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#6 - Is this the new Civ? How is it, I'm curious?  [+] (24 replies) 11 hours ago on Gandhi's true agenda. 0
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#37 - shinku (52 minutes ago) [-]
Civ 6 is great but there are WAAAYYY too many bugs and exploits like seiging a city from 9 tiles away with a cannon and selling units to make tons of money and may others. Also the scythia are dumb broken op 100x better than any other civ.
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#32 - blackmageewizardt (2 hours ago) [-]
6 is different, very complicaited.

I actuelly required the fucking tutorioal because i was overhelmed about all the new shiny shit.

Also fucking Russia beat me with a Religious victory, 1 round befor i had a fucking culture victory!

How you ask? I played the fuckign Zimbawes and had theirfore always the main dominant Religion :^)

#36 - captainganto (54 minutes ago) [-]
i heard they removed culture victory?
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#38 - shinku (51 minutes ago) [-]
Actually they made culture victory a lot more viable. Now you dont need Influence over other people you just need a set tourism amount and its a lot easier (sometimes) and its generally more useful to go towards.
#39 - captainganto (50 minutes ago) [-]
will science victory ever be as GLORIOUS as it was in civ2?
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#40 - shinku (48 minutes ago) [-]
Its a lot harder now due to the fact that the Scythia are a war civ and stupidly OP beyond all belief, but without them in the game id say science isnt too hard. The big thing is making sure somebody dosnt pull a sneaky culture or religion victory because both of those can really screw you over if you arent willing to wage a little bit of war to slow them down.
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#27 - sirboneless (4 hours ago) [-]
While some people bash the sort of toony art style, the gameplay looks great. realistic boosts to research depending on what you do, diplomacy is more in depth, the AI have a wider range of behaviors, and the districts feature looks great, letting your cities really sprawl out on to the map.
#23 - rupok (6 hours ago) [-]
Its really fucking good. The district system adds alot, now you gotta have specific cities thats focused on certain stuff like science, commerce,etc. Managing upgrades to tiles is much less annoying as you don't have like 10 builders that you keep track off, builders build instantly but have certain amount of uses until they are gone.

Religion is really cool and gives bonuses if you spread it. You also have faith points u can use for different things, like if you are theological govt you can actually buy units with faith. Wat is viable way to win as there are many bonuses you can get by pillaging.
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#22 - huszti (6 hours ago) [-]
it's pretty okay imo. i have a few key issues with it.
everyone is friendly for the first few turns. (except Scythia)
at some point (at least after 70 turns total and 20 turns after initially meeting someone) everyone turns more and more hostile no matter what you do (Scythia even earlier).
barbarians are even more aggressive
i get denounced as a warmonger just for starting a war with halved warmonger penalties.
Scythia is a cunt constantly declaring war with her 5 million horsemen and then starts crying you're a warmonger for the rest of the game if you teach her a lesson by taking one of her cities.

