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#155 - I've been working on it still, just not as diligently as I was…  [+] (5 new replies) 01/13/2014 on Minecraft in a shellnut 0
User avatar #156 - butterisgood (01/13/2014) [-]
Oh, i understand.

i'm just askin why was there no update on this, i mean, you've clearly been doing it, but why didn't you keep us informed is all i'm asking
User avatar #157 - raamageddon (01/13/2014) [-]
I have a tendency to really only update things when I've made progress, and there wasn't enough progress for me to consider it important. Unless I actually complete an entire section or get something entirely done, it winds up seeming... Inconsequential, I guess?

I might make an actual post about it in the Minecraft channel or something when I've got the actual terraforming complete, start showing progress on the actual building phase.
User avatar #158 - butterisgood (01/13/2014) [-]
I think you should post it right now, even if you didn't do much

cause you might get some hands on board to help you, and that always helps. right?
User avatar #160 - butterisgood (01/14/2014) [-]
Okay then

good luck with that and post something on that channel
User avatar #159 - raamageddon (01/14/2014) [-]
Soon enough I will. Likely after I get that last quarter of the ocean finished, since that's a task I'd rather handle myself for that particular area. I'll definitely have to pick up a few henchmen for the skyblock, because that could speed up the process immensely.
#73 - I play Skyrim on the console on a very old TV that has no HD c…  [+] (1 new reply) 01/12/2014 on Skyrim +4
#96 - blancka (01/12/2014) [-]
HD is overrated. It's only really noticeable on games like final fantasy or uncharted which genuinely look good. Though it is pretty much a requirement for some games like dead rising or star ocean with writing that's near impossible to make out on non-hd tvs.
#177 - It's not that they were huge or bad, but they had no flow. A m… 01/12/2014 on Gears of War +1
#117 - I've never encountered a glitch with the checkpoint system... …  [+] (1 new reply) 01/12/2014 on Gears of War 0
User avatar #174 - autoflame (01/12/2014) [-]
I've never had any glitches in my 2 playthroughs, only textures rendering
#116 - Too huge? Most of the map sizes were alright, but they were ex…  [+] (3 new replies) 01/12/2014 on Gears of War 0
User avatar #120 - spikesodeath (01/12/2014) [-]
those maps where like running around in a damn maze. the only good map was streets. I think that the studio people can fly screwed up gears badly, despite how good Bullet Storm was.
User avatar #177 - raamageddon (01/12/2014) [-]
It's not that they were huge or bad, but they had no flow. A map that's designed well will cause the action to channel into certain areas. The old Gears maps all had an area of confrontation. Judgment's maps had no flow, you just wandered around them, and in some cases, couldn't navigate them. For instance, the Boomshield on Streets was great, but you denied yourself half the navigation because you couldn't vault over cover anymore. Some paths became impossible to use.

Plus there weren't even enough maps at all. You give me four maps to start out with? Fuck yourself, that's garbage.
User avatar #163 - renegadesparks (01/12/2014) [-]
I think Bullet storm would have been better if the gameplay had been slightly closer to old school fps than modern chest high wall simulators tbh it had all these weapons that'd be great if all the enemies would cluster together very tightly, but don't, anything else about the game was okay in my books, although the plot did take itself WAY too seriously at points
#115 - The Sires are the explanation for the Queen. The expe… 01/12/2014 on Gears of War +3
#327 - Redback, funnelweb, blue-ringed octopus, taipan, tiger snake, … 01/11/2014 on (untitled) 0
#73 - While I mostly agree with you, I still did like DS3, and think…  [+] (1 new reply) 01/09/2014 on Take your vitamins 0
User avatar #80 - kermaperuna (01/09/2014) [-]
yeah i realized i accidentally put xenomorph instead of necromorph (i had been awake for like 10min before i wrote that so accidents happen).

I like the story of dead space but when i played it the whole point for me atm was to play it with my friend and enjoy a survival-horror game. we just got so frustrated to the combat it kind of changed our opinion towards the game as a whole.

i might play it through someday....depends on how drunk i am
#2211 - I am a wandering Dwarf that suddenly appears on the Horizon an… 01/08/2014 on Fantasy Character Creator 0
#2196 - **raamageddon rolls 22,719**  [+] (1 new reply) 01/08/2014 on Fantasy Character Creator 0
User avatar #2211 - raamageddon (01/08/2014) [-]
I am a wandering Dwarf that suddenly appears on the Horizon and fucks shit up as massively as possible in the name of a benevolent God.

