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#251 - you're? 11/14/2012 on Alexa Vega +5
#39 - those are the only 3 i use...... i feel like i'm being watched.  [+] (1 reply) 11/11/2012 on Doctor Who 0
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#40 - tvfreakuk (11/11/2012) [-]
They are just simply the only three I use also
It helps to have 2 as a back up for me... Because often I'll be watching a show on one of them, then about half way through the links will stop working on certain episodes, so then I go to the other sites.
#155 - but... romney lost? you should be happy!  [+] (19 replies) 11/07/2012 on Romney's face when seeing... 0
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#158 - imabser (11/07/2012) [-]
If obama had started his "Healthcare plan" a few months earliar both my grandparents wouldn't of been able to get a much need surgery and would've died, so fuck Obama.
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#192 - diablojoe (11/07/2012) [-]
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#178 - memescomefromb (11/07/2012) [-]
You make no sense. Romney was going to eradicate Obamacare, so if you voted for him, your grandparents would have never had the option. Sorry for your loss
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#170 - poopee (11/07/2012) [-]
i agree, that really sucks, but i mean, chances are the government didn't have enough money, so he couldn't start it sooner. It's not like it's his fault that they got sick, and with romrney around, chances are you wouldn't get the health plan at all, just guns.
#163 - anon (11/07/2012) [-]
Fuck your grandparents.
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#165 - imabser (11/07/2012) [-]
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#160 - maofever (11/07/2012) [-]
There is an inherent contradiction in this statement.
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#161 - imabser (11/07/2012) [-]
point it out?
#174 - blahdudeblah (11/07/2012) [-]
Mainly that Obamacare stops HMO's from refusing treatments that are needed.

There for, bull fucking shit taking Elvis from behind while flying on a goddamn stick.

Not to mention Romny's economic plan was had only a slightly smaller chance than either of these drivers had of moving an inch.

psssst, I'm implying that Romney's plan was going to fuck us over worse than a virgin being fucked by a horse dick... with no foreplay
#167 - maofever (11/07/2012) [-]
You said if he started the healthcare plan, your grandparents wouldn't have gotten the surgery.
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#172 - pennstatecivic (11/07/2012) [-]
obama's healthcare plan actually cut medical coverage for elderly people and some others. it gave everyone SOME coverage but did it by cutting medicaid/medicare (which he said it wouldnt) and by giving all some he cut coverage from some
#177 - maofever (11/07/2012) [-]
Starting the healthcare plan earlier is a positive, correct? The way he worded it makes it a negative, saying that if he started it earlier, his grandparents would'nt have gotten surgery and died. This is where I see this particular problem
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#179 - pennstatecivic (11/07/2012) [-]
no, obamacare was a huge mistake actually. it additionally makes health insurance MANDATORY. so basically if someone doesnt have private insurance OR obamacare and go to a hospital they get fined for not being insured
#180 - maofever (11/07/2012) [-]
No one sees this for the incorrect wording or misinterpretation that I'm seeing. I'm not trying to start a debate on the pros and cons of Obamacare, I'm trying to point out how the wording screws up the statement.
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#224 - pennstatecivic (11/07/2012) [-]
hey may have meant it that way. the surgery may have been one of the things that was no longer covered after obamacare. not sure just sayin its possible
#228 - maofever (11/07/2012) [-]
"Obama didn't start his plan early enough, so my grandparents got their surgery and died. Fuck him."
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#229 - pennstatecivic (11/07/2012) [-]
he said if it was earlier they would NOT have gotten surgery and thus WOLD have died. basically obamacare would NOT have covered the surgery and thus they would NOT be alive today if it would have been sooner. granted many people would see this as being wrong but for some this is not the case
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#236 - imabser (11/07/2012) [-]
exactly the obamacare wouldve cut coverage for my grandparents and they would not of been able to afford to pay for it.
#175 - blahdudeblah (11/07/2012) [-]
Wrong, it wittled down on medicare/Medicaid FRAUD, then funneled the money being lost (due to said fraud) back into the system.

Here's a hint dude....

stop drinking the Fox Noise kool-aid