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#68 - Picture  [+] (2 replies) 02/13/2015 on black science guy +1
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#92 - fatminion (02/14/2015) [-]
while he may have done some good research and published some decent findings in the past, the last 10 years seem to be all about PR and either writing articles or appearing on television to "preach" about science. While I agree it's good that science, mathematics, engineering and the like lose their stigma of "only being for the nerdy", it can become quite dangerous (as it already has) when people "believe in science" when they have no idea at what scientific method aims to do. Blindly accepting what "scientists" say as truth is just as dangerous as believing what's in the Qu'ran or the Kabala. Any decent scientists will tell you, "well, we've done a bunch of tests, but our equipment is fallible and we achieve better resolutions each decade and new theories come out to be tested and Heisenberg's principle is still holding true, so for the time being, yes, OK, you can maybe say that black holes have negative mass. But 20 years ago we thought they had small mass, and in the future perhaps we can prove that matter is waves and therefore can be modelled as having no mass"

#93 - plaguehammer (02/14/2015) [-]
yes but the fact is, he's STILL employed as a researcher and not only that but he raises awareness for all kinds of science things and thats a good thing.
#113 - sorry  [+] (2 replies) 01/22/2015 on fox news 0
#114 - blackmanrollipolli (01/22/2015) [-]
does that mean no.
#115 - plaguehammer (01/22/2015) [-]
yep. parisian girls are very stuck up and not easy at all. the only easy ones are the club-girls, like everywhere else, if you picture hitting on chicks on the street, forget it

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