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    They're dogs by the way. They're dogs by the way.
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    I mean come on, why do they make this I mean come on, why do they make...
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    Family meal Family meal
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    Internet arguments Internet arguments
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    yay OC yay OC
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    wat wat

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#20 - If we actually put our national team on we'd have taken the ca… 08/16/2016 on God save our gracious meme 57 0
#50 - How do you convince a faggot to **** a woman? You **** in her cunt 08/13/2016 on How Dark are you? 0
#3 - STOP SHOUTING AT THAT NIPPLE  [+] (7 new replies) 08/01/2016 on Fayto Locodine Zerod +148
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#26 - nippleking (08/01/2016) [-]
#10 - anon (08/01/2016) [-]
**anonymous used "*roll picture*"**
**anonymous rolled image**
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#13 - DrewRSmith (08/01/2016) [-]
holy fuck I would ragequit
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#15 - shadowstepone (08/01/2016) [-]
ah, but if you look at his items you'll notice he's full ad
even a carry could survive that, and they're little biches
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#27 - DrewRSmith (08/01/2016) [-]
No I'd ragequit if that little shit was on my team.
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#16 - bigbuttjackson (08/01/2016) [-]
That looks old enough to be back when teemo shrooms did 500+(AP) instead of 250+(AP)
User avatar
#17 - shadowstepone (08/01/2016) [-]
still, not as bad as it could be
also, why are you even in that part of the river at 30 minutes when teemo's there? if he's not on your second tower, you can basically ignore him.
#15 - That's totally a chick  [+] (1 new reply) 07/31/2016 on YLYL Compilation (pt.11) +5
#25 - quoterox (07/31/2016) [-]
>implying chicks cant be kids
#107 - Condensation does not make your hands sticky. Spilling you… 07/17/2016 on The Inventions +6
#68 - My city had an organised pokewalk and I showed up to check it … 07/17/2016 on Pokemon Go be like +1
#14 - Playing the game wont ******* come into it after he leads west…  [+] (15 new replies) 07/08/2016 on Tormund and Jon: Bromance... +18
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#64 - ohemgeezus (07/08/2016) [-]
Jon is not azor ahai, he's the prince that was promised
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#78 - kyrozor (07/08/2016) [-]
Same thing m8
User avatar
#79 - ohemgeezus (07/08/2016) [-]
That just shows how ignorant you are
User avatar
#80 - kyrozor (07/08/2016) [-]
Melisandre has used both talking about the same person mate. You can fuck off. I'm not even going to bother finding the Book, Page and Chapter because I honestly can't be arsed.
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#82 - ohemgeezus (07/08/2016) [-]
You can't be arsed because you know your wrong. Jon is the prince, Jaime is likely AA
User avatar
#83 - kyrozor (07/08/2016) [-]
That is some next level tinfoil.
User avatar
#84 - ohemgeezus (07/08/2016) [-]
Great rebuttal champ, instead of actually responding rationally you claim I'm tin foil. Now you can "fuck off"
User avatar
#85 - kyrozor (07/08/2016) [-]
You didn't give a reason either. You spastic cunt.
User avatar
#86 - ohemgeezus (07/08/2016) [-]
The burden of proof is on you, dipshit
User avatar
#87 - kyrozor (07/08/2016) [-]
"The Prince Who Was Promised"[1] or "The One Who Was Promised"[2], also known as the Lord's Chosen, the Son of Fire and the Warrior of Light[3], is a mythic figure in the religion of the Lord of Light. According to prophecy, this figure would be reborn "amidst salt and smoke"[4] and pull a flaming sword from the flames, Lightbringer, to combat the coming darkness" Is her listing off all of the global names of this so called "Warrior of Fire" who is named Azor Ahai.

Do us all a favor mate, Change your picture to something you know more about and get to fuck.
User avatar
#89 - ohemgeezus (07/08/2016) [-]
Give me 10 minutes until I get home so I can wreck you, kid
#90 - kyrozor (07/08/2016) [-]
User avatar
#97 - ohemgeezus (07/08/2016) [-]
Azor Ahai and the Prince that was promised are not the same prophecy. There is no mention of Lightbringer anywhere in the Prince prophecy. Mel uses Azor Ahai and Prince interchangeably. In fact, there's no mention in the prince prophecy of a sword at all. It was widely believed that the Prince comes from Rhaegars lineage, which is confirmed as of the final to be Jon. Azor weilds a flaming sword. So far in 6 seasons I have not seen Longclaw on fire, have you? The Prince is destined to LEAD the fight against the Long Night, Azor simply FIGHTS them.


You tried, though, faggot.
#96 - anon (07/08/2016) [-]
**anonymous used "*roll picture*"**
**anonymous rolled image**as a third party that doesn't have a clue who is right, i find this both informational and funny thx
#22 - anon (07/08/2016) [-]
jon will mary danny as is common with targaryens, most often between brother and sister but rhaenyra married her uncle , so it is a possibility jon will marry his aunt danny.

If all the people survive ( which i doubt), davos will be master at sea or however the naval commander was called, tyrion will be hand and thormund will be the go to person between the wildlings and southerners, becoming extremely important with the war against the walkers. littlefinger might become master of coin again but is not to be trusted so he might be banished or killed. Varys definitely spymaster, and fatso will be maester.
#85 - He's not even supposed to be a good fighter, that was the show…  [+] (1 new reply) 07/04/2016 on Dank Thrones comp 9 +22
User avatar
#93 - severepwner (07/04/2016) [-]
Ok your exaggerating dude. He wasn't "worthless" he just wasn't anything special. And him fighting Jon Snow one on one, who is told to be one of the-- if not the-- best swordsman in the North, is a very one sided battle. Ramsay knew this, and instead of going for a duel where he would know he would lose because he can't hold a candle to Jon (which is hardly something to be ashamed of), he took his chances with a bow.
#68 - Maori 07/04/2016 on Born this way +5
#99 - yeah ok that's pretty ******* dumb actually 06/26/2016 on Dank Thrones comp 8 0