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#46 - and we have this **** in mexico and we love to electrify ourse… 05/29/2016 on Electrocution is fun +2
#92 - is that porn? 05/24/2016 on remember this? +1
#37 - dammit, where I live is my parents house, and I work at the sa… 05/24/2016 on Greece asks an important... 0
#123 - cousin got scared of the harm that the fireworks could do to t… 05/20/2016 on Random shit on my phone 36 0
#122 - no, he stopped doing those things, the last years he was makin… 05/20/2016 on Random shit on my phone 36 0
#106 - excellent 05/20/2016 on I felt that. 0
#50 - my cousin used to make his own fireworks, at first they were j…  [+] (5 new replies) 05/18/2016 on Random shit on my phone 36 +6
#62 - anon (05/18/2016) [-]
Hey man you guys have fun. Just keep that shit in mexico pls (and record video for next dank webm)
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#55 - alecsucks (05/18/2016) [-]
Does he not do fireworks anymore?
User avatar
#122 - ponchosdm (05/20/2016) [-]
no, he stopped doing those things, the last years he was making a mortar which propels a light thing like in the vid and a very loud firework, the mortar base he made exploded, it still propelled the light thing to the sky, but the mortar flew so close of the kids of another cousin, a thing of that size could have killed a kid or severed an adult's limb without any problem, we all did got scared of that, and after half an hour he said that didn't wanted the loud firework to be a waste so he set it in the middle of the street about 100 mts distance of the family, after that thing blew everyone felt a funny tap in the chest and the street lamp that was closer to it went off, one of the sealing caps hit a galvanized sheet and left a huge dent, the other cap never was found, after such experience he just decided that it was too dangerous to keep doing it, I think nobody of us new that there were laws against that...
User avatar
#105 - elcreepo (05/18/2016) [-]
Mexico has gotten better in certain states and it's kinda like the US where if you make your own fireworks you run the risk of getting arrested. Good chance you'll burn down the neighborhood too. Only Mexican prison hasn't changed since the 1970s and it's a terrible place. The cousin, if he didn't get arrested, probably got scared that he would be.

Also getting the shit to make it is definitely more difficult in those states. Still easier than in America, but harder than it was... used to be you could get yourself a box of live grenades just by going to a bar.
User avatar
#123 - ponchosdm (05/20/2016) [-]
cousin got scared of the harm that the fireworks could do to the sons of other cousins, family is growing and that thing of year to year seems more dangerous with more kids around, none of us knew about those laws, good thing no one never got arrested nor killed although other cousin that used to make some sparkling fireworks did burned his eye brows when drying powder in a frying pan, not sure if that is just as stupid as it sounds or if it is an actual method to do it
#89 - Comment deleted 05/16/2016 on Quick draw smurf 0
#23 - Picture 05/13/2016 on This is no cave +8
#147 - Girl changing herself for other's is one to blame, you search … 05/13/2016 on Anon is a horrible person. +2
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#16 - mhmyup (01/14/2014) [-]
as for the dickbutt thing, i believe 20 or 25.
sorry. content was removed.
#8 - zameckis (10/20/2012) [-]
#9 to #8 - ponchosdm ONLINE (10/20/2012) [-]
sup zameckis
#10 to #9 - zameckis (10/20/2012) [-]
nothing much, just chilling
yourself sir ponchosdm?
it's been awhile since our last conversation
#11 to #10 - ponchosdm ONLINE (10/20/2012) [-]
yup indeed, well i made some comments on your piano vids or your status =P
#12 to #11 - zameckis (10/20/2012) [-]
haha, yeah i see, but still
put it aside

you haven't answer my question sir ponchosdm
how do you do on this fine day?
#13 to #12 - ponchosdm ONLINE (10/20/2012) [-]
well, all good, some funnyjunk, some youtube, even saw a dance maniax vid and asked how to make myself one, find this http://www.stepmania.com/forums/showthread.php?23531-First-home-build-of-Dance-M aniax, and now i bought 2 sets on amazon, how is your day?
#14 to #13 - zameckis (10/20/2012) [-]
glad to hear

as for myself, nothing major happened so, it's quite meh
thanks for asking

oh, dance game, so you are into things like this eh
do you by any chance, are quite well-versed in dancing?
#15 to #14 - ponchosdm ONLINE (10/20/2012) [-]
no, i move like a robot, for now, soon...
and i just bought it cuz a friend was showing me a dancemaniax oficial machine and it was like 2000USD so i was thinking, what about making one, i mean it could need some Fotosensors and maybe a netduino could do the trick, but then asked amazon and this was the lazy option
#1 - zameckis (07/07/2012) [-]
somehow i can't reply to your comment on my status
hell yeah, it's good to be here
#2 to #1 - ponchosdm ONLINE (07/07/2012) [-]
lol, what are you doing?, any fine recommendation of any hidden post?
#3 to #2 - zameckis (07/07/2012) [-]
wait, what hidden post?
i'm doin good, taking a break from my things

oh lawd, i can't believe i haven't pay you a visit here
i deeply apologize for my density
#4 to #3 - ponchosdm ONLINE (07/07/2012) [-]
lol, no problem bro, kinda creepy the 10 post on the profile though
and by hidden post i mean the new uploads, something buried deep on the junk
#5 to #4 - zameckis (07/07/2012) [-]
hm.,., speaking of which, i haven't prepared my materials for upload yet
both sfw and ****

i just don't feel like it at the moment
yes i'm a lazy ass
#6 to #5 - ponchosdm ONLINE (07/07/2012) [-]
do you really take the time to check what to upload?!
whoah, you sound like an oldschool funnyjunker
#7 to #6 - zameckis (07/07/2012) [-]
of course duh, if i randomly upload things, the chance of fp is quite slim
it's about time,people interest,weather,calamity, and W-wait
disregard some of it.

no, i'm still fairly new here, my username is still blue :|