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#1 - Picture 09/26/2016 on Master debater +5
#1 - found another one  [+] (1 reply) 09/26/2016 on Dogo watch +6
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#5 - mustachebro (09/27/2016) [-]
#1 - mickey mouse never fought sepiroth, it was donald and goofy  [+] (16 replies) 09/26/2016 on kingdom fantasy +180
#79 - advice (09/27/2016) [-]
Wasn't Sephiroth one of the fights that if you died as Sora mickey COULD show up and save you?
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#10 - galkawhm (09/26/2016) [-]
Actually, Sora fights sephiroth alone in both games he shows up in. It's really annoying that you can't use Drive Forms in 2 during that fight. Unless you got the HD remake that adds a new Limit Form that doesn't need allies.
#54 - endlezzwazte (09/27/2016) [-]
There was that one drive that didnt require any allies. It was Final Form if I remember right. Thats the one I used to be him on proud mode
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#126 - galkawhm (09/27/2016) [-]
Limit Form is the one that doesn't need allies. It's exclusive to Final Mix+ and 2.5
#127 - endlezzwazte (09/27/2016) [-]
No you can get it in base KH 2 but its up to rng
#128 - galkawhm (09/27/2016) [-]
Limit =/= Final
Limit was added in KH2 Final Mix+ and kept in KH2.5 HD
Final has always been in the game and is available after the Roxas fight.

Limit form was meant to emulate KHI Sora's moveset and taught Sora Dodge Roll as it leveld up. He has no access to his spells but he gets his 4 limit breaks from KHI.
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#14 - shunkahawolf (09/26/2016) [-]
how much do you have to suck to need a drive form to beat sephiroth in KH2?
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#30 - galkawhm (09/27/2016) [-]
Saves you from using an elixir if you fail to stop heartless angel.
#27 - greyshirt (09/27/2016) [-]
At least as much as I do.
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#20 - balanced (09/26/2016) [-]
As much as I hate elitist sayings like this it's kinda true. In kingdom hearts 2 it was just ; having once more and second chance on, not missing any guards and saving cures for after heartless angel.
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#18 - holycrapimacupcake (09/26/2016) [-]
Well I'm not good at games so...
#64 - anon (09/27/2016) [-]
I recently replayed KH2, original version
I remembered Sephiroth being a dope boss battle, so I was super stoked to face him again.
Unfortunately, I discovered a strategy that makes him a fraction of the difficulty Use the reflect spell. He kills himself faster than you could ever kill him.
#101 - greeeed (09/27/2016) [-]
I guess it's old theory joke.

If you hit yourself and got hurt.
Does that mean you are strong or weak?

Same if you hit yourself but didn't receiving any damage.
Does that mean you have strong body or weak attack?
#87 - chiyoshi (09/27/2016) [-]
You should get 2.5 remix and do the data battles and Terra. Also complete the game on critical mode. It's really tough but it's very satisfying to complete the whole game.
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#65 - holycrapimacupcake (09/27/2016) [-]
I never thought to use that. I never useReflect.
#13 - blindruler (09/26/2016) [-]
Now I feel like replaying the series
#5 - bet the person whole stole it was black  [+] (3 replies) 09/26/2016 on Black Leafs Matter +77
#29 - anon (09/26/2016) [-]
racist much.
go back to /pol
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#12 - scorpidea (09/26/2016) [-]
Doubt it... I have lived here in Vermont most my life... and I think I know all 3 black people in the state.
#57 - BloodyTurds (09/26/2016) [-]
so which one of them stole it?
#6 - Picture  [+] (2 replies) 09/25/2016 on What is my purpose?....OMG +193
#26 - msytic (09/25/2016) [-]
#14 - nuclearfishin (09/25/2016) [-]
#13 - its a new day for bukkake  [+] (1 reply) 09/25/2016 on Tipical Japanese Cuisine +3
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#20 - alcoholicsemen (09/25/2016) [-]
bukkake everyday
#1 - can someone explain this book **** to me, is he media trying t…  [+] (25 replies) 09/25/2016 on /k/ weighs in on charlotte +205
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#69 - beebro (09/26/2016) [-]
at least make it something believable like he just had a blunt or something
not a fucking book lol
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#66 - kromeknight (09/26/2016) [-]
Yeah, so his wife claimed he was carrying a book not a gun when he was shot.
#65 - anon (09/26/2016) [-]
yup dindu nuffin black man was peacefully and in no way breaking any laws reading a book when racist white cops killed him
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#64 - freetexas (09/26/2016) [-]
is the video up yet? from the cops?
#59 - anon (09/26/2016) [-]
A black man was shot and other racist blacks tried to say he had a book instead of gun and the 'white' officer that shot him was racist, even though the cop is black.
#58 - emperorehryn (09/26/2016) [-]

