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#76 - That's pretty heroic mate, I commend you. May I ask what army …  [+] (5 new replies) 06/24/2016 on The sad Truth +1
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#77 - shanksjr (06/24/2016) [-]
British Army, joining as an AT with the intention of going EOD. Just waiting on my start date.
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#80 - deathspawn (06/24/2016) [-]
Nice I'm training as an AT I level in the navy. Isn't too hard so far. Probably not too different from what you'll be doing
#81 - shanksjr (06/24/2016) [-]
AT in the Army is Ammunition Technician so your role is probably more in depth than mine.

Will be ammo storage/ maintenance and ordnance disposal. That second part is what I'm looking forward to the most.

<- My future self.
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#83 - deathspawn (06/24/2016) [-]
Ohhhh gotcha yeah AT for us stands for aviation technician. But that's also pretty cool! I've got some EOD buddies and so far I've heard some good things about what they do. Lots of cool stuff from there. Good luck man I'm rooting for all my fellow comrades British or American.
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#86 - shanksjr (06/24/2016) [-]
I've got mad respect for anyone who serves their country, a worthy thing to do in my book. Good luck with the Aviation Tech training.
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#43 - YOur content is nice, your comments give me cancer  [+] (1 new reply) 03/19/2016 on Mr Rogers +9
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#44 - phanact (03/19/2016) [-]
Then I'm doing my job properly
#25 - Hey, faggot. You should cite your sources. Jk I love you… 03/03/2016 on Trump finally Stumped. It's... 0
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