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#150 - What are you getting?  [+] (1 reply) 06/15/2016 on Hillary Gun Logic 101 0
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#173 - brokentail (06/16/2016) [-]
S&W .357. i'll decide make and model when I get there.
#132 - I don't know what self defense training you've been too, but e…  [+] (2 replies) 05/28/2016 on Dindus on the run +3
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#136 - lewddragons (05/28/2016) [-]

I've been to the required, and advanced, classes required to get my unrestricted license to carry? You are NOT judge, jury, and executioner. And you think the legal process is LESS complicated when you've killed someone?
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#151 - atusek (05/29/2016) [-]
Yeah nah. Any decent lawyer can take crippling and run you into the ground with it. Clearly you didn't feel your life was in danger if you could get away with crippling. As such using a gun was needless, reckless, and dangerous. source: my ccw course, and the legal system. Either you had a shit course or no course at all. That into is gonna land your ass behind bars
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