I am pleased with this outcome.
#347 - I'd like to note something here. Last year, I barely …  [+] (18 new replies) 01/08/2014 on fedora army 0
User avatar #402 - mutzaki (01/08/2014) [-]
What sinonyx said. When tumblr cancer first started becoming a thing on FJ, people were really hostile towards it. It eventually started dying out, and tumblr became somewhat of the norm. Now, I'm noticing the hostility rising again. Same with MLP, religion, edginess (such as extensive use of the word nigger), etc. Don't think this is any different or that people on here have matured or whatever.
User avatar #386 - sinonyx (01/08/2014) [-]

funnyjunk fads have no logic
User avatar #356 - RandomAnonGuy (01/08/2014) [-]
They're related. There are a lot of atheists here, myself being one of them, and those posts were popular for a while. Then we realized they were cancer. So now we have the atheist equivalent of moderate Christians hating fanatics.
If that makes any sense
User avatar #357 - kousei (01/08/2014) [-]
Eye for an eye. Now that the religion bashing is done the non-religion bashing begins.
User avatar #359 - RandomAnonGuy (01/08/2014) [-]
Both have always happened, just in different places. Atheism bashing used to happen over the radio and in small towns and religion bashing used to happen on the internet. Now they're kinda bleeding into each other.
User avatar #360 - kousei (01/08/2014) [-]
fair, I was only speaking for this site specifically though.
User avatar #361 - RandomAnonGuy (01/08/2014) [-]
The reason atheists came to the internet to bash religion in the first place is because they couldn't confront it in real life on punishment of social death. Funnyjunk is no exception.
User avatar #364 - kousei (01/08/2014) [-]
Oh trust me, social death wasn't the punishment. was an atheist in a small town, bible belt high school you got the fucking social inquisition. Though there is one wonderful difference in the internet, due to the wide range of cultures a single website can reach you are bound to find someone not bogged down by the local customs of your town.
User avatar #371 - RandomAnonGuy (01/08/2014) [-]
I've lived in 'Straya my entire life. Literally the worst I've gotten is one guy calling me an idiot. I've had bigger arguments with people I know over whether or not one friend making a racist joke about my other friend is bullying.
User avatar #374 - kousei (01/08/2014) [-]
sorry, i assume you're christian correct?
User avatar #378 - RandomAnonGuy (01/08/2014) [-]
'Straya - Brutal conditions, but the people are pretty cool.
User avatar #380 - kousei (01/08/2014) [-]
Sorry, american moron here, what exactly is 'Straya? and how do you pronounce it?
User avatar #381 - RandomAnonGuy (01/08/2014) [-]
Slang for Australia, pretty much never used here. Stray-ah.
User avatar #383 - kousei (01/08/2014) [-]
OH! Alright, now that that's covered I'm still a bit confused. Where are you on the religion thing?
User avatar #385 - RandomAnonGuy (01/08/2014) [-]
Agnostic Atheist with strong distaste towards negative aspects of religion, but I acknowledge it has its good side.
User avatar #392 - kousei (01/08/2014) [-]
cool, though I'm guessing your going off that chart floating around Not a fan of that chart, i think it's an inaccurate representation I only classify myself as agnostic and my only problem with religion is a mass of people following blindly, kinda a scary thought when you remember the crusades or more recently WBC.
User avatar #395 - RandomAnonGuy (01/08/2014) [-]
I don't like that kids are kicked out by their parents for being atheist, or communities that won't accept families because of it, as well as the stuff you mentioned.
User avatar #397 - kousei (01/08/2014) [-]
Fair enough, I dated this girl once and her family hated me before talking to me because my FB page didn't say I was christian.
#90 - I'm nineteen and have yet to do it, nor am I in any hurry. … 01/08/2014 on lel +3
#83 - What if the goal is not to reach the lowest rank. But…  [+] (1 new reply) 01/07/2014 on heh +2
#84 - doxkid (01/07/2014) [-]
It is at 1 thumb. I think we've got the situation handled pretty well.

