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#74 - Glad to be of service.  [+] (1 reply) 11/01/2015 on ugly something 0
#75 - alphagex (11/01/2015) [-]
#72 - As a serious reply to you, I you don't quite seem to be graspi…  [+] (3 replies) 11/01/2015 on ugly something +1
#73 - alphagex (11/01/2015) [-]
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#74 - raamageddon (11/01/2015) [-]
Glad to be of service.
#75 - alphagex (11/01/2015) [-]
#75 - Okay. I've kinda been biting my tongue on this one for a while…  [+] (10 replies) 10/30/2015 on Sexy Halloween +16
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#92 - sketchE (10/30/2015) [-]
but the punchline wasnt sex
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#94 - joshuaww (10/30/2015) [-]
To expand on that: the set-up is sex, but the punchline is the visual gag of him pissing himself out of fear, but playing it off like she's the one scared.

The presence of sex does not inherently make it a sex joke. However, that doesn't necessarily make raamageddon's comment invalid. He's just not the first one to complain about sex jokes when... there isn't even one here. People seem confused.
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#81 - myopicprophet (10/30/2015) [-]
You voiced your OPINION in a concise, polite and "Non-trollish" way, for this I thank you. Seriously

I will often delete comments and block users/Ip's on here when they criticize me. It's not that I can't take criticism, it's just that people tend forget that I don't make my comic for them...meaning any one person. That isn't to say I don't need to improve or grow as a creator but unsolicited "critiques" from random people on the web that can't understand that their subjective taste isn't generally a useful "critique." Especially since most "critiques" are like "I hate this shitty comic!"

So, on to your specific critique. I went back 7 months (92 comics) and counted all of my "sex jokes" and it was exactly half (46, feel free to check my archives to confirm this if you want I was also liberal in what I included as a "sex joke." some were vaguely sexual more centered on relationship stuff. Now, if you count comics that have nothing to do with sex but do include an attractive female character, then guilty as charged. I like drawing hot girls. A lot. It's for me, not for anyone else

To be clear, I'm not saying everyone should like my comic, I'm not even saying my comic is good (though it isn't for lack of trying and haven't missed an update in 5 years) I'm saying that, I do my thing and some folks will like it and some won't but I'm not going to change (or be untrue to who I am, even if that makes me a "sex joke comic creator") because a vocal minority are "tired of sex jokes."

Again, thanks for voicing your opinion in a nice way

#141 - badmctcrfinger (11/08/2015) [-]
"It's not that I can't take criticism. It's just that I can't take criticism."

That's the gist of what you said.

Truthfully, most of the negative comments aren't even that negative. "This isn't funny." omg so hurtful wow wtf better le block him!!!! xDDD

The only reason you get thumbed up is because of the girl character, and, before you say anything about that, yes, that is why you get thumbed up. You just simply aren't funny. Your art's fine. Work on your jokes, and work on your attitude.
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#140 - raamageddon (10/31/2015) [-]
I always try to avoid outright slandering someone and their work where I can-- In fact, looking back at my reply, I'm a bit surprised that I was as brash about it as I was. I quite like it when I can have a civil conversation with someone even when I might not agree with them, so you're quite welcome, and I also appreciate your own reply being in good taste.

Viewed in that light, I can actually respect that decision a great deal. If your main prerogative is to create these for your own enjoyment, then I recant my previous statement. Many things these days are pretty much made to cater to an audience, and thus why I spoke up was mostly intended to suggest a method of expanding the entertainment value. If these are more or less just for your own entertainment and being shared with an audience, that's an unusual thing these days, but not a bad thing.

We all have our things that make us happy, after all.

So, for sticking to your guns and doing what you like, you do have my respect, even if the content itself isn't my cup of tea. As I said previously, your art style is decent, and you're dedicated to it. And Holy Hell, dedication is something you don't see often these days. *Cough* VGCats *Cough* Collected Curios *Cough* As an artist, I do support what you do, and I do hope that you continue to find happiness in it.

And again, you're quite welcome. I'm always pleasantly surprised when I might not see eye to eye with someone and still keep things civil. It's a rare thing these days.
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#86 - dalokan (10/30/2015) [-]
#83 - darksideofthebeast Comment deleted by
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#89 - myopicprophet (10/30/2015) [-]
As you wish
#91 - darksideofthebeast Comment deleted by
#87 - minibeep (10/30/2015) [-]
i agree with you. he needs to pay in blood
#129 - ... This one isn't the creepiest ever, but somehow it leaves a…  [+] (1 reply) 10/28/2015 on (untitled) +1
#130 - vorarephilia (10/28/2015) [-]
it is a slow burn creepy. though lately meat's videos have gone down in quality.