The video is recorded by the man's wife. Which raises the question as to why she's pulling up with a video camera on her dash board anyway. (In my opinion the convenience of people having video cameras during all this is fucking weird. Oh look my nigga gon get shot lemme record it)

He's in the car on the left hand side of the video, cops said he was doing something threatening with the gun, then proceeded to get out of his car when the cops had their guns drawn on him.

#56 - anon (09/26/2016) [-]
His family said that he had a book, not a gun.
#47 - kaseru (09/25/2016) [-]
#37 - thundergyra (09/25/2016) [-]
They said he had a book, but all he had was a magazine.
#72 - kristovsky (09/26/2016) [-]
#55 - larrallina (09/26/2016) [-]
good shit
#34 - theunclean (09/25/2016) [-]
yes. they said the guy that had this gun really had a book.
#30 - anon (09/25/2016) [-]
Before his body was even cold his daughter was live streaming on facebook saying he was killed just because he was black and that he didn't have a gun and that it was a book.
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#35 - tacticalhog (09/25/2016) [-]
wait who's body? whats going on?
#40 - abcdxyz (09/25/2016) [-]
In Charlotte, North Carolina a black man was shot by police. His family, social media, and BLM went on claiming he was holding a book and that the cops shot him because he was black. Now the police have released video of the shooting (which I have to admit I don't feel like shows a whole lot unfortunately) as well as picture that include the gun he was carrying.

Right now we have some people claiming that the pictures are fake and that this guy still didn't have a gun, and you have some people making jokes about mistaking guns for books
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#39 - skeptical (09/25/2016) [-]
Ferguson II: Electric Boogaloo
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#38 - ompalomper (09/25/2016) [-]
The riot in Charlotte is because some black guy got shot by police. It was the standard circus where he didn't follow instructions, pulled out a gun and got shot. Of course the blacks start howling "racist pigs" "He a good boy who dindu nuffin" and "unarmed and calm". The media goes with the narrative of the loudest minority and report that he was carrying a book and was shot for no reason. The media coverage fans the flames and you get a new fugerson riot. The media then calls that "peaceful protesting" despite the looting, burning, assaults and murder that occurred. Of course BLM are all over it and the shit heads in government and side with the mainstream media and the howling minority despite their false narrative, further giving legitimacy to rioting in response to police defending themselves and further splitting the divide between the nugget horde and the civilised society.

The funny thing? The cop that shot was black.

A complete and utterly shitshow from start to finish. Well, except for Charlotte officials saying that anyone found looting and rioting will have their food stamps and welfare suspended for life. That is the silver lining to this shitstorm cloud.
#79 - kinggavin (09/26/2016) [-]
So, I don't mean to be a downer, but food stamps and welfare thing was actually false. Should totally fucking do it though
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#23 - britexplain (09/25/2016) [-]
His family claimed he had a book instead of a gun.
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#4 - clavatninenine (09/25/2016) [-]
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#2 - demented (09/25/2016) [-]
Some news outlets immediately said that the victim in Charlotte had a book and not a gun as the police had not really been clear on all the details immediately. Obviously as soon as things started getting sorted it was clear he did in fact have a gun on him. Some liberals are clinging to the idea that he never had a gun/it was planted. This is the joke that the "book" was actually the gun pictured above.
#24 - anon (09/25/2016) [-]
The wife of the guy who was shot originally said it was a book, specifically the Quran. Some media outlets put this out in the first wave of articles. Some have decided to still believe this with no evidence, other than what the wife said.
#16 - anon (09/25/2016) [-]
It got sorted out? Good to know, I thought it was still inconclusive.

And BLM said the book thing.
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#22 - vladhellsing (09/25/2016) [-]
Which is nonsense - niggers can't read.
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#3 - ratytang (09/25/2016) [-]