it has some nice additions now tho:
reasons for denunciations are displayed.
you can gain knowledge about what other civs are doing, who they're trading with etc through various means
day-night cycle looks pretty neat.
the eurekas (boost for certain tech-research (e.g. build quarry to get a boost for masonry)) are pretty neat
the districts make city planning better
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#28 - toyszlii (3 hours ago) [-]
i'd also add that you can start theological battles with your apostoles thats thats pretty neat
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#24 - shenro (4 hours ago) [-]
funny, from my experience, scythia is happy with the way i rule my people and the spanish and chineese are constantly looking for a chance to declare war.
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#26 - huszti (4 hours ago) [-]
i really have no idea why she hates me so much, it makes no sense. but hey, last time Germany declared war while our declaration of friendship was still active.
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#30 - vigilum (3 hours ago) [-]
She's a sizequeen
She won't like you unless your army is huge
#13 - tworjey (8 hours ago) [-]
Better than civ 5 at release.
Still a civ game at release.
I probably won't buy until it's had a year of playtesting, and that's not because I want a discount. Still, though, better than horseman simulator 2010.
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#10 - InsomniacDreamer (9 hours ago) [-]
It looks like a mobile game honestly.
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#12 - kavrick (9 hours ago) [-]
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#14 - InsomniacDreamer (8 hours ago) [-]
Comparing to the graphics of Endless legend or Civ Beyond Earth, it's underwhelming looking at the videos.
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#15 - kavrick (8 hours ago) [-]
Graphics are one of the least important things for a strategy game, thats pretty shallow view, i have nearly 20 hours into it now and i can say it has more depth than the previous games and you're saying its more like a casual game just because it has more simplistic graphics?
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#16 - InsomniacDreamer (8 hours ago) [-]
Going a little in depth into my words, good try though
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#17 - kavrick (8 hours ago) [-]
The only thing you said was about the graphics, if thats the only thing you have to complain about and the first thing yoou bring up, then thats obviously the only thing you care about.
You try to put someone off getting a good game for such a shit reason
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#18 - InsomniacDreamer (8 hours ago) [-]
How they take my opinion is up to them, Let them formulate their own decision. Graphics do play a part in liking a game. I made my decision after seeing game play.
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#19 - kavrick (8 hours ago) [-]
The best eay to recommend a game or not is to be objective, art style is completely subjective, i personally like the art style, its really quaint
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#9 - Endofzeeworld (9 hours ago) [-]
I still prefer Civ 5, but 6 isnt bad at all.
#8 - anon (10 hours ago) [-]
its a piece of fucking shit console game marketed to pc gamers
#4 - A dog is a lot of work, requiring a lot of care and attention,…  [+] (3 replies) 10/20/2016 on douche cat +66
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#24 - lazysans (10/21/2016) [-]
thats good thinking
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#23 - belshir (10/21/2016) [-]
That makes sense but at the same time i have seen one cat in my life that has been affectionate, the rest show up, eat the food you give it, whine later when it has half a bowl of food left but wants more, then piss off again. Only one cat was a neighbourhood cat that occasionally would get into our house, hed come at sit with you and cuddle up while you watched t.v then after a little while moved on, didnt whine for food just came, cuddled, purred, played and left. Incidentally he liked me and spent a lot of time around me which is how i found out im allergic to cats.
User avatar
#40 - hierophant (10/21/2016) [-]
Weird, because most of the cats I have met love to cuddle and lay down. They've sough attention from me for playing or cuddling. There are cats I've met that would come rushing over when I lower my hand so that they could get scratched and petted. And my current kitten loves me. He'll meow at my door until I let him into my room so that he can see me and cuddle with me. If I leave the house, he'll meow at the window, lamenting my disapperance. He'll hop up on my bed when I turn off the light, and get ready to go to sleep next to me, purring and kneading the bed.

All cats are different, just like how all dogs and all humans are different. Most cats are loveable. It's just that they are also content to be left alone for long periods of time.
#1 - These kinds of people don't go to the dentist.  [+] (2 replies) 10/17/2016 on PAPA +1
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#6 - tigersalliemander (10/17/2016) [-]
Or her dad is a dentist.
Dad: "Have you been flossing?"
Her: "Read my lips."
#2 - feffog (10/17/2016) [-]
she doesnt fuckin need one it seems then because those shit art artificially whitened and not the over the counter shit either,

jamal must do root canals
#17 - They really evil, though. I agree Fiber can't come quick enoug…  [+] (2 replies) 10/12/2016 on Data limitations +7
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#18 - magmon (10/12/2016) [-]
I respect your opinion on the matter, but personally assert we simply need to wait and see. Either way, I'm switching to Google as soon as it's in my state.
User avatar
#19 - rainbowtacos (10/12/2016) [-]
You do you, man. This is my favorite quote about the situation, though: "Comcast seems to be employing the boiling frog approach with data caps, rolling them out slowly with limits that seem reasonable at first. The temperature-sensitive amphibians among us have taken notice, and now you can croak your loudest in response. "
I would switch to Google (or anyone else that offered decent service at a good price) in a heartbeat, but the sad fact is that it's not and won't be available for a long time in most of the country.