'm a college student myself. And, as a college student, I've found that my favorite place to read, browse the internet on my laptop, or just sit back and chill between classes is my college library. Seriously, that place is so incredibly tranquil that I'd live there if I could. Another neat thing about libraries, though... is that broke college students such as ourselves can borrow books from them. I'm sure there's always going to be a bit of a waiting period on books as popular as the Song of Ice and Fire series, but you could always explore that option.
#33 - sirlorge (08/11/2015) [-]
Aye, if only I studied at a university that needs a traditional library. No books in the film and animation career, though. I get access to a sick sound booth and an awesome green screen room though.
User avatar #9 - milomcrobbie (08/10/2015) [-]
Joffrey is the way he is because of cersei's partenting towards him, and letting him think he can do whatever the fuck he wants tho
#10 - ratytang (08/10/2015) [-]
so why is his brother different?
#12 - rednax (08/11/2015) [-]
'cause his brother wasn't the firstborn, and thus was never given much time to be fed the "you're going to be the best king in history" pampering from Cersei. He was just pampered to be a sissy instead.
#5 - Picture 08/10/2015 on FJCW Royal Rumble 6 pm eastern 0
#1 - Comment deleted 08/10/2015 on 0
#1 - teaching kids to curb stomp is so cute 08/09/2015 on Little kid trying to break... +36
#2 - Americas future president is laying the smackdown americ… 08/09/2015 on he got trumped +5
#1 - stepping on one lego hurts more then multiple, its the same as… 08/09/2015 on Rest in Pepsi 0
#1 - the only thing OP is goblin is ass 08/09/2015 on "A must read" "10/10" 0
#4 - twice, once with both hands 08/09/2015 on The effects of COD +1
#4 - i always get told stop making my photos look bad cause they ha… 08/09/2015 on When the DMV Couldn't get... 0
#1 - ive been on funnyjunk for 17 hours strait and i hate it man, …  [+] (2 new replies) 08/09/2015 on The effects of COD +5
User avatar #3 - misterfrog (08/09/2015) [-]
i bet you punch walls faggot
User avatar #4 - ratytang (08/09/2015) [-]
twice, once with both hands
#1 - Comment deleted 08/09/2015 on Computer help 0
#91 - source 08/09/2015 on He Survived. 0
#374 - dang im late, this is the last one i need for the collection 08/08/2015 on Batman: Arkham Knight Giveaway 0
#1 - he has a whole army guarding the stage so no one kills him 08/07/2015 on Best EDM live performance +1
#4 - its a classy meal in the first place wtf you talking about  [+] (2 new replies) 08/07/2015 on Fancy living +1
#5 - falloutsurvivor (08/07/2015) [-]
**falloutsurvivor used "*roll 1, cah answer*"**
**falloutsurvivor rolls Cultural Marxism.**
why is raty poor as shit
#6 - falloutsurvivor (08/07/2015) [-]
ratytang confirmed communist
#30 - ren and stimpy  [+] (2 new replies) 08/07/2015 on MFW i see myopicprophet... 0
#35 - anon (08/07/2015) [-]
You'll have to post louder, sonny.
User avatar #31 - mydreams (08/07/2015) [-]
I can't read you?
#16 - that was the point in choosing it, to be annoying for a week 08/07/2015 on Was it rape or nah?... -2
#13 - my bad, not sure why i thought i said your name  [+] (2 new replies) 08/07/2015 on Was it rape or nah?... -3
#14 - paneely (08/07/2015) [-]
No problem, but I do hate you for that text colour.
User avatar #16 - ratytang (08/07/2015) [-]
that was the point in choosing it, to be annoying for a week
#2 - its good to see bearded men smile, its so much more jolly, pic related  [+] (2 new replies) 08/06/2015 on MFW I trick the automatic... -2
#5 - merrrione (08/07/2015) [-]
please for the love of god change your text color.
User avatar #19 - thenoahgoesree (08/07/2015) [-]
i didn't even know there were words there until you pointed it out
#7 - Comment deleted  [+] (4 new replies) 08/06/2015 on Was it rape or nah?... 0
#10 - paneely (08/06/2015) [-]
I didn't thumb you down. I'm just sharing this so people can form an opinion just as you've done.
User avatar #13 - ratytang (08/07/2015) [-]
my bad, not sure why i thought i said your name
#14 - paneely (08/07/2015) [-]
No problem, but I do hate you for that text colour.
User avatar #16 - ratytang (08/07/2015) [-]
that was the point in choosing it, to be annoying for a week
#6 - so where are they? or you are just going to take their word fo… 08/06/2015 on Was it rape or nah?... -2
#1 - now the question is, could you get out of your car and do this… 08/06/2015 on L-Lewd -1


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You're one sassy kitty    It's so choppy lmao
You're one sassy kitty It's so choppy lmao
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ratytang meme is best meme
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what do you use for editing and gifs...
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Raty where you be
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not here
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OK yeah my name is obviously bluer than yours
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no srsly why are you so fat?
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Why are you a ****** annon?
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why are u so fat?
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**** off
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I saw this background and I thought of you.
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I love it, here is one for you
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where'd you get the hat from mang
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My sons cupboard lol think the GF got it online from some baby place cant remember
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I don't think I'm gonna use that as my background. I don't wanna accidentally shoot my computer.
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**** you
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This wasn't supposed to happen but I'm glad it did
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hahaha made my day
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You're ******* hilarious
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I'll stop mentioning you now.
I'll stop mentioning you now.
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I'll stop mentioning you now.
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you so fahnny
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your comments are hilarious
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Hai ma friend :D
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