Soon it'll delete or change the account and try again. No reaction makes trolls mad.
#67 - Never heard of leggings?  [+] (1 new reply) 01/06/2014 on Sword of Friendship +7
#93 - mvtjets (01/06/2014) [-]
Damn I thought it was nudity
Im so sorry
So so sorry
I regret my comment
Regret it
Despise it
H8 it m8
Shun it
#168 - Can you stop shitposting? That'd be real fuckin' great. 01/05/2014 on Homer wisdom +2
#67 - This one's more acceptable than the one above at least. … 01/04/2014 on not sorry +6
#98 - I'm not saying that Humans aren't self-absorbed creatures. We …  [+] (1 new reply) 01/04/2014 on Repost +1
#106 - xxbandwagonxx has deleted their comment.
#37 - Maybe the friend in question should've bought a dog instead of… 01/04/2014 on yessssss -1
#92 - Because the reality is that what happened in the book is where…  [+] (3 new replies) 01/04/2014 on Repost 0
#93 - xxbandwagonxx has deleted their comment.
User avatar #98 - raamageddon (01/04/2014) [-]
I'm not saying that Humans aren't self-absorbed creatures. We always have been, always will be. But over the past few decades, modern society has become much more impersonal, much more dead. Bradbury attributes this to modern technology, it seems, but I'm not so much a radical individual as to assert that it's entirely to blame. If it wasn't Human nature, we wouldn't do it. Nonetheless, it hasn't helped us, either.

Not that I'm one to particularly talk, but our social abilities have gone down the shitter substantially. We don't like talking to each other anymore. No face-to-face, no phone conversations. We prefer texting. We like things that let us avoid each other, keep ourselves in isolation.

And maybe people have always had tendencies to avoid problems, but it's gotten much worse. People try pretending that everything's perfect instead of handling things. They put on these make-believe lives and try desperately to avoid anything that might pop their bubble and expose them to the open air. Regardless of whether or not this is new, it's definitely a problem in the world.

Call me a cynical asshole if you like. I've just had a lot of exposure to the dark side of things, not so much to the light for a while.

Still, I think Bradbury has everyone beat when it comes to the cynical asshole competition.
#106 - xxbandwagonxx has deleted their comment.
#119 - I wouldn't touch her with a forty nine and a half foot pole. …  [+] (1 new reply) 01/04/2014 on Well.... its true +1
User avatar #164 - nevrit (01/04/2014) [-]
You only follow what the media posts and consider it the truth. You might not like the personality portrayed, but please keep in mind that as a whole you don't, nor will you ever know the her that she really is. Whether that be trash or the nicest fucking person ever, you don't know
#45 - O teh noez, I iz ashaem'd at mai cumpreet dissruhgard of udder… 01/04/2014 on Dumbedore 0
#41 - This might be the first thing I've ever thumbed up, only becau…  [+] (2 new replies) 01/04/2014 on Dumbedore 0
User avatar #44 - klokwork (01/04/2014) [-]
Then your an asshole for not supporting hundreds of people's meaningless struggle to find approval from random people on the internet. For-shame.
User avatar #45 - raamageddon (01/04/2014) [-]
O teh noez, I iz ashaem'd at mai cumpreet dissruhgard of udder peephole's feelingz.

That was the single most painful thing I've ever fucking typed, and I'm gonna go force somebody's hand into a garbage disposal to make myself feel better.
#68 - Yeah, exactly. Like, I can actually drive to a pizza place wit…  [+] (1 new reply) 01/04/2014 on It's Delissio 0
#69 - tyroneisanigger (01/04/2014) [-]
Yeah, when I get pizza delivered the guy gets a $0.50 cent tip, at best.
He does this for a living, is paid $8.25 (more than waiters at restaurants) plus tips. He gets enough money.
All this talk about pizza is making me want Dominoes pizza, but the closest one is 20 miles away in the text city over.
#64 - I don't know what kind of idiot would drive home after orderin…  [+] (3 new replies) 01/04/2014 on It's Delissio 0
#65 - tyroneisanigger (01/04/2014) [-]
Ah, when living 20 minutes or so away from a city that makes sense because places wont deliver outside city limits.
User avatar #68 - raamageddon (01/04/2014) [-]
Yeah, exactly. Like, I can actually drive to a pizza place within a few minutes now anyway, or even walk to it within like fifteen if I really wanted, but then there's another thing. If you get a delivery, you gotta tip the guy, so if it's easy enough to get there, sometimes it's better to just go get it yourself. But yeah, it's always been at least a fifteen minute drive to get into town. And that's when I've lived closer. It's usually more like a forty-five minute drive to get to a town that has anything in it.

I realize that for most people, this isn't normal anyway, but. For people who do live in these areas, it's pretty much their best, if not only option.
#69 - tyroneisanigger (01/04/2014) [-]
Yeah, when I get pizza delivered the guy gets a $0.50 cent tip, at best.
He does this for a living, is paid $8.25 (more than waiters at restaurants) plus tips. He gets enough money.
All this talk about pizza is making me want Dominoes pizza, but the closest one is 20 miles away in the text city over.
#54 - I guess, but I mean, everyone I know pretty much just goes and… 01/04/2014 on It's Delissio 0
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