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#111 - blokrokker (01/25/2015) [-]
A terrible day for rain.
User avatar #106 - JASEYBOIONE (01/24/2015) [-]
I've not seen my dad or my baby (half)sister in over two years. The last time I saw her, she was just learning to walk.

She's four this year.

The reason why I don't see them? Because my dad is a complete cunt. He divorced my mother, paid her bare minimum despite earning literally 6 times her wage, and then claimed to have no money, started a new family, forgot all about the one he used to have, I'd visit him for a weekend every fortnight, get given a list of jobs to do, and then I'd see him for dinner Saturday and Sunday night, then get carted off back to my mams. He'd try and emotionally blackmail me every time I said I didn't want to see him because he made no fucking effort, saying that I'd be leaving behind him and my new sister.

However, that changed one day. I got into an argument with him on the phone because he'd pissed me off (Can't remember what he did exactly, but I was fucking fuming, believe me). The words "You wouldn't have been like this at all if you'd have been raised by me, your mother's clearly failed at doing her job properly"

Oh. Fuck. No. You can give me no money, you can give me shit for not wanting to do your fucking jobs at your house that you can't be bothered doing, but no one ever insults the way my mam raised me. He had literally no input in my life for FIVE YEARS at this point, and before then, when my parents were married, I never saw him anyway, he was too busy working. My mam raised me, not him.

I cut all ties with him that night. Last thing he said was "You'll need me before I need you, trust me, son." I've neither needed him or wanted to see him for two years. I regret not seeing my sister grow up, but one day, she'll ask about me. At that point, he'll realise how badly he's failed.

As an extra note, I found out that he asked my brother if he could talk to me on Boxing day just gone. I wasn't at home, so none of this was possible, but when asked about it by my mother, I just said "Fuck no." and walked away. He only gets regret twice a year about this, my birthday and Christmas. He can fucking live with that. I've missed out on seeing my sister growing up and I think about that every single day.

TL;DR version, my dad is a twat, I'd had enough, and when he does die, I don't know how happy or sad I'll be. Because I don't know him enough to recognise him as my father anymore.
#41 - glenncocoo (01/24/2015) [-]
Oh no man, Im really sorry about that. I hope you're happy living your own life and I don't know what your family wanted you to do, but they shouldnt demand stuff and then say you turned your back on them when not living up to their demands. I don't know what your realtionship was with your father but Im sorry for your loss.
User avatar #19 - pkman (01/24/2015) [-]
I see nothing wrong with what you did. Sometimes what parents think is best for the family actually hurts some people. Ultimately it is your life and you do what you think is best for you.
#12 - I Am Monkey (01/24/2015) [-]
#132 - Master morality Nietzsche defined master morality as … 01/24/2015 on Humanising the Nazis -2
#273 - It becomes an issue because of how highly they're paid and the… 01/24/2015 on He's the president 0
#271 - American here. College grad with 2 degrees in Accounting and B…  [+] (1 new reply) 01/24/2015 on He's the president 0
#282 - coma (01/24/2015) [-]
Proud American, Wisconsinite to be specific.

You're pretty well spot on in every level here, but a couple things to add.

The economy started collapsing under the Clinton administration, then was tipped over the edge shortly after 9/11, Bush did as good of a job as anybody else could've done given the circumstances, but Obama is allowing money to be spent like he got a new credit card during Freshman year of college.

Didn't even mention how he plans to help returning veterans in any way during the state of the union address, which is really something since they're defending his job. Having somebody that doesn't understand war being in charge of a war is like watching your mom use the internet for the first time. And you pray the whole time that she doesn't delete system 32. And the "gun ban" shit he keeps pulling can end any time now. If there's ever an invasion on US soil, god forbid, he'll be sorry when the citizens can't form a militia because we're limited to single shot pellet guns that fire at 10 fps.

He's a laughing stock almost as bad as Kim Jong Un (not our fearless admin). He parades around like he's the prom king, in no hurry to get shit done, but we should all look at him and marvel in how witty he is.

The college section is so true. A ton of my friends that went to college don't have jobs in the fields they went to college for, and he's only going to make it harder for them. And he wants everybody on programs so the government has more control of your life. Not letting Americans be free is exactly the opposite of what this country was founded on. The Constitution lays out exactly what the government should look like, and it is far bigger than it was intended to be. Government dependence is not an accident.

He's just the kid in high school that jokes around, but if you need something serious done, you can't count on him to show up, and if he does, he's not taking it seriously.
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