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I'll think of something to go here at some point.

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    You can't stop him You can't stop him
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#5 - IHaveADHD (05/17/2016) [-]
That's hot.
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#6 - mapledog (05/14/2016) [-]
Yah. Is my favorite. Yours is cool though, it's all themed
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#6 - >Complains $16K a year is not easy to live on. Bit…  [+] (25 new replies) 03/19/2016 on Description -32
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#111 - dazartimm (03/20/2016) [-]
Are you fully retarded?
#83 - bann (03/20/2016) [-]
You're in the UK, your system is entirely different. Cloyd rivers is 100% talking about the US.
#89 - anon (03/20/2016) [-]
I only pull in ~$13k US yearly. No, I'm not living with family/parents, yes I pay for rent, food, gas, insurance, etc.
#90 - bann (03/20/2016) [-]
Do you have roommates? Key aspect is that working 40 hours you can live on your own on minimum.
#101 - vegasstoner (03/20/2016) [-]
why is it essential to be on your own though?
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#103 - randombro (03/20/2016) [-]
because you can't support more than just yourself on minimum wage. please reread the article.
#104 - vegasstoner (03/20/2016) [-]
...what fucking article?
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#105 - randombro (03/20/2016) [-]
the original POST. whatever you'd like to call it.
#106 - vegasstoner (03/20/2016) [-]
i personally believe that if youre making your living working a single job that any 16 year old kid can be taught to do. you dont have to live overly luxuriously. so what if you're living with a roomate, you're supporting yourself, you're not hungry, and you probably still have at least some money for entertainment purposes.
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#107 - randombro (03/20/2016) [-]
no one is talking about roommates who can support themselves, we're talking about financially dependent people. You can't support a family on minimum wage, but you CAN support yourself alone, which is why that guy mentioned that being BY YOURSELF is a key aspect to living comfortably on minimum wage.
#108 - vegasstoner (03/20/2016) [-]
...what is your point?
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#109 - randombro (03/20/2016) [-]
I answered the question that you made in the first place.......
#110 - vegasstoner (03/20/2016) [-]
i am so fucking confused by this whole interaction at this point. you havnt helped me at all.

i was responding to someone talking about living with a roomate and working for minimum wage and i was asking whats wrong with living with a roomate. where you support yourself and they do the same.
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#112 - randombro (03/20/2016) [-]
no one was talking about whether or not it's okay to live with a roomie who supports themselves just the same as you do, they were talking about the fact that you can't support anyone other than yourself, comfortably, on minimum wage. Thats the concept that the main post focuses on, as well as what the guy you first asked a question to was talking about.
#113 - vegasstoner (03/20/2016) [-]
i dont give a shit about the main post....i was responding to someone >>#90 who was implying/inquiring that someone >>#89 living off of 13k US year is only really possible to do comfortably if you're in a roommate situation.
i feel like you're argueing something not even related to what i'm talking about. and even with that being the case i'm still not sure what your point is. that you cant support a family on minimum wage? is that what you're trying to say?
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#46 - infinitereaper (03/20/2016) [-]
economics is important folks
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#40 - ionlyrolltrips (03/20/2016) [-]
That's equivalent to $21,706.50 USD a year, AKA about 144% minimum wage.
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#28 - parashizo (03/20/2016) [-]
you prob never leav ethe house and feed on instant noodles
no wonder you can live with that money
try feeding a kid with that money
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#25 - ayumu (03/20/2016) [-]
what if
people in different countries have to spend different amounts of money of different things
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#8 - goodhomer (03/19/2016) [-]
$16K and £15K are not comparable amounts.
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#10 - monkeyskull (03/19/2016) [-]
True, similarly, cost of living in the UK is more than in the US (generally).
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#39 - matamune (03/20/2016) [-]
Depends if the amounts are before or after income taxes.
#7 - anon (03/19/2016) [-]
15000 pounds is almost 30000 dollars. So try doing everything with half of your wage.
#12 - citruslord (03/19/2016) [-]
almost 30000
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#17 - biscuitsunited (03/19/2016) [-]
To be fair the value of the pound has plummeted, most people remember its value as 1 pound as roughly 2 dollars, but times change and that is no longer the case.
#7 - He is a beautiful creature 03/19/2016 on A big bull +11